Do you want to change your body or what?

I'm not pathetically weak, but I'm not as strong as I'd like to be. I'm also underweight for my height (6' 5") So I'm working on changing that. Recently started doing some excersise (weight lifting, crunches, push-ups) every day and I've been eating pretty healthy.
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I want to gain more weight on my hands but I think that's mostly genes. My dad is huge with skinny arms and legs.
Yeah, strictly genetics.

Well, my body is already in excellent shape, I would just like to be more flexible than I already am.
I really know nothing about this, but I would assume that, just like anything else, repetition makes you better. Gymnastics would be good, if you're willing to take the heat from your friends, lol.

Surprising, but im actually pretty content with my body right now. During my teenage and even some of my early 20's i couldnt put weight on no matter what i did. It was due to the fact that i have a very fast metabolism. But due to (cant believe i am saying this) getting older , it has slowed down and my body is filling out very nicely.
I do need to keep up with my training so i dont get to sloppy, but for right now im happy.

My normal routine consists of pull ups, sit ups and squats (IMO thats all you need although some may differ).
That's pretty much what I'm waiting for. The first time your metabolism slows down is usually anywhere between age 20 and 30.
Something to prevent my metabolism from being as goddamn good as me.

needta slow that badboy down. I'm 6'3, weighing about 140 pounds.

Honestly, think of it as a blessing right now. As my previous post says i was the same way. Just wait it out, there isnt really anything you can do right now. So just keep doin your thang thang and thats it. xD
For a second I mistook kilograms for pounds and thought Liger was the same weight as me. And no, I don't weigh 82 pounds.

I hadn't weighed myself for a while and my mum had bought, not bought, given to by the government, new scales. My aunty pointed out that she thought I had gotten skinnier to the point of anorexia AND I SAID NO, and got out the scales. Turns out what used to be 7st 12 on my old scales is now 7st 7 on these scales. Iunno how that happened, I'm convinced it was some of the scales, so I don't know what weight I am now. Around there, I don't really care. One gives me a BMI of 18.2, which I'm going to assume is a load of crap.

I'm pretty sure that everyone would change something if they could at the click of a finger, or that's just women. So yeah, I'm not going to bother dealing with my weight, my main priority is to eat what's good for my teeth. Which means every drink on the planet has been wiped off the list. And veg. I ate a crapload of veg until my dentist said no, I don't know what she wants me to eat.

Coooncluding this waffle, I don't want to change anything, but being able to open a jar of jam would be nice.
I'm decent with my body, although I'd like to gain a little bit of weight. As some people have mentioned, I too have a high metabolism (if that's how you put it). I way about 130 lbs at about 6'1" I assume. I'm decently strong, I don't take myself for weak, but I should start working out more. Only exercise I do is running every Saturday and Sunday morning for about 2 1/2 miles.

Overall, I'm pretty cool with my body. :)
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I don't know if this is what you want to hear or not, but cardio is one of the worst things you can do if you want to gain weight, especially if you're already skinny. A lot of people think they can run and still get enough calories in them for it to work, but it really doesn't happen all that often. I really don't know what to tell you, because I don't want you to do something you don't want to do. It's difficult, because gaining and losing weight is something that you have to do on a trial-and-error basis.
In 8th grade I could run two miles in 12 minutes. Then I decided that I wanted to get bigger. In that process, I didn't run for three years and I still ultimately failed. Now I'm trying to take up running again for the time being.

So far everyone that has posted has wanted to gain weight, and I was expecting that to be the minority.
Not so much I want to gain like 20 lbs, maybe 4 or 5. But I enjoy running, so I don't think I'll give up doing that anytime soon. And I know it's not helping me gain anything, that's for sure. :lol:
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That's understandable. Still, it's more efficient if you go hard at gaining weight for a week or two, gain your 4-5 pounds, and then go back to running while maintaining the weight you've gained. That's something that most people don't understand. They think that certain exercises are for getting super big and others are for getting 'toned', when, in actuality, some exercises just get you there quicker.
Diffrent parts of my mind want my body to be iffrent things
The prevy side - I twink like body
The fighting side - Stronger MUST BE STRONGER
The noraml side - I want one that I can buy trousers that fit for
(My arse will have to stay)

First one is impossible with out a body transplant
Secound one would slow me down
Third would mean that id have pants that fit my waste and legs
I really know nothing about this, but I would assume that, just like anything else, repetition makes you better. Gymnastics would be good, if you're willing to take the heat from your friends, lol.

Yeah, I thought as much. I'm sure my friends wouldn't bother, after all they do like Rob Van Dam. I'll keep workin' on it though.
Fox is a big boy. I'm 6'2 and 270 lbs at age 20.
I can carry it wwell, but I want to lose some weight. A lot, like 50 lbs. I used to be too skinny, I didnt even hit 100 lbs untill i was 13, but then I just shot up. Been sittin' at home doing nothing...wasting away.
As for strenght and flexability, I think everybody wants to be stronger, but I'm pretty strong as it is now. Flexibility will come back as I drop my weight (which isnt actually a whole lot)[/Typical American].
Not really doing much to work towards my goals except some pushups and dieting.