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Resident Evil Classics vs Resident Evil today

Discussion in 'Retro Consoles' started by Alucard_Aricado, Dec 30, 2006.

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    Dec 24, 2006
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    This thread is for you to choose one of both sides....

    I choose the classics over RE4 because the gameplay mechanism was diferent.

    My comparison:

    Game Play (classic dominates 3 to 2)

    Classic >>>The game play system of looking trough big places and getting lost while looking clues is one of the strong points of classic RE. I loved the mansion, The Police station and the Raccon City itself (RE1,2,3) Just walking trough not knowing when there was going to be a lousy loading just entering rooms at your leisure was very fun. The puzzles made you backtrack sometimes finding new stuff on the way and some of them well nice and tough at least while you got the hang of its logic.

    RE 4 >>> The game play on this one was fun too but it lacks a little since all you do almost everytime is move trough areas killing everyone then move to the other one (with the ocasional puzzle) There was not much backtracking and heavy thinking like on the classics. The game even labeled places as areas or stages hurting the realism of the game

    Graphics and effects (Tie: 3 to 3)

    This is a tie between both of them becase I am looking at both games in the point of view of their respective timelines (32/64/DC era and GC era) and the classics were amazing for its time as well as RE4 is still amazing now

    Enemies: (Classic dominates 3 to 2.0)

    Classic >>> Enemies AI patterns were slower compared to RE4 but somehow they were more menacing. Bosses were a little more gross too.

    RE4 >>> Enemies are a lot smarter but for me the only ones that really got my attention are the villagers and the chainsaw guy.

    Storyline: (Classic dominates 3 to 2)

    Classic >>> Story was full of mystery since the very beggining up to the end. It kept you looking to see more and more. Desperate to find those items needed to get to the next cutscene

    RE4 >>> Story starts really strong (even better than classic RE) but halfway trough the game the grip on the player looses a little (the game keeps been compelling though) but that little loose of grip make RE4 fail this comparison vs the classic ones

    Controls (RE4 dominates 3 to 1.5)

    Classic >>> Bulky unnatural controls and movements (though in RE3 and CV were a little better) cause complains from many players

    RE4 >>> Fluid controls easy shooting and melee make this controls near perfect for a RE

    Sound Effects (RE4 dominate 3 to 2.5 )

    Sound for both games are good but RE4 sound effects give a creepier feeling than the classics

    Final Scores (Classic: 15.5 RE4: 15 )

    In the end based on m tastes its a very very tough desition meaning I have fun with both type of games but in the long run I like a little bit more the classics...

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