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Rayman Review

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by Wii Addict, Dec 30, 2006.

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    This is my review for Rayman Raving Rabbids on the Wii. It is made up of video of me playing and the above title cover. Descriptions are also included.

    Concept: (9/10) The idea of putting crazy homicidal rabbits into a rayman game may sound odd, but it was done purely for the reach for humor. This game is hilarious, maybe the funniest experience I have had the pleasure of going through. The animal cruelty in this make me wonder why it is rated E. There are mini-games where you have to hit a rabbit on the head to get the lump on his head as big as possible for a high score. Then, another where you use bells on a blindfolded rabbit to lure him into various things like bear traps and cactus while he is hopelessly forced to be smashed with a 5000ton block. (That is your timer) All in all, the concept is great, and this game makes great use of the wiimote. This is what wii sports should have been.

    Graphics: (7/10) Nothing new, but the design of the rabbits are perfect. You just wanna hit them with a hammer. Rayman can dress up in various clothes but nothing special.

    Sound: (8/10) The rabbits are portrayed perfectly and them singing "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun" is hilarious. There is no voice for Rayman, but like the LoZ it does not hurt the game play. Our hero just grunts and hums.

    Gameplay: (10/10) This is where it counts, and it is also where this game shines. The shooters feel like HOTD, and the dancing feels like DDR. The mini-games are all funny (some have immature humor though) and fun. This is a multiplayer title, but the campaign is ok. The replay value is high because it never stops being fun. I didn't mind playing solo on the majority of these games, but online multilayer is where it is lacking. I will not downgrade this game because no wii titles have online play yet.

    Overall (8.5/10) This game really does show what the wii remote can do. Below are videos of me playing the dancing games and the FPS games.

    The dancing is fun as the music is good and the simplicity of beating either the nunchuck or wiimote in response to the beats. This is most like dance revolution but with a humorous twist to it.

    The above video is me playing one of the FPS levels. I found it very similar to House of the Dead, but again with more humor. You are automatically moved around the levels while these evil rabbits shoot plungers at you. Armed only with a plunger, you must save the baby golbox.

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