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My Philosophy on Gaming

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by RPGMasterTurk91, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. RPGMasterTurk91

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    Aug 2, 2006
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    When you hear the word "philosophy" you probably think "Oh Gaawwwd, he's gonna get into detail of every little thing and why they happen, how they happen and the reason behind them all. However, this is onlypartially the case, and I will try to keep it entertaining as well, if you like to listen to other perspectives and what people think, this shouldn't be a problem. However, isn't that what forums are all about anyways? Reading otehr people's expressions and giving your own through text? :ciappa:

    Before I go on...It is vital that you know that it is very difficult explaining something you have all known in your mind to words--in any language. Please bear that in mind and take into consideration of what might be written poorly or confusing. Message me after saying waht you exactly didn't get. Also, don't think of me as some psycho who thinks of things extremely deeply and has no life...cuz this isn't true, as much as it may seem :yikes:

    Anyways, people have failed to recognize that the games people like to play are not their full choice. Yes of course, they choose the games they want to play with THEIR free will and play it accordingly--but what drives them to play a certain TYPE of game or games is pretty much a natural choice--something that you cannot control necessarily. It doesn't make sense for one to bash you for the games you play, constantly calling the games "gay" and they question why you play such "retarted" games, and basically why you don't like the types of games they play. They take it for granted that the majority of gamers love to play shooting games and this is what thrills the human mind, and the fact that tehy love it too. Am i right? They can't stand the fact that you play these other games that are considered "kiddy, gay, confusing" and so on. Therefore, attacking one another verbally on the internet or in real life is very stupid--it's all about game PREFERENCE. Who cares what systems people like best? I mean, did they literally CHOOSE what type of games you will like? Where I'm from, Nintendo-based games, or even MMORPGs are considered kiddy, gay, not cool. Is it the same where you (the reader) are from? If you are having fun peacefully while doing so as a side hobby and saying which games and systems are better, so be it. But when people get serious and start baggering people for what type of games they play, they take for granted the fact that they like the current games that are in, but don't consider the fact that neither of them chose exactly what game or type of game to like. This is being ignorant and selfish. Nobody in my town even GETS RPG games, with the whole leveling up system and what not...they just carry on that that stuff is gay. Anyone getting a vibe of what I'm saying at all?

    Remember, when explaining these things in ANY language, transferring the information from one's mind to words, is very difficult and often comes out vague. Also, my mind goes blank a lot in the process so I probably missed a lot, as lots of different popints are running through my head, and trying to get them all down without forgetting is hard.
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    Apr 4, 2007
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    Hasn't this already been posted in wii chat.

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