You ain't a hater?

King Wiired

Aug 8, 2006
United Kingdom Status : Stunnin'
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can't tell.
Either wish me well, go to hell, or go to Yale,
study Human Behaviour so that you know who the hell
you're dealing with, aint nutty but the study gon' unvail.
My relative in jail (ha) stay engaged
to whatever make money now he's married to that cage;
Divorce is not an option and prenumptial is void.
Eat up whatever rapper but I'm tangled in my cord
hmm, bored. Kind of like a knight with a sword
without dragon to battle so I'm running from a shadow
An impossible feat and I repeat
An impossible feat and I repeat
An impossible feat and I repeat.
The damsels in distress but they a mess,
they only like my armour, and that I'm a performer;
they read 1 magazine and wanna think they getting warmer;
they only get colder. Hell, maybe I should throw a double diamond party in the north pole?
Invite all the writers and journalists, even biters would tournament
to see who can be me, better then me, it's a permanent
smile on my face because you say you don't like my style
but that's okay just make sure you don't touch that dial
and we'll be cool, touch it and you's a fool.
Look, I'll get you hooked, y'all crooks might even move
to Atlanta, Georgia, get a wife and daughter;
start a new life, and all that wrong you do you make it right..
But hell, all a dream. I wear the crown, I'm King.
Respect is mandatory, end of the story. Go fly a kite.
Category ain't got one, you know I'm right.
you need to compete with iambic pentameter man.

game on!
If its not your lyrics its still better than all the commercial mainstream rappers who talk about girls and their money even though they look like apes

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