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Buying a new TV, the best buys!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Singhson, Jan 17, 2008.

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    I recently signed up for WHICH, it's an expert independent company that test's and reviews lots of thing's, i needed to to buy a new tv, it did help, but it costs money to sign up, so i thought I'd share the info, it may help!
    The following products are the top TV's WHICH has put in it's best buys section, I'll put the as many as i can:

    Panasonic Viera TX-26LXD70

    * Price: £700
    * Score: 79%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    This superb 26-inch LCD model from Panasonic tops our Best Buy list – and shares many positive attributes with its larger siblings, making it an excellent choice if space is it a premium.

    It’s HD ready and has a very good high definition picture, with notable depth. The integrated Freeview tuner provides natural pictures with good depth and skin tone, and handles dark sequences well with good black quality. The only noticeable problems are occasional edgy effects.

    Panasonic Viera TX-26LXD7

    * Price: £550
    * Score: 78%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    A great example of Panasonic’s LCD expertise, this entry level 26-inch model deservedly wins a Best Buy for shining in many areas, and offers superb value for anyone who wants a great picture but isn’t too bothered about a few extra sockets.

    It’s HD ready with stunning high definition picture quality, showing good depth and detail. The integrated Freeview tuner provides natural pictures with good depth and skin tone, and handles dark sequences well with good black quality.

    Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD70

    * Price: £700
    * Score: 78%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    Beneath the simple, yet stylish design beats the heart of another winner from Panasonic. The TX-32LXD70 is an HD-ready, 32-inch widescreen LCD TV with integrated digital (Freeview) and analogue tuners. It almost goes without saying that it's both boasts fantastic picture quality and is simple to operate.

    Standard definition pictures boast vibrant colours with good skin tone and depth. Blacks are detailed, while high definition pictures hide banding well and have an almost 3D effect. Our expert viewing panel reckon this Panasonic is one of the best we've watched.

    Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD700

    * Price: £849
    * Score: 78%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    Panasonic’s top of the range 32-inch HD-ready LCD has an integrated Freeview tuner, with a great picture, decent sound, all the connections anyone is likely to need, and extras such as a media card slot and light sensor.

    Overall the picture is up to Panasonic’s usual high standards. Depth and clarity are exceptional, blacks look realistic and the image processing successfully masks any inherent glitches from the digital signal.

    Panasonic Viera TX-32LMD70

    * Price: £600
    * Score: 77%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    Standards are rising in the flat panel TV market and Panasonic are clearly leading the way, with yet another Best Buy from their 2007 range of LCD TVs.

    This HD ready, 32-inch IDTV, boasts super pictures, decent sound and the usual impressive array of features, such as an energy saving light sensor and audio description. Compared to the pricier models in the Panasonic range, it's missing a couple of sockets and some digital processing software (which makes only a marginal difference to overall picture quality).

    Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD7

    * Price: £650
    * Score: 77%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    The 2007 range of Panasonic TVs are all great models, but this relatively cheap entry level model could actually be your best bet. It's an HD ready, 32-inch LCD TV with integrated Freeview tuner, boasts a great picture, super sound and some nifty features like a light sensor and audio description. And to top it all, it's simple to use.

    The pricier TX-32LXD700 has additional sockets for HD equipment, a surround-sound system, PC and memory card slot and software that improves moving images - but the difference is slight if you can live without the extra sockets and fancy features opt for this cheap model.

    Sony Bravia KDL-32D3000

    * Price: £900
    * Score: 73%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    This excellent Sony 32-inch LCD IDTV breaks the Panasonic stranglehold on our Best Buy list with some panache. It goes one better than HD ready and is suitable not only for HD broadcasts but for use with high definition DVDs too.

    Both standard and high definition picture quality is great but maybe not quite at the standard of the Panasonic range of LCD TVs. Still, the vibrant picture is awash with colour and good detail, Freeview looks great and high definition is especially impressive on motion sequences.

    Panasonic Viera TX-37LZD70

    * Price: £1,100
    * Score: 71%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    We expected great things from the ‘HD ready 1080p’TX-37LZD70 from Panasonic and haven’t been let down. The picture quality is very good, it’s easy to use and there are heaps of features to boot.

    The LZD70 just misses out on a 4 star award for standard picture, but nevertheless DVDs produce a picture that looks natural and well defined with vibrant colours, while Freeview images are also very good, with clean images free of graininess. High definition images show excellent depth and resolution, and once again the colours are vibrant.

    Panasonic Viera TH-42PX700

    * Price: £998
    * Score: 70%
    * Type of TV: Plasma
    The TH-42PX700 is the replacement model for last year's PX600 Best Buy. Not surprisingly Panasonic carry on their outstanding run of success with yet another great example of an excellent flat-panel IDTV. The technology just happens to be plasma rather than LCD.

    It's an HD-ready, 42-inch plasma screen, festooned with features including a memory card slot and light sensor.On the downside, power use when watching TV is alarmingly high.

    Panasonic Viera TH-42PX7

    * Price: £799
    * Score: 67%
    * Type of TV: Plasma
    This 42-inch Best Buy plasma from Panasonic has a lot going for it – it's easy to use and it boasts a host of features like audio description. But it's power hungry and while picture quality is well above average, it is short of the standards set by Panasonic's own LCD range of TVs.

    But if you're determined to go for plasma bar a few sockets and fancy sounding features, this entry level model is almost as good as some of the pricier top of the range models.

    Panasonic Viera TH-42PZ700

    * Price: £1,600
    * Score: 67%
    * Type of TV: Plasma

    The Best Buy high resolution TH-42PZ700 is the flagship model (i.e. priciest) from Panasonic's 2007 plasma range. For the price you get everything you'd expect - great picture, usability, zillions of sockets and a host of features, such as a light sensor and audio description.

    However, it's ridiculously power hungry - more so than any other Panasonic plasma we've tested, sound quality is fairly mediocre and despite the high resolution screen it still doesn't work properly with high definition DVD players.

    Toshiba Regza 37C3030D

    * Price: £700
    * Score: 67%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    This Toshiba c-series IDTV is an HD ready, 37-inch LCD. While the slightly soft picture quality isn't up to the standard of the Panasonic LCD range, it's well above average. Picture wise the pricier x-series Toshiba is better for watching high definition broadcasts.

    However, sound quality is well up to scratch and it boasts a nice array of sockets. As Panasonic LCD TVs are currently only available up to 32-inches in size (although word is, this is about to change) Toshiba are worth a look if you're looking for a larger screen.

    Toshiba Regza 37X3030D

    * Price: £650
    * Score: 67%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    This super-high resolution top of the range HD ready, 37-inch LCD TV features an integrated Freeview tuner.It is also one of the first TVs on the market that works properly with high definition DVDs - although it's not quite as good as some of the sony and Panasonic models we've tested.

    Both sound and pictures are pretty good making it a worthy Best Buy, despite some usability niggles. If you're interested in high definition go for this model ahead of the Toshiba c-series.

    JVC LT-26DX7BJ

    * Price: £671
    * Score: 66%
    * Type of TV: LCD
    This Best Buy HD ready, 26" widescreen TV has both analogue and digital tuners. It's a simple design, with a matt black and silver surround and a coordinating rotating pedestal stand - though it can be wall mounted if a suitable bracket is bought.

    Picture quality is great in standard definition and good in HD too - there's a slight greenish tinge to skin tones but excellent detail which gives a superb 'depth' to pictures. The sound received mixed reviews - some of the panel really liked it whereas others found it unnatural, thin with a tendency to be boomy and tinny.

    The list goes on, if you want a specific review just tell me the specific model number and I'll get it for you, I'm gonna cancel my membership about 28 days from this post, because i don't need it anymore.

    By the way, Panasonic are the Best make to get AT THE MOMENT, because they entered the market very early, in case you didn't notice above. Some of the Sony one's are very good and they only do lcd's too. Also LCD's use around 50% less Electricity than Plasma's, On the average btw, it cost's about £37 for 5 hours of viewing or 19 hours of standby.
    A little tip, always unplug your electrical s when you go to bed, save you money on the electricity bill!

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