What do you do in your spare time?

My spare time usually comprises of friday/sat/sun in which i enjoy a vast plethora of fine beers and spirits culminating in a sore but happy hangover the following monday :)

During the week im also a gym rat and excercise freak lol, also i love dvds/movies/music the usual stuff to unwind to.
me i like a good cold drink and a decent film, otherdays i enjoy swimmin which i do alot, and i also listen 2 music, cinema and pub - although i dont drink and neva will
I spend most my free time researching ways to make money online (business ways not scam ways) but I am just beginning. I plan to start my own clothing company in a month or two as well, once i get to college :D
I frequently listen to 80's synch pop, but very rarely rent movies or order a meal.
Well, I'm a certified PC tech, so my free time consists of ripping computers to shreds then reassembling them like nothing was ever wrong. For a good stress reliever, take an old dead mouse (computer mouse, you sickos) and sling it by the cable like a slingshot into a concrete wall. Pieces fly everywhere. Keyboards are fun too, lots of springs. I <3 Family Guy

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