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Feb 6, 2007
In Scotland
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I have Just been asked to tell you the member Ottoman has left the building for the final time.

He said this in a statement earlier today
Ottoman said:
i am leaving for being racially attacked, censored, silenced, and i was also not allowed to express my opinions or my beliefs. Thanks to all those who have shown support towards me.Ottoman

Now i know there was a thread before but it was deleted for some reason.
Please spend a few minutes to say goodbye to our good freind Ottoman.
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Strange, because... Ottoman didn't want Syntax to leave and... is now becoming a hypocrite?
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I have been asked to say ottoman didnt not want him to leave, he said its his choice, and he said he was thinking of leaving too.
Let's not make a big deal out of this, he left and for ****s sake , he's a member! We have 24,000 other members to talk to.
I like ottoman and wish he didn't leave but he has, end of.
He already made a thread, its in his user title, you all have probably said it loads.

do you need to make such a big deal??
he'll be back..

they all come back...

dun dun duuuuuun
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