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New Wii titles not hitting their marks??

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by yoshistr, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. yoshistr

    yoshistr WiiChat Member

    Jun 14, 2007
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    This is a long statement about the shortcomings of the Wii...
    Only continue reading if you care: :yesnod:
    I purchased a Wii for $400 in Jan 07, and the only game so far I have is Zelda, which by all standards was great but for the price of the console I feel like it was a rip off. All of the Wii games released have been childish or intended for young audiences, in addition to this they all are mini-game games where there is no main story line but rather a bunch of quests, it makes me feel like I am doing chores rather than having fun anymore. I must admit I never purchased a Gamecube because I saw signs of Nintendo losing their touch but rather stuck with my n64 and playstation, and ps2. The GBA games were mostly very good like Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Advanced. I don't see why they didn't already make good RPG games for the Wii, the system has been out for almost a year and nothing but Rayman with some crack pot rabbits?? They call that a video game? Just because a video game has good graphics does not mean people will buy it, it has to have character, I play video games to get away from life as all of us do, otherwise we would not play them and just live out our lives. I do not want to see games where you try to do things like balancing things on your hand using the wii remote, while interesting for an hour, for the price it is ridiculous. Why doesn't the Wii release anything like Final Fantasy (Epics) or something interesting to the mature audiences. They have games where you shoot ducks...they had this back on the Super Nintendo, what kind of joke is Nintendo playing on us? If we wanted to shoot ducks we would fire up our SNES and do it, but they rereleased something that was an utter failure. I loved Rayman, on the PC, but they put an ugly twist to it so that only a 5 year old would enjoy. Where are the RPGs we were promised...where is a rerelease of Super Mario, paper mario was not as good although worthwhile for the n64. Let us all hope that Nintendo has not played a cruel joke on us and that they produce something worth the money comparable to Zelda. True the virtual console is a grand hit, but like I said they should concentrate on the batter rather than the icing of the cake(Wii metaphor), otherwise it will continue to be another utter failure, not for Nintendo because they make money either way but for true fans like us awaiting something special. The Internet functionality is amazing on the Wii, I only discovered it this week after having it for months which is ridiculous because the Wii should incorporate all of its strengths into its games, why not MPORPGs(Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games) or even sports games using the free wifi connect24 provided? These are only a few of my complaints not to mention it can not play DVDs, which I do have an expensive player for but have to take the RCA cables out to switch with the Wii everytime I want to use it. If it was not for owning Zelda I would have smashed my Wii a long time ago but now I know it has internet function at least I can use it as an extra internet browser, but still short of 400 bucks.
    What can we do until Nintendo finally comes back to its senses? Wait I suppose.
    Sorry about the long article, I have much more to say but fear your waste of time so reply away! :yikes:
  2. Almo

    Almo WiiChat Member

    Mar 19, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 8407-4245-3370-0256
    ok some valid points but nothing i havnt heard before, im sure most of this has been discussed before. and look at read steel, yes not the best game but hardley childish, also strikers is out now and although simple is suprizingly addictive and i embrace the online play like my child, and yeah ive heard people comment that mario is for little kids, but hey if your gonna go to that level then games are for little kids. i think you need to drop the bias, ninty has chosen there launch target audience and theres nothing we can do about this, wait goddamn it, MP3 and MC are comming and neither of these are childish.
  3. WiiZero

    WiiZero Game Wiizard

    Feb 7, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 5435-9829-5121-8955
    First off the system has been out less than 6 months I wouldn't call that a year second of course you feel ripped off you payed $400 when you could have payed $100 less and gotten a free game third if you compare everything to N64 it will fail so don't do it fourth I know it might be hard for you to remember Yellow, White, Red but switching the cables really isn't that hard you could have payed $150 to have that luxury by getting a 360 and a HDDVD player although it wouldn't be the smartest investment fifth for someone as uneducated as you, you sure talk like you are smart Nintendo is holding back online for a while sixth you should have known more about the Wii other than "yeah it has motion-sensing" an MMORPG will be incredibly hard so no dev other than Ninty will even try it seventh there is more than TP out right now if your waiting for OoT your going to be waiting forever
  4. firedragon

    firedragon WiiChat Member

    Jun 14, 2007
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    Well Nintendo didn't make Rayman, so I don't know where you get off saying they are playing a joke on you. UbiSoft made Rayman and they also made RedSteel, which btw, really do suck since UbiSoft is becoming a horrible company. But don't worry, more games are on their way, keep in mind it takes time to produce quality games, I'm sure you will be happy soon. If you want you can play online until the time comes, I visit www.WiiWasHere.com often to find people with Wifi codes so it keeps me occupied.
  5. DazzeL

    DazzeL WiiChat Member

    May 25, 2007
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    Yes theres a lack of games to an extent atm. But the console is only 7ish months old. So it's to be expected. It is going to get better though - Metroid, Battalion War, Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros. are all on their way before the end of the year. On top of that there is plenty of stuff to try now - RE4 Wii Edition is out shortly, Excite Truck, Godfather, Scarface and Super Paper Mario are all worth a look.

    The games library is not the best in the world yet. But it takes every console a while to pick up steam. Judging from what's coming it should do this.
  6. sherwood3570

    sherwood3570 infused

    May 20, 2007
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    Wii Friend Code: 1830-2062-7374-0757
    I just had to point this out. Duck Hunt was for NES.

    I knew what I was getting when I bought my Wii. I knew that I wasn't going to get Halo, Oblivion, and long drawn out RPG's like Final Fantasy...although things seem to be in question about a Final Fantasy RPG for Wii. It seems that if you were truely worried about games for the Wii you would have checked out some new releases and future games. What about Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime. Mario is for kids, it's definitely for the kid inside of me.

    I knew that if I bought a Xbox 360 or PS3 I would have been addicted, playing for hours at a time, never wanting to put the controller down. I didn't want that. It makes life too slow. I wanted something to have fun with and keep myself active.

    Sports games are already on the Wii. The Bigs is an online crazy baseball game, Tiger Woods 07, Wii Sports, Fifa...which I'm not sure if it's out yet, Madden 07, Mario Strikers Charged is online...Check your information.

    I don't see how you referred the Wii of having good graphics and no fun. The Wii is all about gameplay and fun, graphics are minimal. I do agree about the Wii not having a dvd player feature though. I do believe that Nintendo plans on producing Wii's that have that function. Could Nintendo make a firmware update to make this work??

    I'm not much of a everyday gamer, but I have to back up Nintendo on this deal. For god's sake, I was super happy with my Gamecube and that was considered a failure.

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