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Feb 6, 2007
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ok this is quite a simple thread, every day I will put up a new topic and you say what youre views are on the subject.

I hope this will be a thread with no flamers and if someone disagrees with youre opinions dont start a fight.

You can of course debate the differnce in your'e opinions but we dont want WWIII.

Todays subject is Global warming

The Subject will be changed at 12:00am uk time

I Want To Break Free
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Ah ok, cheaters.
There are many definitions on cheaters. One I am going to talk about is 'cheating on someone'.
I have had bad experience with this.
I don't like to talk about my experiences but I know that when you get cheated on, you just feel terrible and you don't know who to trust anymore. I have to think really carefully whenever I go out with someone now as I just dont know what they might/could be doing even if it is someone you think you can trust 100%

Nice thread Cammy, I have a feeling this is going to be successful :thumbsup:

- To everyone, lets not mess up this thread up eh? -
cheaters - the game kind:

hmm i dont cheat on games unless im reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaly stuck but my brothers bookshelf is full of cheat books..... anyway cheating is saying "i cant be bothered trying" so i guess i dont really like it...... xept when i make a rocket launcher appear in my hand or a billion and one ufos blow up the world
game cheaters-most of them simply have no life. they dont want to work for awards (when it comes to online games)

cheaters- if they are willing to cheat on u, theyre not worth it unless theyre willing to change their ways. they have no morals.
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M<y personal aproach to cheaters big or small fat or thin


but if it is a game
Then Maybe

I want to Break Free
i have had some experience with relationship type cheaters but i wont go into that
At my school we all cheat because the teacher leaves the answer book open right infront of my face.
Music -
I love music because it helps you to relax and it helps me think things through.
You can express many feelings through music and I tend to listen to different genres of music when I am in certain moods/feelings.
Music is powerful and I love it.

Music, our life depends on it... wherever you go there's music. We are influenced by music.
Since birth I started to hear music, even those Kid series, remember Teletubies?? :lol: the most anoying music of all time :lol:
I became a rock, hip hop, techo, rap, house, pop/pop rock, and reagge fan in over the years, I started listening to real good music when I was 7 or 8, dunno but I think it was Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd... my father was a huge fan of Led Zepplin so it must have been them...

Great Thread Wii Cammy, rep added :)