Why are you on WiiChat, for the Wii or for Friends?

hey r u looking for a friend! haha im the person you can talk to! add if you would like...

my wii number is...: 8392-0497-9236-4298

thank you very much.... im not trying to do a mii parade its just that i got my internet resently and i got no one ...so yea... haha thanks again!
Time for da bump train.
We can get some of the newcomers reasons for coming here now.
at first i was looking for things about pokemon and then i found a lot of people here and i joined...i am here for the friends now.
I found this place by mistake to be honest. I was searching for what scores I needed to get platinum on WiiPlay and I came across Wiily Good's thread and joined so I could post my scores. Then I started venturing out into the rest of the Forum, contributed where I could, and asked questions when I needed answers, met people that are fun to talk to and are very knowledgeable and now I come to talk and learn about upcoming games and other interesting information that is out there about the Wii. I now find there is less I can contribute to nowadays because I don't have any of the newest games, but I still try to when the opportunity arises.
Joined because of two things

1. I was in search of a Wii. 2. My friend told me too but at first, I didn't really wanna.

What's kind of funny is that my friend got me to join and then he quit...then after like a month of Wiichating, I decided to quit. Then out of complete boredom, I came back and stayed ever since. :D
came here cus i was the only one i knew with a wii...so i figured id learn some stuff here. im sticking around cus i get addicted to forums...usually car ones though
i came here just to find some people with common gaming interests and to have some good conversations.