how long do you think youll be a member for?


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May 30, 2006
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Brawny said:
Nintendo. would. never. resort. to. numbers.

N64 anyone
Snes 2
Nes 2

Extra resoin for leavin
Every ones goin rep mad
Srsly Putin it in your sigs askin for it

Also my Wiis dormant
Dust level risein
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Jun 26, 2006
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Maan it's been ages since I've posted here, I'm sorry to have left it so long, but uni's been hectic... I'm happy to see my account is still up and running, I haven't been kicked yet! It sure is great to see all the familiar faces are still here, and a few more who I look forward to getting to know :)

Hehe, LC you always come up with good topics, where do you get em? Well, Back on topic, I hope to be here for as long as I can; I might not be the most frequent poster but I do really like it here. Definitely among the better forums this is :)

Before this forum, I used to post on the Hi5 message boards for a long time, but when a friend started living with me I didn't have the time anymore, and after he moved out, I guess I was just out of the habit and I couldn't really get back into it... Hasn't happened here yet :D lol jks, but I do really like this place, sure hope it'll be here for a while :) I think we all owe i0n a big thankyou, so here's mine: THANKYOU i0n!! *gives i0n a hug*