The NP (nintendo power) Q&A Thread


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Jul 28, 2006
Seeing as a lot of the guys around this forum are not living in america, i thought i would make some sense to make a thread about american game info. Seeing as i live in america and not across the seas, i will not know what it is you already know so please ask specific questions. It can be info about any games, but if you need new info, i'll see if i can help you out.
im pretty sure they have nintendo power in other countrys especialy since america has it yet nintendo is a jap. company
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Wrong. They do not. NP only sends out to USA and Canada. Places in europe (im not sure which) get the Official nintendo magazine. it is the equivelant of NP, but it has different info, seeing as the sept. 1st issue has batt. wars 2 on the cover, while NP has barely mentione battalion wars 2. so there. Also, there is the original nintendo, founded in japan, nitendo of america, nintendo of europe ( i think?) and nintendo of canada.
i hear there is a zelda demo coming with the official nintendo mag. for the gamecube. can you confirm this? do these words speak of truth?
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well jakob, i believe iOn has already made a thread for this but to answer your question, no, there is no demo. In an image i saw of the issue/surprise, the surprise was a new and updated video of the LoZTP trailer i think. Im not sure though, because i live in america, and we only get nintendo power which is different from the ONM.