Do You Know Me?


Dec 2, 2006
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Well i was wondering about if people actually know about Ottoman. Have you seen many of my posts/threads? Do you think im a good member? What else do you think about me? What are your general thought about me?

Well here, people can find out about if people around the forums really do know/respect them. Here is a list of people who would like to be evaluated by you (just ask me if you want to be put on the list, you must have over 500 posts)

- Ottoman
- The Loose Cannon (i jus had a feeling you would ask me anyway :lol:)
- FR.
- Kiraownsurmom
- Paintballer
- Surfinrach90
- Prez (I don't even remember adding him to the list =S)

If you dont really know one of the members on the list, you dont have to evaluate evaluation can be one sentence, or a whole page!
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Ottoman - Good poster, obeys all rules! - 8/10

Loose_Cannon - Helpful, great at wellcoming people, NYC Cop! - 8/10

I know I don't have 500 posts but could you add me to the list? I think I'm well known.
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Yeh ill make an exception for you, becuase for some reason i see you everywhere :D
C c c c c c c c c c cross forum posting I do it a lot

ottoman said:
Lol..wanna be on the list?

Do I know you
Have we met on the battle field
lol Prinny. :lol: :lol: :lol:

i know you. you're everywhere on forums.. not one time will you double post or spam.. ahh, perfect for the forums. :]

and i also know kiraownsurmom, he likes anime ^_^

and i know loose cannon, she's always helpful.

FR. is pretty helpful..

DarkPrinny, known for ELLO pics. makes me laugh all the time. ahh, your so
cheerful. :] forum's need cheerful people.

Appart from in June
Then I go in too **** life mode
Will not say why
Heyy can I be added to the list too :)

Ottoman you're cool, always helpful and ya don't spam, I also enjoy our occasional chats :)

Loose Cannons awesome, I become in awe with her police talk and her New Yorkness (yes it's a word *ninja eyes*)

kiraownsurmom is awesome also, we both always end up in long convos in threads and probably end up going off topic, it's fun ^-^
We all know you, wiiwouldlike2play >.< .
You're nice to everybody. I've not seen one negative word from you since you came here. Where as i can be rather opinionated... :p

haha, thank you. i feel very special now! yayy