Which characters are considered to have slow attacks?


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Mar 22, 2008
Just curious on your thoughts+opinions

A Characters general move set which is slow, some might have a few fast ones but most of them are slow.

Having slow attacks would have the result for an open attack.

Snake (without projectiles)

(Link is possible)

Well those are the ones i can think of.

Let me know ur thoughts on this (kinda provin somone wrong) *cough*
what he calls slow. when i ask him to play ganon he says he plays enough "SLOW" chars. of course he would say he doesnt look at tiers.
Snake has very fast attacks. slow smashes, but fast attacks otherwise.

Ganon has a slow attack speed. so does Charizard
Kayuo, making a thread like this? ... Odd.

Snake has very fast attacks. slow smashes, but fast attacks otherwise.

Agreed. All but Snake's F-air (not counting his smashes, which aren't offensive moves) come out quickly. N-air, D-air, U-air, B-air, F-tilt, D-tilt, U-tilt and his AAA all come out fast.

I have to disagree. Most of Lucas' moves come out moderatly speedy (bar projectiles). AAA, D-tilt, (especially) F-tilt, F-smash (not fast, but not average), N-air, F-air, D-air, and U-air all come out fast. The rest of his moves are either average or slightly below average in terms of speed, but generally not slow; his U-smash is probably his only really slow move.

Anyways, Link might qualify as slow. His fastest move, B-air, is really his only above average move. AAA is probably his other average/slightly above average move, but everything else is below or slow. He's not as slow as characters like Ganon, though.

It's hard to qualify someone as slow if you don't specify whether it's a lack of priority, or just being slow in general...