Do you want to change your body or what?

Well, I'm actually pretty satisfied with my body right now. I'm still growing, but I'm growing well in my opinion, and I'm relatively attractive.

5'9, 135 pounds. A bit skinny.

EDIT: Gigs, you're tall. O_O
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Yeah, I thought as much. I'm sure my friends wouldn't bother, after all they do like Rob Van Dam. I'll keep workin' on it though.

You don't really have to join anything, just do some stretches every day. Make sure you warm up first and then do some basic stretches, butterfly, hurdler, quads, etc.

I'm preatty happy with my body right now. I'm 5' 10", 145 and 16 years old. I would like to add some upper body strength, however I run almost every day. I lift usally once or twice a week and do a few quick excersises at home(sit-ups, push-ups, etc.) but because of my running I'm not going to gain a whole lot of muscle. I am getting stronger, but I'm not going to get huge unless I run less. And I already eat about 5 meals a day.
^That isn't really that big, unless it's all fat. Some people are overweight accoring to BMI, but are in great shape because of their extra muscle mass.
I'm repulsed by my height, but that's obviously irrelevant here.

My body is decent. No love handles, no fat spilling over bikini bottoms, no rolls when I sit down, no thighs that ripple like a ****ing wave pool when I jump...I think I have a relatively low percentage of body fat. I have toned arms and legs. I don't have a lot of definition in my stomach though. It's flat, but I want 2000-2003'ish Britney Spears definition. I guess I'll work on that when I stop being so obsessed with Wendy's new vanilla bean milkshakes.

But yeah, I'm mostly happy with it. As long as I stay under a size 6 I'm good.

I've always wanted a Supermodel body. But I have to work with what I've got. There's no point in having a dangerously low BMI when I'm 5"3' and will never look tall and lanky. It took a while to come to terms with that. But whatever.
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Fox is a big boy. I'm 6'2 and 270 lbs at age 20.
I can carry it wwell, but I want to lose some weight. A lot, like 50 lbs. I used to be too skinny, I didnt even hit 100 lbs untill i was 13, but then I just shot up. Been sittin' at home doing nothing...wasting away.
As for strenght and flexability, I think everybody wants to be stronger, but I'm pretty strong as it is now. Flexibility will come back as I drop my weight (which isnt actually a whole lot)[/Typical American].
Not really doing much to work towards my goals except some pushups and dieting.
Losing weight is more straight-forward than gaining weight because it's strictly discipline. Here are some tips:

1. Water is your new best friend. Once per day, when you're planning on drinking something other than water, drink water. Eventually it will become a treat to drink anything but water.
2. Fiber is good.
3. Eat breakfast. This jumpstarts your metabolism.
4. Eat many meals throughout the day. Keep in mind, that this doesn't mean you're eating a lot per meal. Eating throughout the day keeps your metabolism running, so eat frequently, just not a lot at one time.
5. Exercise is good, but it's important that you know that diet is much, much more important. Cardiovascular exercise is a good supplement to a good diet.

You can also try some psychological things that work really well, like eating off of smaller plates so that it looks like the amount of food you're getting is still the same, or changing into your workout clothes right when you get home, which has been proven to drastically change the likelihood of a person working out.
Iunno my weight or height, I'll check later but I do know I'd like put on some muscle. Arms, legs, body.
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I don't have a lot of definition in my stomach though. It's flat, but I want 2000-2003'ish Britney Spears definition. I guess I'll work on that when I stop being so obsessed with Wendy's new vanilla bean milkshakes.
Are you talking about being able to see your abdominal muscles, but not necessarily where each individual one stops and another starts?

If so, then that's a combination of cardio and abdominal work. Basically what's happening is there's a layer of fat over your abdominals, but it's so thin that you can still see the basic outline of the underlying muscle. I would try to do both cardio and crunches if you wanted to achieve this. I believe I've told you this before, but women have an extra layer of fat over their stomachs that men don't have, which is why you don't see women with six-packs. It's natural and it's meant to be there, so it's especially difficult to lose.
Levvie, seeing as you're an expert on fitness...

I do weight training. I do weights on average three days a week for around ten minutes each night. I spend exactly a minute on each exercise (ie one minute left bicep curl, one minute bench press etc). Any tips? Should I be training for longer periods of time?

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