Do You Know Me?



blueradio said:
I doubt anyone knows me really.
and I haven't the faintest who you are, Ottoman.

i know who you are :)

youre the one who complimented me on one of the threads about becomming a mod and i thank you for that

you get an internet kiss!

**SECOND DISCLAIMER- on the cheek!**
(your the second person ive given a kiss to on this site feel privilaged- i rarely give those out!)


Wiichat Member
Aug 22, 2006
Iowa, America
Wii Online Code
ive been around for a little while and dont post half as much as most people. but some of the people i remember from when i first came here were ssbb lover, sovieto, prinny, and m7ticalm or something like that. some of the newer people i see alot are tlc, en4neo, ottoman, surfinrach, (shiftfallout), and a few more...

i doubt im THAT well known. i do enjoy spamming every once in awhile and took a pre large gap from wiichat between nov.-feb

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