what do you know about your country?

oh maybe i should of read the op more....

canada kicks ass

edit: wow i looked up my city on wikipedia and it says this

The Intelligent Community Forum named Waterloo one of the world's Top Seven Intelligent Communities of 2006 and the world’s Top Intelligent Community 2007

damn i live in the smartest city in the world
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Well england... which formed most of the settlements on america :)
Now bow down to me and my fellow english men.

And waterloo in ontario was voted the most inteligant community of 2007 by a forum, hardly something that is set in stone imo.
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I know some Welsh history (e.g. Owain Glyndwr), but perhaps not as much as I should. Useless trivia: St. David's is the smallest "city" in the UK, with less than 2000 people. Also, there are only five cities in all of Wales.
I know it was called the United States at some point =D

And......and...I was born in it, and Our president was George Bush for the last 7 years...And...Well i am bored with this *submit reply*
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iRAWR said:

omg the humidity in manila can kill you! my bf is from the phillipines (came here at like 4months old). his parents just got back a month ago from "vacation" there. they went to the taping of "wowowee"
i find it funny that some people wear sweaters at Christmas cuz they find it cold.........there are no seasons but sun and rain there o_O
Well this is my country in a nut shell.. this is what we've always been known for lol


There's nowhere else like it =]

Ohh.. and AMERICA was named after a WELSH man :thumbsup:
Im from england but at the age of 8 i moved to scotland and lived there for about 8 years now so half n half.

a long time ago though engalnd and scotland were great enemies and the scots have a great hero who stood up to the english who were trying to take scotland and its people, his name was william wallace, he lead great armies and won many many battles then he was betrayed and captured then killed. this story is portrayed in "Braveheart" staring mel gibson, But this film has many many historical mistakes the basic story is true, but the whole affair was not true, and also in the film robert the bruce and william wallace met But there was no proof that robert the bruce and william wallace ever met and many historians believe they were not even alive in the same period of time.

you like my history?
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