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How to Stop Killing The Pokemon Franchise

Discussion in 'Nintendo DS' started by Ih8pkmn, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Ih8pkmn

    Ih8pkmn WiiChat Member

    Apr 3, 2010
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    I'm not entirely sure if this belongs here, but...

    As you can probobly tell by my username, I hate Pokemon. I wasn't always like this. I loved Pokemon Crystal(My first Pokemon game!), and Yellow deserved a "meh" at best.

    Then Came Ruby and Sapphire. It was then I realized that they were just releasing the same game with different paint on and new clothes for all the little animals. Ok, so there were a few new features(such as underwater exploration and double battles, which i both enjoyed) but they might as well not even bother changing the name.

    Pokemon is stagnating, and fast. I mean, after you release a creature based on GOD, where else can you go? Releasing Pokemon based on the freaking planets?

    Here's how to stop killing Pokemon:

    -Get some original ideas for Pokemon. Better yet, get some people who design fake Pokemon and use their ideas.

    -Kill the teams: I mean, you expect us that every region has some evil conglomerate that wants to Take Over/Destroy/Flood/Dry Out the world? And that this evil conglomerate is unrelated to the other 50 evil conglomerates out there?

    -Kill region exclusitivity: Make it so we can go to any region, and even chose which region we start from.

    -Customization: I mean, c'mon! In the games, we're supposed to be, what, 10, maybe 12, years old? Let us chose our appearences to a Degree other than male and female!

    -Events: Take these behind a toolshed and put a shotgun to their face. No one likes events, because they either are too hard to find or don't last long enough. And who REALLY wants to go all to some stupid Ruin in some obscure location that we've probobly overlooked throughout the whole game and bring a specific item/pokemon to get some other Pokemon? If you're going to keep events, at least make them something Akin to DLC that we can get without having to go to a specific location.

    Elite [STRIKE]4[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]8[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]16[/STRIKE]How many are their now?: you expect us to believe that the however many most powerful trainers in the whole freaking world just sit around while the sky is falling? At least Wallace and Steven did something other than sit around in their comfy Ever Grande Tower.

    Trading: This has always been a pet peeve of mine; not trading itself, but evolution via trading.(looking squarely at you, GENGAR.) Why must we trade with another person just to get our magical 2-armed Macho Man to turn into a Magical 4-armed Macho Man?

    Something else to do: After completing the main game, they're pretty much nothing else to do other than catch all the Pokemon in the universe, or beat the Champ AGAIN. At least Gold/Silver/Crystal included the option to go to Kanto and beat THEIR leauge.

    More Than one Person at a time: And I don't mean via WiFi Connection. I mean the ability for more than one person to be in a region, chose their own starter, and beat everyone else's Magical Electric Cats to a pulp. Or, in the common tounge: Pokemon MMO, anyone?

    Kill the Anime: Enough said. It's been no good since the second series. For those of you who don't know, that's way back in 2000. The anime hasn' t been good since then, and if you disagree, than you are either stupid, a Nintendo Executive, or under 10.

    New Battle Cries: Ok, we've been recycling and updating the same sound files for Pikachu since what? 1990? Isn't it about time for a bit of an update to battle cries? Or would that knock Pokemon fans so far out of their sense of complacancy that their heads would explode?

    These are expressly my opinions and do not nessacarily affect the opinions of anyone else related to me.

    If you can think of anything else that can be done to stop Pokemon from stagnating, please say so.
  2. King of Pop

    King of Pop Platinum Lord

    Mar 27, 2009
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    Chicago, Illinois
    Wii Friend Code: 1254-9433-9791-1069
    I kinda agree with you dude. I stopped playing Pokemon because I didn't get into it. Then when Brawl came out I'm like.... Mom go get me Diamond. To this day Pokemon is my childhood forever. I will always play Pokemon the way it is even if they add better stuff.
  3. Splash_King

    Splash_King The Scrubbiest of Hunters

    Jan 25, 2009
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    Lostlorn Forest
    Wii Friend Code: 0129-0129-0129-0129
    An opinion on the downfall of pokemon without flamming or trolling?!?!

    I love it.

    I'm curious about that too, honestly. Gen 5 is pretty much done in the originality department without being over-the-top 9001%, unless Nintendo pulls a Jirachi out of their ass and makes a wish.

    Here's how to stop killing Pokemon:

    OH, if only. In my opinon, the first 251 pokemon were the peak of originality, and in latent terms, "coolness". Ruby and Sapphire killed the long-held idea that all pokemon were cool in some way. Couldn't be right forever.

    I can't agree with writing off the teams completely, but the recycling of the plot does need to be renewed. While I thought Platinum's plot was more in-depth than any other game, that was only because of some shiny new text and events; Diamond, Pearl, and Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald felt like a very boring and meticulous plot to me, I agree with that much.

    Diamond and Pearl was just average for me; all the villains lacked anything notable of personality, and in general the theory that a deity is controlled by some random substance, and beaten by some kid's team is beyond me. Platinum had the same problem by defeating out beloved god of death Giratina with a kid's poke, but atleast the plot and characters were polished and deeper than previous.

    Oh god yes. I loved the days that you could go between Kanto and Johto in Gold and Silver. If Nintendo would bother shoving all 4 (soon to be 5, fortunalty or unfortunatly...) regions into one game, I'd be thrilled. There'd be a huge post-story to explore, maybe even a post-post story, and so on. I can tell you I was incredibly dissappointed with Ruby and Sapphire had no other region to explore, same with Diamond and Pearl.

    Indeed. The biggest customization we've ever gotten from pokemon was changing our room/secret bases, and ball capsules in the new games. While I liked these additions, I'd scrap it all for the chance to customize the hero you play as. I've thought about this as well, honestly.

    I think everyone can agree with this. Remember that one time you just discovered events existed, and you can no longer get that beloved Mew on your Red or Blue? I do. I don't like driving to a damned Toys R Us to get a pokemon that could just be put into the game with some epic new area to explore as well. I love event pokemon, but not the wait nor method to obtain them. Agreed once more.

    I can't complain that there're so many Elite 4, regions need their own champions, but yeah, it is odd how these omni-potent trainers do nothing when the poke-world's in peril. Atleast Lance, the two you mentioned, and Cynthia have done something plot related, especially Steven, but I guess pokemon was never created for it's plot. I can say I'd love a more engaging plot with the E4 and Champion, though. It'd make for a more climactic final battle, no doubt.

    I hate trading with a passion, too. It apparently takes 2 whole minutes to trade a number of kilobytes you can count on your fingers. The fact pokemon need to be traded to be evolved can be frustrating, too. Until Ruby and Sapphire, I knew only ONE person with a link cable, who moved out of town a few months before Gold and Silver came out. I'd rather just stick to stones/hold items and leveling up instead of trading, or whatever new evolution method is existing.

    Yep... A pet peeve of most people, that there's not much of a post story for pokemon games. There's always a handful of things to do after every game (especially Gold and Silver, ofcourse), but the biggest since having 2 regions in one game is having a large island as a new place to explore. Yes, it lasts 2 hours or so, but that's still not a very big post story compared to the 20 hours it might take you to beat the first story, if you don't rush through.

    Nowadays, there's only a lot to do post-story in terms of competitive battling thanks to the battle frontier and wi-fi. I can tell you right now that your average doesn't want to lose every 21st fight in the Battle Tower, though. Back when I wasn't a competitive battler, I could definatly agree with the lack of a good post-story being dissapointing.

    Ahh, that'd be nice. Not those crappy Poke Crater-esque MMOs, but an official Nintendo one... Even if they just took the current formula, changed little, and made it MMO compatible, I'd be very pleased. I've always thought about a pokemon MMO since the 3rd generation, but it's not like it'l ever happen...

    Agreed. I need say no other words.

    I can agree and dissagree with this. Yes, I've heard Pikachu's battle cry for over 10 years now, but I'm still not sick of it. If Nintendo could successfully make better battle cries, I'd happily accept it, though. It's not like all the nostalgia will drain from my corpse if I never hear my Charizard's 8-bit roar again.

    Ah, I'm sure I've got a few.

    Minigames: Pokemon has almost none; the lotto corner, poffin/pokeblocks, la-dee-freakin'-da. The only time I loved pokemon's minigames were the original (the ORIGINAL) slots, and Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald's game corner. I'm not saying turn pokemon into a full-blown Mario Party-esque game, but give us fans a bit more to do than battle, catch, train, trade, repeat. Even a non-repetitive sort of sidequests would be great.

    Multiple carts in one generation: Yes, I can understand the big difference between Platinum and Diamond/Pearl, but do we need 3 versions? 2 is good enough for me, and 1 would be fantastic if it was a completely perfect, finished product like Crystal or had DLC, but... ugh. Spending an extra $30 to catch 5 species you can't get on your Blue, only to find out you can get them in the next game (which you buy because you just can't resist! -.-).

    Retarded limitations: Pal Park, for the new games, allows 6 pokemon transfered from old games a day. It took me 3 months to migrate EVERYTHING from my old games. And hours of gameplay. Can't say I was happy at all.

    Trading one pokemon at a time is rediculous, too. Can't they add a "select another pokemon?" option in the trade menu? If I could trade 6 at a time, I'd have a month's worth of hours back into my free time. As aforementioned, if the trading process was sped up as well, it'd be divine.

    All I can name at the moment. I think we've all got our pet peeves with pokemon, no doubt... But even with it's repetitive faults, I love the games to death. I ignore the anime, the pain of trading and meticulously reproduced plotlines; I enjoy the cock-fighting esque monster battles, and it's why I still play the game.

    I can still agree that if they improved the fact that it's nothing but battles in the games, and added a few more features, they'd somehow have an even bigger fanbase; newbies and veterans alike. If they don't secure atleast a few of these problems, I'm sure pokemon will die out years faster than it should; although I'm sure that day is VERY far off.
  4. George

    George Wii 4 teh Wiin

    Sep 29, 2006
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    over there
    Wii Friend Code: 4877-3286-3608-7887
    I agree with the OP. Pokemon is repetitive and boring now, after the same formula has been recycled countless times.

    I can also see the argument from Nintendo's point of view. They must be thinking "why fix something that isn't broke?" In other words, the Pokemon formula remains, because that why it will remain popular, and make money.
  5. WiiAssasin

    WiiAssasin The ride never ends

    Dec 21, 2009
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    Kamos Guidepost
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    I used to like pokemon too. Everything about it is fine except i can't stand that stupid turn based combat system.

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