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Super Smash Bros. Alternate Plot: The Rise of Nefirus

Discussion in 'Board Games' started by GigaRidley, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Two years ago, on a cold winter’s day, a man named Phil Smith had an idea. A grand idea. He would gather a group of like-minded (that is to say, nerdy) people and write a story. And not just any story. A story featuring characters from some of the most beloved videogame of all time weaved together by good storytelling on a mass scale. But where would Phil go to recruit willing candidates to bring his ambitious idea to life? A place called Wiichat, the biggest unofficial Nintendo online community.
    And so, what is known today as The Alternate Plot was born unto an unsuspecting world.

    Back then, Wiichat was at its’ peak, and it had still seen nothing like this before. A fully structured, story driven roleplay was new here, and thanks to the talent of the writers involved, The Alternate Plot became widely known and read in the forums. People involved were even known as “Plotters” by the rest of the community after the title of the story. And, after five months and over one hundred pages of hard work, the groundbreaking story was finally complete. Despite an ending that, in retrospect, did not live up to the full legacy of the tale, the plot finished on a satisfying note that kept both the people who had worked on it and the people who had read it talking about it for months. In the wake of its’ success, many other story-driven roleplays began to crop up around WiiChat, including Realms, The Pokemon Roleplay, and Seekers of the Lost Treasure. While these were met with varying levels of success, all pay the respect to the original Alternate Plot that it is due. The original creative team, plus some fresh new faces, even began work on a follow up to the story dubbed The Alternate Plot: The Majestic Twelve. However, despite a decent run, the sequel didn’t deliver on the same level the original did and was scrapped midway through. Despite this disappointment, people still looked back on the original with fond memories.
    But then came the WiiChat Apocalypse.
    In the aftermath of the unfortunate event, the plotters still around were dismayed to discover their prize work gone! Sadly, The original Alternate Plot was one of the many threads destroyed in the Apocalypse. And for a while, all despaired of ever laying eyes on the original tale ever again. The Alternate Plot had become but a memory, never to be truly seen again...
    ... or so it seemed.

    What I recently uncovered is that one of the original collaborators on the project, Blue Man, has kept most of the pages taken directly from the original story. He also edited a great deal of it already and condensed it slightly to make for a more readable story that flows better. He has given me these pages, and now, with just a few editing tweaks, the Alternate Plot will be readable once more.
    Since this thing is huge (over 100 pages in Word, that's quite a bit) I've decided to split up the postings into chapter sections. I'll post sections of a chapter until the chapter is finished, then take a short break, then continue. It is my hope that, come March, the full plot will be available to read here. Until then, I do hope you'll join me in re-reading one of the best RPs on this site as it goes up.
    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...

    Super Smash Brothers
    The Alternate Plot:

    The Rise of Nefirus



    Writers: WMBQ, Blue Man, GigaRidley, sorabrawl, Disturbed, lbu, and many more! Thank you all!
    Edited by Joshua Larrabee (Blue Man) and finished by Bryan Berg (GigaRidley)


    Chapter One: The Return of the Shadow Bug

    Link woke up late one morning on the Island of the Ancients. It had just finished being rebuilt from leftover Subspace matter about a month ago, and he, along with the rest of the heroes and heroines who saved the world from Subspace just over a year ago were living there peacefully with the ROBs. Still, something didn't seem right to him...

    It was raining outside again. It had been raining every day for a week. Disappointed at the lack of good weather, he climbed down the ladder from his house. It was cold out because of the rain, but something still seemed eerie. The air had a strange, unnatural, purplish, blackish hue to it. He could've sworn he had seen it somewhere before.

    Suddenly, his heart racing, he realized what it was from. Shadow Bugs! From Subspace! In a state of panic, he ran to the Master Hand's Temple. Link arrived at the temple panting. Inside it was very dark, illuminated only by a spotlight over Master Hand. The walls were white, but difficult to see because of the darkness. It wasn't very big inside, but it wasn't small either. The whole temple was composed only of the room in which Master Hand lived, only the size of an average classroom.

    Master Hand turned to Link. Though he couldn't see Link, he could detect the Hylian's presence. "What is it, Link? It must be urgent, as you arrived panting." Master Hand's voice erupted from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. It echoed off every corner of the room, and was very low and dramatic.

    “Master Hand, I- I saw- Outside- subspace," Link answered, breathing heavily at the same time.
    Master Hand thought for a moment. It's not like Link to lie... I'm going to believe him, though it is very grave indeed. "Is it actually Subspace, Link, or is it Shadow Bug?”

    “Shadow Bug,” Link panted.

    “There must be a viable explanation,” Master Hand answered, “Though all evidence points toward the return of Tabuu,” he finished gravely.

    “What should I do?” Link asked.

    “At the moment, nothing. Shadow Bug itself is indestructible, only when it takes form can it be destroyed.” Link nodded. Disappointed, he left Master Hand's temple, went back to his house, and lay down in his bed worried.

    OOC: Surprise!
    Obviously, the normal chunks of plot I'll put up here are going to be much larger than this, I just wanted to put the prologue up for now. Please post and tell me what you think!
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    No way.

    Just no way.

    feckin WIN

    I should probably show you guys a similar project I've been working on...
  3. GigaRidley

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    Thought you'd be surprised :).
    Sorry I didn't tell you man, I thought it'd be better this way :D
  4. WMBQ

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    Oh my goodness my writing was so much worse two years ago... xD

    I like to think Phil's Link has evolved into a more mature character.
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    The Black Knight was watching as the Shadow Bug began to take form. It was headed towards the center of the Island, where he believed Master Hand’s Temple to be. Had Tabuu returned to command his mindless servants? It wouldn’t be good news for the Black Knight if he had.

    Tabuu was too powerful for the Black Knight's liking. But did he have to fear? His own armor was near indestructible. No one could rival him. Except for the child, Ike. He was in possession of a sword blessed by the goddess that could potentially destroy his own armor. The Black Knight wouldn't be able to warp out of a battle if the child was there, as Ike had stolen his warp powder long ago, after a battle in which Ike thought the Black Knight had died. He would just have to wait to see how the events would unfold. This was going to get interesting.


    In Subspace, Ganondorf was speaking to himself. "It's time. I have been planning this moment ever since that day one year ago. Tabuu fought so viciously. But in the end he was overpowered and destroyed. But today, he will make his glorious resurrection." Ganondorf let out an evil laugh. "That very day I went out searching for even the slightest remnant of Tabuu. I managed to find a remaining piece of his Dark Essence." Ganondorf turned around to look at a small glowing blue orb floating right in front of him. "Now to complete the resurrection... the last item needed is one person with a single piece of the Triforce. How fortunate."

    Ganondorf looked at his right hand. He reached out with it and placed it on the floating orb, smiling thinly as sparks of dark energy sprung from the connection. He closed his eyes. The Triforce symbol on the back of his hand started to glow as the sparks became huge, arcing thunderbolts of darkness. There was a bright flash. Ganondorf opened his eyes.
    "Welcome back... Tabuu."


    The Black Knight watched as Mario came out of a Subspace Portal, being chased by a squadron of Primids. The Black Knight ran towards the portal as fast as he could with his armor on, which was only a jog, but he was too late. The portal closed in front of him. Now that Mario had spotted him, his only option was to fight. He turned around swiftly and made the first strike...

    But then Mario dodged and said, “Look!” in an Italian accent. Primids, one by one, were approaching. What can we do? Mario thought, looking at the Black Knight, as if expecting an answer.

    "Hmf." Apparently these creatures were capable of opening portals at will. The Black Knight quickly fled, leaving Mario to fight them himself. Mario was probably expecting help. Ha! What a foolish Italian Plumber. But while the Black Knight was still laughing to himself, he was surrounded by more primids. Even with his armor, the Primids would be bothersome. He couldn’t be delayed with his agenda. If he was alive, it would be best to kill Tabuu now, when he would be weak from resurrection. He cut his way back to another portal, where he was transported to Subspace.

    Again Mario fought these creatures. “Mama mia!” Mario guessed he was on his own then Primids of each kind came for the attack. A kick and punch and one by one they disappeared. Spinning around, Mario barely dodged a giant blast from a Scope Primid who had been hiding in the masses. In a jolt of surprise, he realized that all the Primids had distracted him by presenting easy targets. They were never this smart before.

    Back at Link’s new house on the Island of the Ancients, the Hero of Time got out of bed. The raining Shadow Bug was getting worse; and his right hand hurt. He looked down on it and saw the top piece of the Triforce glowing red. Ganondorf, he thought. Whenever a piece of the Triforce was glowing, it meant the bearer of that particular Triforce was having a victory of some sort. He must be behind all of this. I don't care what Master Hand says, I'm going to fight.

    He climbed down the ladder to see the situation worse than ever. The shadow bug was now literally raining. There were strange monsters he recognized as Primids everywhere, and his friend Mario was being overpowered by Shadow Bugs. It seemed as if they had obtained the DNA of Mario, and had recreated a Shadow Bug Mario. "Mario!" He called out, in fear for his friend. He dashed out toward the plumber to aid him. Without a word, he started repelling Shadow Bugs with his sword and shield, taking care so that they wouldn't touch him; but he was being overpowered. There were too many of them. Desperately, he ran away, but it was no good. There were millions- if not billions- of them, and Primids were taking form by the second.

    "Ya!" Link spun around with his sword outstretched like a tornado in a motion he called the Spin Attack. It threw the Shadow Bugs off of him. Link was pleased for a moment, but a Shadow Bug Link appeared next to him. They touched me! He realized. The rest of the Shadow Bugs were no longer interested, so they disappeared. The Primids backed off as well.

    Knowing that Shadow Bug versions of people couldn't speak or understand anything but kill, he walked up to his Shadow Bug twin and drew his Master Sword. Without muttering a word, he began to spar with his clone.

    It made the first blow, with a jab at Link's stomach, but Link easily parried it. Though it was a clone of him, Link realized that it was not as strong or quick-witted as he. After a few seconds of fancy sword motions, he jabbed Shadow Bug Link in the stomach. It fell to the ground. Grabbing its wound, but dead Shadow Bug was spilling out by the second until there was nothing left of Shadow Bug Link. The Shadow Bug dissolved. Link heaved a momentary sigh of relief, but then remembered Mario was still in trouble. He dashed over to aid his friend.

    To his horror, he realized there was a new foe. He didn't know who it was, but it looked ominous; covered in black armor. It could speak, too, so Link knew it wasn't made of Shadow Bug. He ran even faster to help Mario square off against this new enemy, but by the time he caught up, he was already gone.


    ~Somewhere Deep in Subspace~

    “How long has it been?” asked Tabuu.

    “About one year,” replied Ganondorf.

    “Huh... you brought me back a lot quicker than I expected.”

    “You underestimate my power, master.”

    “I admit you do have great power. That’s why I put you in charge of bringing me back to life after they killed me. It all went according to my plan. Ganondorf, for now I will put you in command of the Shadow Bug!”

    “I figured you would say that. So I already sent them to invade the newly reformed Island of the Ancients.”

    “Good... In due time their whole world will be engulfed by the subspace. And I will rule them all!” As Tabuu vanished, Ganondorf looked at a special portal that showed him what was going on at the Island of the Ancients.

    Tabuu's plan actually worked. By making them think he was destroyed for good, they got too relaxed and stopped fighting for the past year. Now it seems like their skills have gotten rusty. Ganondorf spotted Link and Mario desperately fighting off the Shadow Bug. Ganondorf let out an evil laugh.

    I'm sure Link's Triforce has alerted him of my great victory this day. Perhaps when he and I next meet in battle, I will show him the true power of the subspace.


    By the time Mario was about to be blasted by a giant scope primid, he had already run up to it and killed it with his powerful fist. Mario repeated this over and over again. The battle seemed to go on forever. He wouldn’t be able to keep this up for much longer without being killed himself.

    Ganondorf watched Mario fight off the primids from the safety of Subspace. "Heh... lets make this a bit more interesting." He reached out and a shadow bug touched him. The shadow bug took on the shape and abilities of Ganondorf. But since it is just a crude clone he is not anywhere near as powerful as the real Ganondorf, but still powerful enough to defeat Mario.

    “Go to the real world and kill that pesky plumber.”

    The clone responded with a mere nod, not being able to talk. He opened up a portal to the real world and entered it. The portal then disappeared. Ganondorf turned back to the watching portal. Let’s see how great your fighting abilities really are, Mario.

    Back in the Smash World, among all the Primids, Mario saw Ganondorf, glowing purple. He came back, Mario thought. Oh great. Then Mario gave a strong blow to the Shadow Ganondorf, but the being blocked it with a fist. Mario shared punches with Ganondorf, fighting him with extreme stamina. Then Mario felt a chill. Was his enemy’s strength coming back?

    “Ganondorf!” Mario was yelling, which was unusual. Something had really come over him. Mario ran as fast as he had ever before, jumping high, ready for a strong, finishing punch. But the Shadow of Ganondorf had his fist outstretched. Mario wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. But he did know that he was turning into a trophy, and Shadow Ganondorf was turning back into mere Shadow Bug, before disintigrating.

    Back in Subspace, Ganondorf was watching the viewing portal again. "Just as I thought. They have all become a bunch of pathetic weaklings who don't stand a chance of stopping us now.” Ganondorf waved his hand over the portal and a hologram of an irritated Tabuu appeared.

    “I have something I need to ask you, master.”

    “What is it Ganondorf?”

    “I just sent out a clone of myself to face Mario. Mario delivered a strong finishing blow to the clone... but at the same time the clone defeated Mario, turning him into a trophy. What are your orders? Should I go retrieve the trophy?”

    Tabuu thought about this for a few seconds. “No leave it there. Let some one else find him. It will be a warning to all of the great power of subspace. You should also know that you and I are the only ones who know I'm back. Other might have a hunch, but they’re not certain. Please keep it this way until I say otherwise.”

    “I understand. And another thing... my nemesis, Link, still seems to be pretty powerful. His skills haven't gotten rusty like the others. Would you like me to take care of him personally?”

    “No, he is currently taking on many shadow bugs. They will overpower him in time. Also since he was near Mario when your clone attacked him, Link probably saw it all happen, but couldnt get their to save Mario in time. This means that Link is currently aware that you’re still alive. And that you’re not intending to help the real world.”

    “Yes, my Master.” Tabbu disappeared and Link appeared in the portal fighting the Shadow Bug again. Tabuu underestimates you Link. Knowing you, there’s no way you’re going to go down by a bunch of shadowbugs. You will die by my hands.


    Ridley stood in the pouring rain on a tree trunk. “So this is the new Island of the Ancients… hmm…” He flexed his claws.

    “I have my new master to thank for my reborn body… he has proven himself as a worthy successor to Tabuu…” Suddenly he stiffened.

    “I sense a presence… could it be… Tabuu? No matter… Nefirus shall absorb him like the others; Tabuu is nothing compared to his might.”

    Ridley let loose a harsh, growling laugh. Suddenly, he sensed the Black Knight’s presence in the subspace world. He sent him a telepathic message:

    “Ah… just the man I’ve been looking for. This is Ridley, leader of the Space Pirates. Your talents are renowned far and wide, and my master would like to make a deal with you. He’s not Tabuu, by the way… there’s more than one master of Subspace now.”

    OOC: Just made a couple grammatical fixes.
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    Awesome, it's good to know these files still exist. I don't even think I got to finish reading the original.
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    Jigglypuff came out of nowhere and tapped Mario’s trophy. But as Mario came back to life, a Primid killed her. Mario watched in horror as Jigglypuff died. She didn’t turn into a trophy… These things must be more powerful than we thought.

    Mario managed to get on enough without Link, but the Primids just kept coming. "Mario!” He called, "We need to abandon the Island! There's no hope..."

    But he quickly changed his mind as he saw a battalion of ROBs appear from their factory. They were forced to be allied with Subspace last time, but for the last year, they lived a peaceful and neighborly life among the other characters, like they had before Subspace existed.

    "Link sir what we do now yes?" asked one R.O.B. The way they spoke was difficult for Link to understand, because their Hylian grammar was horrible. However, Link had gotten used to the peculiar way they spoke.

    "I am very relieved to see you," Link sighed. "Attack the Primids. If you see any familiar faces of evil, attack them, too. This is all Ganondorf's doing." He spoke the last few words with all of the contempt he could muster.

    Obediently, the ROBs simultaneously fired their bright red, narrow beams across the battlefield. They burned many Primids.

    "Good!" Link called. "Now do an all out attack! We might have a chance at saving this island as long as no Subspace bombs go off!" Once again, very obediently, the R.O.B.s charged. It was now not as much an invasion as a war.



    The Black Knight looked around Subspace. Ridley was nowhere to be found. He must be back at the Island of Ancients. He wished that stupid dragon had bothered to tell him where he was. No matter. The purple beast was better than Tabuu. Tabuu. I will never alliance myself with any one as reckless as to leave himself exposed and get himself killed. The new master Ridley spoke of is my only chance of moving up in Subspace and this Smash World.

    Just as the Black Knight was about to exit Subspace, the portal disappeared. He turned around to face Ganondorf. Tabuu must have sent him to kill me. Perhaps I can trick him. But Ganondorf didn't look like he was going to mess around.


    ~The Forest in the Island of the Ancients~

    Ridley hesitated. “Hmm... I sense Ganondorf is near. The Black Knight might need more help... I wouldn't want him to die, the bandits I tortured for information spoke very highly of him. I must not fail the master... good warriors are too hard to find these days. And the Black Knight has a very special job indeed... I would do it myself, but master still thinks I am not good enough to fight her... no matter, he shall see soon enough.”

    “Primids, come forth!” A small squadron of Primids began sprouting out of the ground. “Open a path to Subspace! Now!" Ridley ordered.

    “Yes, master,” said the Primids in a monotone. They raised their hands and opened a portal to the subspace realm. Ridley flew through it. Just stay alive, Black Knight... you may be the only one who can finish the master's plan and capture Samus Aran.



    The Black Knight heard Ridley loud and clear. Samus Aran? The bounty hunter would make for an interesting foe. It was obvious that Ganondorf could not hear Ridley. Telepathy. He’s using telepathy.

    “You must be the Black Knight,” said Ganondorf. “My master, Tabbu, knows of your great skills in battle. So he has sent me to have a little talk with you.”

    "Well. What was it he wanted to tell me?"

    “Tabuu has sent me to bring you back to him. He wants to talk to you himself. And you will come. Even if it's by force.”

    “I'm afraid not. If he wants to talk to me, he can come get me himself.” Ridley, where are you? The Black Knight looked around for any sign of the purple creature, but didn't see him anywhere.

    "You’re not even going to fight? Obviously Tabuu overestimated your powers if you don’t know who holds the power in this world. Very well, if that’s the way it’s going to be," Ganondorf drew his sword and said "then I'll just take you by force." Ganondorf charged towards the Black Knight and made the first move.

    The Black Knight easily dodged the first strike from Ganondorf. "You seem a little frustrated. Perhaps that's why you can't hit me! I have heard you have a temper." The Black Knight quickly looked around for an opening portal. He soon found one. Many, in fact. Primids were racing back into Subspace. Perhaps Master Hand is coming out of his hole, thought the Black Knight. Ha Ha! Those Primids will be no match for him. The enemy is losing. That's my que to report to my new master. "Here's my stop." The Black Knight retreated through one of the portals, to find himself back on the Island of the Ancients. Hopefully Ganondorf won't bother to follow me here.”

    The Black Knight looked up to see Ridley flying in the distance. He didn't bother to see if Master Hand had come out or not. All he cared about right now was meeting his new master.

    “Hop on my back!” shouted Ridley. The Black Knight did so, and they were off. He looked around. Behind him he could see the Island of the Ancients. It wasn't his style to ride anything, never mind dragons, but it would do for now. He hoped Ridley was taking him to this new master. He didn't want to ask, because if he did, he might seem suspicious. And seeming suspicious was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

    Ridley turned his head back to look at Black Knight. "I'm glad you've chosen to accept the master's offer, you will soon be rewarded... Ah, here we are." Ridley slowly lowered himself down to the ground. Ahead of them was the Terra Firma, newly renamed the Smash Dome, as Nefirus had added a roof to the arena where Kirby and Mario had fought a year ago. A ring of Subspace energy surrounded it.

    "Pardon me for not introducing you to my master just yet, but you must prove yourself. In order to further his plans, he requires Samus Aran and her power suit. I would get her myself, but..." Ridley looked back towards the SmashDome. "She has defeated me more than once, and my master does not feel I am ready. Your mission is to bring Samus back... alive. You must also leave her power cannon intact, but do not worry about damaging the rest of her armor. Besides, according to our scouts, she doesn’t train with her armor, so this should be all the easier for you. When you complete your mission, return here. My master will be waiting."

    ~The Island of the Ancients, Near Master Hand’s Temple

    Link looked up, and to his pleasant surprise, the Shadow Bug rain was letting up. It became a sunny day, but on the ground, it was anything but sunny. the ROB's and the Primids were fighting bitterly. He could see dead Subspace matter and machine parts strew all over the place.

    He watched on. To his horror, he saw Ridley, one of his old foes. “Ridley's back!” Thought Link. “I thought we killed both him and his robot reincarnation, Meta Ridley!” But before Link could react, Black Knight rode on Ridley's back away from the Island of the Ancients.

    Then Link saw Ganondorf rushing out of Subspace via a portal. He ran toward Ganondorf, sword at the ready. Quietly, he thrust his sword at Ganondorf's back. He prayed that the Gerudo had not seen it coming, as his back was turned while Link struck. But Ganondorf had heard him, despite him being quiet, and the battle continued.

    Meanwhile, in Master Hand's temple, Master Hand muttered to himself: "It's time for my return. It is graver outside than ever before." Slowly, he emerged from his temple for the first time in a year.

    He tried using his powers to the full extent, but it would not work. Without panicking, he realized that the gashes caused by the light ropes that Tabuu had him attached to one year ago had drained his powers somewhat. “My fighting is now justified,” he thought to himself.

    Seeing some Primids, he fired red beams using his four fingers at them, and they burned. He moved onward, taking many the Primids by surprise, and killed them, until the number of ROBs outnumbered the Primids. He hovered for a while, watching, but not fighting. Then out of the corner of his vision, he saw Link facing off with Ganondorf. He rushed over and punched Ganondorf in the side.

    ~The Smash Dome~

    "Leave Samus alive... And her cannon intact... You really don't want to make this easy for me, do you? I suppose I'm in no place to complain, though. What is her location? Or do you expect me to find her?"

    "Our Primid scouts have learned that she spends nearly every day training in the weapons complex of the Isle of the Ancients,” replied Ridley. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she modified some of the weapons there for her training, so she may have a controlling device for them…Beware. But once again, that shouldn’t be a problem, since our scouts have reported that she doesn’t train with her armor.”

    “So this new master can also control Primids,” the Black Knight thought. “I’m surprised those pathetic soulless creatures were able to find Samus Aran.”

    Ridley flew past the Smash Dome until the Isle of the Ancients came back into sight. He dropped into the forest on the edge.

    The giant organism spoke to Nefirus’s new recruit."I must return to the master... The training facility is just outside of this swampy forest. Find Samus and her cannon, and carry her back to the Smash Dome. My master will meet you there." Ridley prepared to fly off, but stopped and said one last thing.

    "Don't underestimate her; she's stronger than you'd think. Trust me; I know from personal experience." And with that, Ridley flew off towards the Smash Dome.

    “I bet you would know, you stupid dragon,” the Black Knight thought. The Black Knight walked through the forest; it was thick and difficult to move through with all his armor on. But he didn't take it off, especially with Samus Aran nearby. He spotted some Primids. They attacked him, and assuming they were under Ganondorf's control, he quickly cut right through them. Weaklings. Hopefully Aran will be more of a challenge than this.

    That was when he heard a small ting! behind him. Then, more: ting ting ting! It was Samus's power beam shots, bouncing off his back. The Black Knight chuckled silently to himself and smiled under his amor.

    "Is this all the great Samus Aran can do? Is this all she has? Then I’m glad you came to me, and saved me the walk.” The girl remained hidden, which annoyed him. Was such a great bounty hunter as herself going to hide?

    Samus remained quiet. She couldn't afford being spotted by the Black Knight. Even though the jungle terrain was on her side, and he probably couldn't catch her anyways, she didn't want to risk it. Her heart was pumping with fear. Most of her opponents were at least somewhat affect by her power beam shots…

    "Are you going to fight me? Or just hide?" The Black Knight's voice wasn't loud, but the noise pounded in Samus's brain. She had never been this afraid before. In fact, she usually never got afraid at all. But the Black Knight scared her like no tomorrow. He was behind her. Right behind her. She didn't know why he wasn't attacking, but she could sense him. He was so close she could almost feel him.

    "Why aren't you attacking me?" Samus asked, her back still turned.

    "I felt that you deserved to see your killer." The Black Knight could see that Samus was wearing her Varia Suit. “Stupid dragon. She has her suit on,”he thought.

    "And does that justify this hunt?" She asked.

    "It does for me. Besides, who are you to speak of justice? You're a bounty hunter. A mercenary. You save people for hire."

    "At least I save them!" And with that Samus whirled around and fired a missle right at the Black Knight. It hit him dead on, but Samus didn't want to take any chances. She fired three more at him, then ran.

    As the dust settled, Samus turned around to see the Black Knight lying flat in the swamp water of the jungle. His armor isn't even pierced! Could he really have survived that?

    The Black Knight got up. "You didn't honestly think that was enough to stop me, did you? Foolish child. Only a sword blessed by the goddess can destroy this armor."

    "Than I'll just have to tear it off of you!" As she spoke the words, Samus fired two super missiles at the Black Knight. It him in the shoulder. He fell down again, and this time, when he got up, he was missing a piece of the armor on his left shoulder. Though she couldn't see his face, Samus knew the Black Knight was suprised. But then, something happened that she didn't expect. The Black Knight threw his sword at her, and she fell down on the ground as it hit her.

    As the Black Knight walked over, Samus tried to get up. But as she did so, he grabbed her and punched her in the face. She fell unconscious. "Hopefully that power beam of yours is still working," said the Black Knight as he carried her body back. Now to find Ridley.


    Mario was back in battle, and stronger than ever. He saw Ganondorf swatted to the side by Master Hand. Mario ganged up on Ganondorf with Link. “It’s three versus one, Ganondorf,” said Mario. While the odds appeared to be in their favor, Ganondorf hadn’t taken a hit since Master Hand had punched him. Then bash! Mario and link flew back. What had happened? Master hand had fallen. How? We had this battle! Mario thought. He was sure link thought the same way. This was going to be a tough battle after all. Shadow bug Master Hand appeared. Now it was a two on two battle. It looked purple, with an unusual glow. Shadow Hand and Ganondorf versus Mario and Link. How could they defeat Ganondorf and Master Hand? Even they had to admit, Ganondorf was rather clever. But they weren’t thinking about that too much. Ganondorf was attacking again.

    Master Hand shook off the Shadow Bugs; they were very annoying. He realized that a Shadow Bug clone had been made from his DNA. He sighed telepathically, then suddenly turned to Link and Mario. "You two... I have to go. It's urgent, and I may be too late already." Master Hand sped off, leaving Mario and Link to fight Ganondorf and Shadow Master Hand.

    "Mario! You take Shadow Master Hand! I'll ward off against Ganondorf... it's a personal matter.”

    Meanwhile, Master Hand was flying off to the abandoned Subspace Bomb factory. His counterpart deity, Crazy Hand, was in trouble. He received a telepathic message from the god of destruction crying out for help. Though many people and ROBs refused to believe it, Crazy Hand was allied with the good.

    Master Hand was receiving messages from Crazy Hand regarding directions about his whereabouts, and he was uttering "Nefirus... Nefirus..." Master Hand had never heard of Nefirus. Whatever it was, it sounded evil.

    Suddenly, the connections stopped. That had never happened before. Master Hand stopped charging and fidgeted a little, perplexed. Then he realized with horror. If he and Crazy Hand lost their connection, then… No! He wouldn’t go there. But there was no other explanation. Crazy Hand was dead.

    Heartbroken and lacking of energy, Master Hand descended to the ground and lay there. He was above the forest when he realized Crazy Hand was dead, so naturally, he landed in the forest.

    He heard voices and heavy footsteps. Looking around, he saw Samus Aran, one of the heroines from a year ago. She was the one who defeated Ridley. She was being carried by a new foe he did not recognize, but he looked rather sinister. "Stop!" Ordered Master Hand. "Who are you? Why are you kidnapping Samas Aran?" The Black Knight had reached a clearing, and found himself back at the clearing near Master Hand’s Temple. He would have to think quickly if he wanted to finish the job…


    ~The Smash Dome~

    Ridley perched on one of the spires of the SmashDome, overlooking the twisted forest before him. Black Knight should be here soon... Ridley smiled. Soon, the Black Knight would return, he was sure of it. Nefirus's plan was falling into place. He would take the technology from Samuses arm cannon and drain her of some of her energy. And then, Nefirus had promised Ridley the honor of torturing and killing her... finally, he would get revenge on her filthy human hide. Ridley smiled menacingly, his sharp teeth glinting in the setting sun. What fun he would have.

    Ridley suddenly detected a power surge. It seemed to sway the trees around him, like a hard blast of wind. A powerful being must have fallen in battle, he thought. He noticed a pulsating armored shape gliding through the sky towards the dome. Nefirus... there he is, I was wondering where he had gone to. Hmm... he must have absorbed the God of Destruction. That's what the power surge was, I assume. His power has increased drastically, it's affecting the surrounding environment!
    Beneath Nefirus's shadow, grass was turning black and setting on fire. The sky around him looked warped, as though he was in water and the light was being refracted. He flew far above Ridley and landed somewhere in the SmashDome.

    "There's no need to greet Nefirus now," muttered Ridley. Perhaps I should go find Black Knight; he's taking longer than I expected.

    As Ridley opened his wings and began to slowly fly into the sky, he knew that soon, all this would be destroyed. Subspace would consume everything that is good and right, just like Nefirus had planned. And he liked it that way.


    The fight between Ganondorf and Shadow Master Hand against Link and Mario was a heated one. Suddenly Ganondorf felt a rise in some unknown power. It felt strangely familiar. It felt somewhat similar to Tabuu’s power signature, but different somehow. He turned to shadow Master Hand. "I have to go talk to Tabuu. I trust you can hold these two of on your own for a while." At that Ganondorf turned, opened a portal, and left the fight."

    Ganondorf exited the portal right in front of Tabuu. “Master, I urgently need to speak with you.”

    “I know Ganondorf... I feel it to. However, you have failed your mission.”

    “Ridley showed up and carried the Black Knight away. Before I could react, Link, Mario, and Master Hand attacked me.”

    “I see. Well, it seems as if we have a new enemy. And the Black Knight is working for him.”

    Tabuu opened up a portal and saw the Black Knight being carrying Samus Aran. And Master Hand was trying to stop him. Then Tabuu realized: he wasn’t trying to stop to Black Knight, but he was just talking to him. “Fool! Don’t you realize he is allied with Ridley?” Ganondorf thought.

    “I do not know if Master Hand will be able to stop Ridley on his own,” said Tabuu. “And who knows what the Black Knight is up to? Seeing as this may be a matter of the up-most importance, I will go to the Smash World myself. I will defeat both the Master Hand and Black Knight and bring Samus back here. Ganondorf, you’re just going to stay here and watch.

    Tabuu opened up a portal to the smash world and appeared right in front of the Black Knight and Master Hand. He was more powerful now than he was a year ago, when he was too weak to leave Subspace. That wouldn’t be a problem any longer.

    “I'm back... are you surprised? In one sweeping motion, Tabuu took down Master Hand and than followed up his attack on the Black Knight with his lasers. The Black Knight managed to dodge it, and Master hand didn’t seem to be too hurt by the impact. Tabuu must have been in a weak state, as he was newly resurrected.

    “No,” said Master Hand. “It can’t be. We killed you!”

    “Yes. You killed me. But you failed to destroy me!” At that Tabuu began to open up another portal leading to subspace.

    Nefirus sped across the sky towards the forest. His red pupiless eyes scanned the ground for the fighters. Suddenly, he spotted Tabuu, Master Hand, the girl, and the knight. He slowly landed in the middle of all of them.

    All present had their eyes fixed on Nefirus, who was truly terrible to behold. He stood over 7 feet in height, in huge, bulky armor made entirely of Subspace. The armor itself seemed to exude evil, and it's ornate breastplate had the symbol of Subspace upon it. Nefirus's hands were more like long, dexterous claws, both made of pure darkness, a shadow made tangible. His feet were long and slender, trailing off into wisps of smoke as though they burned with each step he took. His face was one out of the darkest depths of a nightmare: No features to speak of except eyes that glowed with an unnatural fiery-red color, a glance from them would be enough to make the average man fall to his knees. It was pure-black and purple, shadow of the darkest kind, and ended in a long wisp like his feet. His whole body seemed to radiate darkness and despair as he folded up his huge shadow wings into his armor and stared down Tabuu.


    "I knew you would come,” said Tabuu. "However, Subspace is under my control. Your power resembles my own. But it is of a weaker form. Why you need this girl, I do not know. But I do know you’re not going to get her that easily!”


    The Black Knight saw a new being in front of him. "Are you my new master? Perhaps we should leave before we are distracted by another battle. Though if you want me to take care of Master Hand, I will."

    Nefirus glanced at Black Knight. "HOLD OFF MASTER HAND... TABUU IS MINE TO FIGHT, AND MINE ALONE. MAKE SURE THE GIRL'S ARM CANNON IS SAFE. I NEED IT TO FINISH MY PLAN." Suddenly, a glowing lance materialized in Nefirus's hand. He looked at Tabuu.

    "ANY LAST WORDS?" Nefirus dashed towards Tabuu, lance outstretched to impale him.

    OOC: Probably has some italics mistakes and such... I'll fix it up a bit more later.
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    OOC: Since I didn't post anything yesterday, I'll finish up the chapter today. Also, post your comments about this here, guys! I'd rather it not be just a chain of me dp-ing. :(

    Tabuu vanished and Nefirus's attack missed. Tabuu reappeared behind Nefirus. "Come on, you should know me better than that, Nerfirus. Your movements. Your attacks. They’re all very similar to mine! I know all the tactics of Subspace. You should know better than to think that such slow, weak attacks could defeat me." Tabuu fired a beam of subspace energy straight at Nefirus.

    Nefirus raised his lance, and five missiles that were near identical to the ones Crazy Hand had used, except they were surrounded by subspace energy and homed in on Tabuu.

    Tabuu was not expecting this. He had a hunch that Nerfirus absorbed crazy hand but he didn’t know he could copy his abilities. These missiles were faster than the ones crazy hand used. Tabuu vanished and appeared behind nerfirus. He was about to shoot another beam when he noticed somthing about the missiles.
    "They’re following me." Tabuu vanished again and appeared behind the missles this time. When the missles turned around he released a lot of energy from his body, a technique similar to the Off Waves, but weaker, and it instantly destroyed the missles. "How are you doing this? How could you absorb him like that?" Tabuu asked Nerfirus. He turned to Master Hand. "Leave you fool. Run now. If you don't, it could mean death for us all. Even me." He turned his back to Nefirus.
    “Ganondorf where are you?" he muttered to himself. He wished he hadn’t told that fool to stay in Subspace.

    Meanwhile, Ridley saw sparks of energy flying from the forest. It looks like Tabuu and Nefirus are fighting Ridley thought. Nefirus better get serious and finish Tabuu; if we wait too long here things could get difficult...

    Master Hand looked at Black Knight, Tabuu, and Nefirus, clearly confused. "Why are you carrying Samus? Who is the one attacking Tabuu?" He demanded. To himself, he muttered, "The only thing I really want right now is to find and destroy Nefirus... so I can avenge the death of Crazy Hand!"

    The Black Knight looked at the white glove in front of him. Hoping Nefirus didn't hear him, the Black Knight said: "I am the Black Knight. You must be Master Hand. I found this girl in the forest. She was knocked unconscious by some sort of purple dragon. Perhaps we can join forces? I am looking for Ganondorf." The Black Knight was hoping that Master Hand would believe his lie. Trying to use the same telepathy Ridley had used on himself, he thought: Ridley, take Samus and bring her to the Master. I'll have to meet him later. Right now I am trying to fool Master Hand.

    Ridley heard Black Knight's call weakly. “Alright, I'm on my way... be careful with Master Hand, there's a reason he's called a deity.” Ridley sped off towards the forest.

    “Okay. Tell me more of this as I bring you back to where Link and Mario are fighting the Primids. We also need to rejuvenate Samus as soon as possible. Follow me. I shall let these two warriors battle without my interference; as I am still weak and rusty of battle." Master Hand floated off smoothly going east toward his temple and Smash City, the capital of Smash World, where the Dresentes, the prominent species, lived.

    Suddenly he stopped and turned around. "Exactly who was the warrior dueling with Tabuu?" He asked. "Answer me not, and I shall destroy you," he said peacefully, as if there was no pressure on the question.

    Ganondorf watched in amazement as the fight between Nefirus and Tabuu got underway. Tabuu had told him earlier to stay behind, but how was he going to prove himself doing that? Ganondorf turned around and opened a portal leading to the smash world. "I will not fail again."

    "How should I know who is fighting Tabuu? I've never seen either one of them before."
    Ridley,’ he thought, ‘come take Samus from me and get out of here, thought the Black Knight. I’ll stay with Master Hand. Be careful, because Master Hand thinks I’m on his side. Don’t do anything that would make him think otherwise.’

    "Liar!" Master Hand shouted. "He addressed you by name. I will give you one more chance. Who is he?!"
    "Master Hand, I’ve told you, you have to run!" Shouted Tabuu. Tabuu turned his fist into a sharp sword and lunged at Nefirus with it. Master Hand wasn’t listening to Tabuu. He was waiting for an answer.

    Nefirus put up his lance and the subspace beam simply bounced off of it into a tree, setting it on fire. Nefirus turned back to Tabuu. “DON'T WORRY…ABOUT MASTER HAND. WORRY... ABOUT YOURSELF!”

    Nefirus began to shake and his aura got even larger. The earth around him began to shake. There was no doubt about it; Nefirus was using his true power now. "IMPRESSIVE, NO? BUT THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT I SHALL BE LIKE ONCE I ABSORB YOU AND MASTER HAND. NOW, HELP ME BECOME COMPLETE!!!" Nefirus raised his lance and sent a stream of shadow bugs out at high speed to attack Tabuu.

    Tabuu released a lot of energy from his body again. Now having done so, he was starting to feel a little weakened. It can't be. This great power. Just from absorbing Crazy Hand. He's not even complete yet. Any longer and Nefirus will kill me… Tabuu caught something out of the corner of his eye. It was a subspace portal. A dangerous looking figure stepped out of the portal.

    When you arrive, Ridley,” the Black Knight thought using telepathy, “don't call out to me. Instead attack me, as if you were the enemy. You don't need to worry about harming me. Get Samus and get out of here. I can handle them myself.

    "Alright, I'll tell you,” said the Black Knight, addressing Master Hand again. “But don't let him know that I told you. You see, I'm trying to trick him. His name is Nefirus. I don't know much else, but by the way Ridley praises him, he must be pretty powerful. Maybe even more powerful than Tabuu. By the way, where is Tabuu?"

    “He’s the one who’s not in the armor.”

    “That is him? Than Nefirus is indeed much more powerful. I imagined Tabuu being much greater. He seems pretty pathetic to me.”

    “That would be because he was recently revived… probably by Ganondorf.”

    As they were speaking, Ridley swooped down and snatched the unconscious Samus from the Black Knight, knocking him down in the process. "Oof... What happened? Where is the girl?" The Black Knight asked, pretending to be surprised.

    “Looks like I'm just in time." said Ganondorf as he watched Tabuu fighting Nefirus. He turned to the Black knight and Master hand. He than spots Samus's arm cannon laying on the ground. It had fallen off of her when Ridley swooped to attack. "Good, it's still here. I was worried somebody would have already taken it. Normally I'd stay here and have a little fun fighting you two. But this is a mission of great importance." Ganondorf raised his right hand. The triforce symbol was glowing on it.

    "Now, behold my true form. Ganondorf began to transform in front of the Black knight and Master Hand, until a giant beast was standing in front of them. Ganon lets out a loud roar and pounces on Master Hand, knocking him to the ground. He than charges toward the black knight and headbutts him, sending the black knight flying back into a tree. Ganon than picks up the power canon in his mouth, careful not to break it, and jumps back into the still open portal. the portal closes immediately after. Tabuu lets out a sigh of relief. "I'd like to stay and fight you for a while, Nefirus, but I have other business to attend to." At that Tabuu vanished.

    "NO! YOU COWARD! I NEED THAT CANNON!" screamed Nefirus as he noticed the arm cannon being stolen. The trees shook as he vented his anger. As he began to calm down, his aura returned to normal. "RIDLEY, DO YOU HAVE THE GIRL?" Nefirus spoke telepathically.

    “Yes, but most her armor fell off. I don't have the arm cannon. Master, I'm so sorry...”


    Meanwhile, the Black Knight put his empty hand on his head. “That was some hit, he thought. Was tha the beast Ganon? He's more powerful than I imagined he would be. He warped to the Smash Dome quickly, and found Ridley there.

    ~The Smash Dome~

    "I presume you want me to get the canon back myself? Or have I already proven myself to Nefirus?"

    “Don't worry about it," Ridley said. "Nefirus understands that the events that transpired were beyond your control." Ridley gestured to Samus, still unconscious in his hand. "Nefirus believes that in capturing Samus, you have proved yourself worthy. He is ready to see you." Ridley walked through the ring of subspace energy surrounding the dome and went inside.


    "Ha! I didn't want to show them my true power, but I had no choice," muttered Ganondorf, now back in his normal form, holding the arm canon.

    "You've done well Ganondorf." Tabuu had just appeared behind Ganondorf.

    "I wasn't about to lose two times in a row." He handed Tabuu the arm cannon.

    "I wondered what use Nefirus had for this."

    "Who knows?” replied Ganondorf. “But he's not gonna get it. Shall I destroy it?"

    "No. I don't know what this is but it has some strange power source in it. I think it would be extremely dangerous to destroy it."

    "They’re going to try to get it back."

    "I am more than aware of that."

    "Huh... Well, as long as I'm under your command they'll never get it back. They'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. Which as you know is not possible except by a few select weapons."

    "Yes. Now I must leave. I have business to take care of. And one more thing. Keep an eye on Master Hand. If you have the even the slightest suspicion of Nefirus planning to absorb him, tell me immediately."

    "I understand," said Ganondorf. Tabuu vanished. Ganondorf turned around and opened another portal that allowed him to watch the others. Master Hand appeared in the portal, looking for Link.

    ~The Smash Dome~

    Five minutes later, the Black Knight saw Nefirus in front of him. He knew it was him. An aura of energy surrounded him. The Black Knight got on both knees and bowed. Nefirus's lair was inside the SmashDome. Everything was extremely run down; no one had used it for fighting for the past year. A gigantic machine was on the platform where Mario and Kirby had fought. It only looked half finished.
    "Master. Forgive me for losing the power canon. I have brought you the girl."


    While they talked, Samus opened one eye, then closed it. Subspace. Perfect. Everything's going according to plan. As soon as I get out of here I can find and kill Tabuu. Samus remained as silent as she could. Her plan wouldn't work if they noticed she was conscious again. She dared not to breathe.

    But Nefirus was smarter than her. He walked to where Samus was lying and lifted her up by the waist. "YOU CAN STOP PRETENDING TO BE UNCONSCIOUS, I KNOW YOU'RE AWAKE. YOU NEED TO LEARN SOME RESPECT, GIRL!" Nefirus reached down with his other hand and touched Samus's forehead. Power coursed through his hand and he absorbed much of Samus’s energy. He dropped the weakened Samus to the ground.


    "Yes, sir!" Ridley picked up Samus and walked through a door to the right of the platform.

    Nefirus pointed to the unfinished machine. "BLACK KNIGHT, WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT IS?"

    The Black Knight looked at the machine and studied it for a moment. "It looks like some sort of giant weapon to me, my Master." The Black Knight thought back to Master Hand. He had to get back to him soon so he would still believe that he was allied with Master Hand, Link, and Mario. He was smart enough not to tell Nefirus; he knew from experience that Masters did not like having servants with their own agendas.





    Ridley brought Samus to the prison cells. They were dark and rusty, with Primids patrolling the corridors. Ridley opened a cell and roughly tossed Samus inside. "Stay here, and don't even THINK about escaping. Unless of course, you want to die early." Ridley shut the cage door and locked it.


    What does Nefirus want with that Black Knight? Tabuu was standing on the middle of a platform in subspace thinking to himself. Whatever it is, I'm sure he can't proceed with his plan without this cannon. I better check up on the Black Knight. Tabuu opened up a portal... "Whats this? I can't see him! Tabuu waved his hand over the portal and Ganondorf appears in it.

    "Ganondorf, I need you to go track down the Black Knight. See what he's up. My guess is that he's still somwhere around the woods where I fought Nefirus. One you find him, do not reveal yourself. Try to stay hidden and just follow him. Once you find out where Nefirus is hiding report back to me. And only fight if necesary.”

    "But what about the Master Hand?" asked Ganondorf. "I thought you wanted me to keep watch over him?"

    "I'll watch him myself while you're away." replied Tabuu. "Now go."

    "I understand.” Tabuu vanished from Ganondorf's sight. "Guess I'm going back to the Smash world again." And once again Ganondorf opened up a portal leading out of subspace.

    ~The Smash Dome~

    Samus watched as Ridley closed the cell door behind her, leaving her trapped inside. She still had some missiles on her, but no way to fire them. Her power beam was gone. It would be dangerous to try to detonate them herself, but did she have a choice? Not really. Samus remembered that the Space Pirates had stolen one of her battle suits recently. But they probably wouldn't show up in the Smash World. She took the last pieces of her damaged armor off, and fell asleep.

    The Black Knight stepped out of the Subspace. Now to find Master Hand and use him to kill Ganondorf. And well I'm looking for those two, I can find the bounty hunter's power beam as well.
    "Hmf." Now that the Black Knight new Nefirus's plans, he wasn't sure he liked the new master so much after all. But he would remain loyal for the time being. Until then, power beam it was. And the Black Knight set off to find Master Hand.

    There he was, Ganondorf, standing outside of the smash. He was amazed to see the thick layer of subspace around it. That's probably why Tabuu couldn't see the Black Knight. The subspace was interfering with the portal. It was actually easy for him to find the smash dome. He just had to follow the black Knights foot prints. "What an idiot..." though Ganondorf. He opened up a portal to communicate with Tabuu. "What is it asked?" asked Tabuu. "I found out where Nefirus is hiding" replied Ganondorf. "It's the Smash dome. It's covered by a thick layer of subspace. I just had to follow the Black Knight's footprints. " "I see." replied Tabuu. "Wait for the Black Knight to come out. Than follow him to see what he's doing. Again try to stay hidden and avoid any fights if necessary."

    "Understood." After Ganondorf replied with that single word the portal closed. Now it was just a matter of waiting. Waiting high up in an Oak tree where it would be difficult to see him.

    ~Above the Smash Dome~

    An orange and yellow ship rose above the clouds of the prison. A spiky haired boy was driving the ship while a boy angel was sitting back, relaxed. “So why exactly do you need my help again,” the spiky haired boy asked.

    “Tabuu, the ruler of Subspace, has been resurrected by Ganondorf. Master Hand sent me a telepathic message explaining. Tabuu wants to draw the Smash World into Subspace, and make it his own world.”

    “Alrighty then, let’s kill this guy!”

    “Hold on, Sora. First, Master Hand wants us to rescue Samus Aran, a woman who helped us to defeat Tabuu last time around, from her prison in the Smash Dome.”

    “Which is…”

    “A battle arena, transformed by Nefirus, a new being, similar to Tabuu.”

    “Alright, Pit, let’s go!”

    “Sora…We’re already here. That’s it below us. Why don’t you take the ship down?”

    “On it!” Sora parked the ship next to the entrance, and the duo stepped into Subspace. In the first hall, Primids formed. But instead of attacking, they ran away.

    “Sora, finish them off before they can go get reinforcements!” Sora complied, and the two quickly took care of the small unit.

    “What were those things?”

    “Primids,” answered Pit. “They serve both Tabuu and Nefirus, and are made of Shadow Bug, a relative of Subspace." They continued on, fighting only a few more Primids before finding the Prison section of the Dome.


    The Black Knight had exited the Smash Dome, and prepared to warp to the Island of the Ancients. While he was doing so, he thought he saw someone watching him from the distance. When he couldn’t figure out who it was, he decided to let him follow him, if he could. He threw the warp powder at his feet, and disappeared.

    When the Black Knight vanished, Ganondorf, who had been following him, was perplexed. “Now what?” The King of Evil decided to warp to Subspace, where he looked at the viewing portal. After checking several other locations, Ganondorf finally found the Knight, on the Island of the Ancients. He summoned a portal, and stepped through.

    ~The Island of the Ancients~

    Master Hand woke up from the blast from Ganon. I need to find Link and Black Knight... Link will especially want to continue his fight against Ganondorf. He will also want to meet the Black Knight; they are both swordsmen against Ganondorf and Tabuu. He floated off randomly in search of either one of them until he saw the Black Knight. "Over here!" He called.


    Bewildered, Link turned to Mario. "What just happened? We should go to the find Master Hand. I just felt another victory for Ganondorf." Without waiting for a response, Link ran off.

    The Black Knight saw Master Hand floating above the ground, and someone else, with green clothes, very far away. Probably Link, he thought. Now where is Ganondorf?

    ~The Smash Dome, in the Prison~

    Samus put her last missile on the ground next to the cell door, and backed away, as far as she could in her small cell, anyways. She took out her plasma whip and threw it at the missile.
    It exploded, just as she planned. She quickly ran through the halls. So far, so good. But she doubted that she would escape without a fight.

    CHAPTER TWO: SKY WARS-- Sneak Preview!

    Enter Marth! The story heats up as the heroes escape from the SmashDome and begin their journey! As Tabuu and Nefirus's plans begin to unfold, the heroes race to stop them, but will their efforts be enough? An intense battle on Samus's gunship only sets the stage for the aerial chaos to be found in this chapter! Will the heroes be up to the challenge?


    "Do you think Ridley is still alive?” Sora asked Marth, as he entered the ship.

    Ridley began to stagger up. His head was pounding from being rammed with Samus’s ship.
    "No! You won’t get away again! This ends now!" Samus’s ship shot off, away from Destiny Islands.

    "After you left,” began Marth, “Samus got her power suit back and we escaped from Nefirus’s army unnoticed. We saw Ridley flying in your direction and knew something bad was going to happen, so we followed him."

    "To be honest Marth,” said Sora, “we were pretty scared of Ridley, he was powerful; I thought we were done for. Thank you, Marth."

    "Hey, I wasn't scared!" Pit exclaimed. Everyone laughed at this, and for a few short minutes, everything seemed calm.

    Ridley got up and sped after Samus’s ship, slowly gaining on it. It’s time you die, he thought furiously.

    “No...” Marth looked around. There was bump. "SKRRRREEEEEEEE!" Ridley smashed his fist against the top of the ship. Marth looked up. "Ridley! He's after Samus... he just won't give up!”

    Ridley let out a loud shriek. There was another bump. Marth turned to Sora and Pit. “Stay here and protect Samus; she's the one he wants. Don't try to stop me. I'm going to settle this with Ridley once and for all.” He turned to Samus and paused. “…Take care of yourself, Samus." Marth jumped out of the ship to the top; he was standing on the ship's roof. Ridley was flying towards him.
    "Ridley!!!! I'm not running any more! I won’t let you hurt my friends!"
    Ridley charged at Marth, talons bared for the kill.

    Hope you look forward to it!
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    You tease!
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    Now, to continue...


    Chapter 2: Sky Wars

    Ganondorf was perched up in a tree, observing the Black Knight, concealing himself with both magic and the leaves of the tree. "Hm? Whats this?" Ganondorf noticed Master Hand calling over to the Black Knight. "So that old fool actually believes the Black Knight is on his side? Master hand isn't as wise as he use to be. Well theres nothing to do now but listen to what their saying.”

    ~Bowser’s Castle~

    Ganondorf wasn’t the only villain preparing to attack the heroes. In Bowser’s castle, the koopa king was laughing. “Bwa, ha ha! I've got a perfect plan to defeat Mario, get my revenge on Ganondorf for turning me into a trophy a year ago, and rule this whole entire world. Now if I could only work with Nefirus; he’s probably way better than that excuse as an evil villan, Tabuu. Any smart remarks, my koopas?”

    A koopa shouted, “Well how do we know that we can trust this Nefirus?”

    Bowser looked at the koopa with an angry look, but decided to answer him. “I've taken extra precautions on this character, don't worry!” Bowser then pressed a small red button causing shadow bugs to crawl and create copies of his army. "Now who’s king? Bwa, ha ha!”

    ~The Smash Dome, in the Prison~

    Marth stirred in his cell. “Where am I?” he muttered. Oh, that's right. The Smash Dome. Marth had come upon it about a week prior. Before he knew what happened, that purple dinosaur had grabbed him and taken him inside. Nefirus had absorbed some of Marth's power and imprisoned him in here. Marth stirred and turned his head. In the cell next to him was a beautiful woman. He had seen her before.

    “Samus,” Marth reminded himself. Samus didn't hear him. Suddenly, she blew open her cage and ran off. Marth sprung up. The explosion had freed him as well! Marth grabbed his sword and ran after her.


    More Primids surrounded Sora and Pit, and they fought vigorously. The fiht lasted several minutes, but it was clear that the duo had once again been victorious. As the last Primid vanished from Pit's arrow, something unexpected happened. There was no more purple smoke but black smoke appeared instead, and suddenly a heartless, a being that served Xemnas, his archrival, with no emotion, crept from behind and scratched Sora in the back. A cry of pain echoed the halls of the prison.

    “Are you okay?" asked Pit.

    “Does it sound like I'm okay?” Pit slashed the heartless that scratched Sora's back.

    “Heal!” Sora shouted, the pain was still there, but the wound stopped bleeding.

    ~The Island of the Ancients~

    On the other side of Smash World, Link had found Master Hand. He ran to catch up with him, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ganondorf. "You!" He yelled. He ran up to the Gerudo thief and struck his sword at him once more.

    The Black Knight approached Master Hand.
    "I've been out looking for Ganondorf. But I'm afraid I couldn't manage to find-"
    The Black Knight stopped speaking as he saw Link and Ganondorf fighting. The Black Knight attacked Ganondorf with several blows.

    But Ganondorf was too quick for them. Realizing he didn’t stand a chance between the two of them, Ganondorf opened up a portal, and returned to Subspcae.

    ~The Smash Dome~

    The heartless that had attacked Sora was the only one of its kind in the room. Pit saw two people in front of him. A beautiful blonde woman in a blue suit and a man with a cape on a staircase
    Sora shouted "Hey are you Samus!?” But apparently she didn’t hear him.

    Ridley heard an explosion from his chamber in the back of the SmashDome. Running towards the prisoner's cell, he came face to face with Samus Aran.
    "Samus! How did you get out? No matter, without your power suit you're no match for me."

    Ridley snatched Samus from the ground and raised his hand to slash her.
    “Get your hands off of her, Ridley!”
    Marth slammed into Ridley with his sword, causing him to drop Samus and fall to the floor. Ridley staggered up and turned to face Marth.

    “Well, well, look who's here to save the day... I beat you once, I can do it again." Ridley crouched, ready to attack. "Once I kill you, I'll finish Samus as well." Marth raised his sword up into a fighting position. There was no turning back now.

    Sora and Pit saw the action. They rushed up to the staircase, joining the fight. Suddenly black smoke appeared once more and Heartless versions of Sora appeared behind them.

    ~The Island of the Ancients~

    Ganondorf blocked Link's attack with his own sword. "How unfortunate. I wasn't expecting to run into you link. Well seeing as I have no choice..." Ganondorf kicks Link away from him and swings at his head. "I'll just kill you right now before this fight alerts anyone else of my presence."
    ~The Smash Dome~

    Ridley noticed Sora and Pit rushing up the staircase. "Oh good, just what I need; more losers." He summoned some Primids and Heartless. "Finish those two!" He ordered, pointing to Pit and Sora. He then turned back to Marth. "Let's begin," he said, flexing his claws.

    In a burst of power, Sora transformed into his Valor Form. He jumped high into the air and slammed the two keyblades onto the heartless with immense force, the creatures of shadow remaining silent as they dissolved from existence. Pit, meanwhile, had readied an arrow and shot it directly at Ridley, but it simply bounced off of his hard skin.

    Ridley blasted several fireballs from his mouth at marth, and Marth dodged out of the way. Marth tried several slashes on Ridley, but to his horror; the blows just bounced off his powerful hide! My sword must not be strong enough, he thought. He backed up to where Sora and pit were fighting the Heartless and slashed two of them with a clean stroke from his sword. "Who are you? Pit I know, but who are YOU?" He said to Sora. "Anyways, I need some help with Ridley, my sword barely hurts him!"

    "I'm Sora, but no time to introduce myself, we've got to choose either to fight that guy or run!"

    Marth looked around. Samus was lying behind Ridley. "We have to save Samus!" Marth shouted. "Ridley will kill her if we don't do something, and fast!" Suddenly Sora cast Aero on Samus to protect her for a few seconds.

    ”Denying me of my revenge, boy? That’ll cost you your LIFE!”
    Ridley lunged towards Sora. Marth used the opportunity to dash around Ridley and pick up Samus. "Sora, we don't have time for this! Get Pit and get out of here before Nefirus arrives!"

    Sora ducked. "What about you two, I won't leave you two, you're vulnerable!"

    Pit said, "I'll stay here, you go, if something happens to you, you won't be able to lock any keyholes, YOU MUST GO!"

    "I can't!"

    "SORA!" Pit shouted

    Marth jumped past Ridley, still carrying Samus, and ran. "Sora, Pit, we have to go NOW! Ridley will stop at nothing to capture Samus!" Ridley flew up and started making his way towards Samus.


    Suddenly a giant Guard Armor heartless about the same size as Ridley blocked their way. "What now?" Pit screamed.

    "Oh!" Sora gasped. He got out a switch. He used it and suddenly the Gummi Ship crashed inside the prison. "Get In!"

    "But Ridley's going to chase us though!"

    Marth hurried inside and placed Samus down in the back. "Sora, get us out of here! Samus may need medical treatment; Nefirus absorbed her power!"

    Ridley screeched "Guard Armor, don't let them get away!" The Guard Armor leapt at the ship.

    "Marth, Pit you go up and defeat the Armor,” said Sora. I'll protect Samus"

    "Get the ship running! NOW!" Shouted Marth. Marth slashed the Guard Armor's arm, and it let go of the Gummi Ship. They were clear for liftoff! The ship flew out into the air.

    "So is Samus your girlfriend Marth?" asked Sora.

    "N-No, of course not!" But there was no mistaking the tiny smile on Marth's face.
    "We need to get to the Island of the Ancients, fast," said Marth, quickly changing the subject. "Samus needs medical attention; she was severely weakened when Nefirus drained her energy.

    So the gummi ship flew out to the night sky in high speed. Sora was focusing on the ship, while Pit spoke to the Altean Prince. “How's she doing Marth?"

    Marth sighed. "Not very well. When Ridleys' leader, Nefirus, captured her, he may have absorbed her power. She's very weak in her present state; I'm surprised she was even able to run out of her cell. We need to take her to Master Hand, he might be able to restore some of her power."

    Sora was trying to move the ship as fast as it would go. "Oh..." Pit sighed Suddenly they saw a floating island, high above the Vast Ocean.

    "Is that the place?" Sora asked.

    ~The Island of the Ancients~

    "Yeah" replied Pit. The ship landed on the island. “I'll go out and check if it's okay" said Pit. As the doors opened, a flash of light shone over the deck; it was morning. Pit walked outside slowly and vigilent. He looked round the corner and suddenly a panther black arrow came straight at him. His face was horrified.

    "Pit!" Then the same high pitched laugh was heard again.Black and Purple smoke covered Pit's trophy.
    Then a being like no other faced Marth and Sora. A Priless.

    The creature had the heartless symbol on its head. The skin was black. The eyes were purple. There were yellow spiky horns on the top of the head, and steam of purple and black were circling around the creature. It was a cross between a primid and a heartless. And it was not good. “Marth, you protect Samus, I'll fight it!" Sora shouted.

    “Come on boy, swing that weapon and finish me, it won't do you any good, the leader is back, the master of no beings is back!" the Priless said. "He killed that insignifacant Maleficent and he was once again the ruler of the heartless and the nobodies. Kingdom Hearts and Subspace will turn into one creating an empire to rule the universe!" The Priless laughed. "Xemnas and Nefirus will conquer the universe! Now all we need is the keyblade! You are finished Sora!" The priless somehow created two blades of smoke. He charged at Sora, but the attack was blocked. He swung again, htting Sora in the arm. Sora screamed in pain. The cut on his right upper arm was severe. “Marth, some help?” Sora shouted.

    Samus lifted her head. But she couldn't even do that for very long. She thought she heard some kid mention something about "Samus" and "Girlfriend." She was slightly disturbed by the thought of this, but she quickly remembered Ridley attacking her. She grumbled: "Where's... Ridley?"

    ~Back at the Smash Dome~

    Nefirus was staring at his unfinished Off Cannon when he heard an out of breath Ridley stumble into the room. "Master... I'm so sorry... the prisoners have escaped..."

    “WHAT!?” Nefirus whirled around to stare at Ridley. Ridley cringed and shook with fear.

    "I almost defeated Samus, but that do-gooder Marth got in the way. Two others appeared, a boy with a key and an angel, and I was overwhelmed." Nefirus looked like he was about to strike Ridley, but then he stopped.

    “WAIT... A BOY WITH A KEY? COULD THAT BE THE BOY XEMNAS WAS TALKING ABOUT?” Nefirus thought for a moment. “XEMNAS WILL NEED TO HEAR OF THIS... BUT FIRST, I MUST SPEAK WITH BOWSER.” Xemnas, leader of the heartless, had sent an army of minions out for the Island of the Ancients. Nefirus flipped on the large screen in the back of the dome. Bowsers' face appeared on it. “BOWSER... I HAVE A NEW MISSION FOR YOU.”
    ~The Island of the Ancients~

    Marth heard what was going on outside the ship. Nefirus and Xemnas, working together? This is worse than I could have thought... I have to leave Samus and go fight this new creature! Marth jumped out of the ship and charged headfirst into the creature, slashing it twice.
    While Marth was fighting, Bowser had appeared on the screen in front of Nefirus. “I've been waiting. What do you want Nefirus? All my other plans have been a success so far, all I have to do is watch the heroes fall in my hands.”

    ~The Smash Dome~


    ~The Island of the Ancients~

    Marth blocked and dodged as the Priless vicously attacked him. Marth's armor was protecting him, but he wasn't sure how long that would last. He prepared to use his uppercut jump technique, known as Dolphin Strike. It took more energy than a normal attack, but he still had enough energy.

    Marth uppercutted the Priless, splitting it in two. He quickly ran up to Pit and tapped his trophy, then hurried back to Samus to see how she was doing. Marth noticed she was mumbling something.

    “Samus, it's Marth. Don't worry, we escaped from Ridley. We're at the Isle of the Ancients. We're going to get you some medical help.” A look of concern spread over Marth's face. "Can you walk?"

    Samus heard someone's voice. "M...Ma...Marth? Walk? I don't think so. Someone's going to have ta...uh..." Samus's conciousness was slipping again. She wished someone would tell her where she was, or had they already done that? She was only catching every other word.

    Sora was not feeling good, that cut was severe. "Heal!" It didn't work, this wound was worse than he thought. "Marth I need help, we need to see Master Hand." Sora looked in front of him, the forest was huge. Then he saw something he didn't want to see: an army of Priless, Heartless and Nobodies were assembling.

    Suddenly Samus snapped out of it. She didn't get up; she still wasn't strong enough for that. But she managed to press a button on the last piece of her armor. As she pressed it, her ship appeared, hovering above them. With another button, she ordered her ship to shoot the Priless. They were immediately destroyed. "Get me... in my ship... I can... regenerate... my armor there..." Hopefully someone heard her.

    Sora saw her open her eyes "Marth it's Samus, she's awake!" Pit warned Sora as more heartless and primids appeared.

    Marth picked up Samus and rushed her to her ship. "Where should I put you so you can regenerate your armor?"

    Sora and Pit were fending off the heartless. “They're coming,” shouted Sora. “The dinosaur and his army are coming!”

    "I'm sorry guys but the army looks huge, we have to go now!" Sora shouted. Pit and Sora got inside the gummi ship.

    "I'll take us to Destiny Islands,” said Sora. “Maybe the King would know what's going on with Samus.”

    “Samus needs her ship to regenerate her armor,” replied Marth.

    "Where should we meet back then?" asked Sora

    “I don’t know any safe place in the Smash World anymore,” said Marth quickly.

    “How about Destiny Islands?” suggested Sora. “Then we’ll find this Master Hand guy.”

    So Sora and Pit flew back up into the skies just back where they left off. They went to Destiny Islands to rest up. While they caught their breaths, Sora was wondering whether Marth and Samus were okay and what Xemnas was up to, and why he came back. There were lots of unanswered questions. How were they going to stop Nefirus and Xemnas, and everyone else? And what did Nefirus want with Samus? Sora had a good night’s sleep even though all those thoughts were surging through his mind.

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    He woke up in his room on the gummi ship. Pit was still sleeping on an airbed below. Sora looked outside and saw the golden brown sandy beaches of Destiny Islands. The warm breeze lightly touched his cheek. The cut was still on Sora's right forearm and it burned. He woke Pit up, and started to show him around the Island. Marth and Samus had yet to arrive.

    Thunder echoed the dark islands. Gusts of wind shot into their faces as they looked up at the morning sky. It was like it was night, and there was no light to see. Sora casted fire, then Aeroga to create a lamp. There was no way of telling what was going on in the island.

    As Sora and Pit looked around in the darkness, Ridley swooped down and landed in front of them. "Well, well, looks like I found you. It's too bad Marth and Samus aren't here; I want to get revenge on them for depriving me of victory. But now that I've found you, at least my thirst for blood will be sated." Ridley opened his wings and prepared to strike. "Such a shame; I was hoping for a challenge."

    "Pit, get your arrow ready. I've got an idea!" Sora exclaimed. The keyblade swung at Ridley's head. "Where are they, Ridley?!" Sora asked.

    Ridley dodged the Keyblade and rammed into Sora, pushing him back. "Where are who?" he snarled.

    "Marth and Samus!" He slashed the keyblade at tremendous force at Ridley. The creature backed away. Pit was firing arrow after arrow at the beast. In the chaos, Ridley sped towards Sora to deliver the finishing blow. Suddenly, Samus’s ship rammed into Ridley and sent him sprawling on the ground. Marth opened the hatch.

    "Sora, Pit, get in now!"

    "Do you think Ridley is still alive?” Sora asked Marth, as he entered the ship.

    Ridley began to stagger up. His head was pounding from being rammed with Samus’s ship.
    "No! You won’t get away again! This ends now!" Samus’s ship shot off, away from Destiny Islands.

    "After you left,” began Marth, “Samus got her power suit back and we escaped from Nefirus’s army unnoticed. We saw Ridley flying in your direction and knew something bad was going to happen, so we followed him."

    "To be honest Marth,” said Sora, “we were pretty scared of Ridley, he was powerful; I thought we were done for. Thank you, Marth."

    "Hey, I wasn't scared!" Pit exclaimed. Everyone laughed at this, and for a few short minutes, everything seemed calm.

    Ridley got up and sped after Samus’s ship, slowly gaining on it. It’s time you die, he thought furiously.

    “No...” Marth looked around. There was bump.
    Ridley smashed his fist against the top of the ship. Marth looked up. "Ridley! He's after Samus... he just won't give up!”

    Ridley let out a loud shriek. There was another bump. Marth turned to Sora and Pit. “Stay here and protect Samus; she's the one he wants. Don't try to stop me. I'm going to settle this with Ridley once and for all.” He turned to Samus and paused. “…Take care of yourself, Samus." Marth jumped out of the ship to the top; he was standing on the ship's roof. Ridley was flying towards him.
    "Ridley!!!! I'm not running any more! I won’t let you hurt my friends!"
    Ridley charged at Marth, talons bared for the kill.

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    This makes the fight just that much cooler.
    Moving on...

    "I hope Marth will prevail…" said Pit back inside.

    "He will; don't you worry Pit, good always wins!" replied Sora confidently. Sora looked at Samus. She was very quiet. Suddenly Xemnas appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Sora by the throat!

    "Sora!" Pit exclaimed. Pit hit Xemnas with his sabers, and Xemnas let go of him. "I’ll take care of him, Sora!” But Xemnas had already disappeared.

    Samus got back up. She could barely stand, but she tried to figure out what was going on. Great. Ridley's back.
    Samus shot as many Super Missles as she could at the beast before walking over
    to the commander's seat. "Where’s…Marth?”

    Xemnas looked upon Nefirus in Subspace. "Ridley's currently fighting Marth on Samus's ship. Also, I think I know where they'll land next if Ridley fails: The Island of the Ancients."

    Marth leapt out of the way of Ridley's lunge, but almost lost his footing and slipped.
    Marth’s thoughts were running at warp speed as he flipped and slid out of the way of Ridley’s furious barrage.
    I've got to be careful; the metallic sheen of Samuses' ship is slippery. Ridley certainly has the advantage in this battle!
    Marth had barely raised his sword back up when Ridley swooped around for another blow, knocking Marth off his feet. He winced in pain, but rolled up just in time to avoid Ridley's fireballs, which flew past him and splashed into the sea far below.
    Ridley's shriek punctured the air like a knife as he fell onto the ship, tilting its' frame. Not pausing for a moment, Ridley followed up with a rush of claw attacks that Marth only avoided by sliding under the monster. He followed up with a powerful slash to Ridley's back, but once again his blade just bounced off of the leathery hide.
    "How many times do you have to try that? I can't be harmed by your puny weapon!"
    Ridley swirled around, grazing Marth on the shoulder with his wickedly sharp claws and making the swordsman cry out in pain. Ridley readied another blow, but suddenly staggered and screeched as Samuses' Super Missiles hit him square in the back. Marth used the opportunity to roll out of the way, but Ridley seemed unharmed as he swept back into thew air to continue his vicious assault.
    "Just give up! You're no match for me and you know it, Marth! You can't beat me with your 'friends', what makes you think you can do it without them?"
    Ridley put an extra hint of derision in the word friends as he sneered.
    "Ridley, you could never understand how much the people in this ship mean to me! I won't let them die!"
    "I understand plenty... particularly your feelings for Aran... heh... don't worry, she'll die the most painfully. I have other reasons for wanting her death more than yours."
    Marth's rage increased at the threatining of Samus.
    "You won't get the chance, Ridley! Your last fight is with ME!"
    "Keep telling yourself that, boy..."

    Nefirus was spectating the fight through a portal in Subspace. He was thinking hard. “HMM... RIDLEY'S DOING MUCH BETTER THAN I HAD EXPECTED. STILL, IF HE FAILS, I MUST QUICKLY PUT MY PLAN INTO ACTION. HE IS A LOYAL SERVANT, AND A VALUABLE ASSET TO MY MASTER PLAN.” Nefirus straightened up.


    Marth dodged another of Ridleys' aerial attacks.
    He's using the same strategy over and over again, but it's working! Eventually, I'll tire, and then Ridley will deliver the finishing blow!
    Beads of sweat were already rolling down Marth's face like heavy rain. Ridley turned, and swooped at him again. Marth made a split-second decision and took the attack head on, blocking Ridleys' bite with his sword and grabbing his claw as Ridley swooped off again. Marth clung on for dear life as Ridley writhed in midair, trying to shake him off. If Marth fell, it would be all over. Marth swung up onto Ridleys' back, and knowing that it would be futile to attack his hard skin, he stabbed at Ridleys' soft snout.

    "ARRRGGHHH!" Ridley clutched at his face as Marth slashed him repeatedly. Noticing that their struggle had taken them close to the ship once more, Marth slashed both of Ridleys' wings and leapt off of him onto the ship as Ridley fell out of sight behind them. Marth collapsed to his knees, panting heavily. Was it over?

    Suddenly, the ship shook as Ridley scrambled back on!
    He must have caught the edge of the ship as he fell! But at least he can't use his wings, Marth thought. Ridley then did something completely unexpected. Instead of attacking Marth, he slashed at the ship's hull, poking a hole to where Pit, Sora and Samus were. With a jolt of horror, Marth realized what he was planning to do. "Stay away from my friends!”

    Marth leapt at Ridley, but Ridley backhanded him and sent him sprawling to the other edge. Ridley began to advance towards Marth, ready to deliver the finishing blow. "Whether I kill you first or not, it makes no difference to me," Ridley snarled. "You're all going to die tonight anyway."

    "No, Ridley. I'll beat you..." Marth tried to struggle up, but his left leg was broken and he collapsed again.

    "Don't make me laugh. You can't even penetrate my hard skin; there's no way you can deal enough damage to finish me!"

    "No, Ridley... you're wrong."

    Ridley roared, his teeth glinting eerily in the dim light. Lightning crashed around them as he raised his arm up to strike. “About what?”

    “ABOUT THIS!” Marth summoned all his energy into his blade. He was using his signature technique: Critical Hit. Marth pulled his sword back as it glowed with energy and ran it straight through Ridley's chest, the tip popping out of his back.

    Ridleys' expression was a mixture of surprise and annoyance. "That's... not... fair..." Marth pulled his sword out of Ridley as the beast’s lifeless body rolled across the ship and fell off the side, plummeting into the icy waters below.

    Marth staggered towards the top half of the ship, but collapsed. Using his critical hit technique had taken a lot of energy out of him. "Please... help..." Marth croaked. He hoped Samus, Sora or Pit heard him before he passed out.

    ~The Island of the Ancients, Outside~

    In the meantime, Bowser arrived on the Island of the Ancients, hoping to find the heroes there. Things had been going better for him lately. His plans had actually been successful. But his face became much less happy when he noticed his least favorite plumber hording off primids. He wouldn’t allow the plumber to disrupt his plans again!

    Mario was alone; when Ganondorf had shown up he had decided that it would be better to let Link take care of him. What a coward! Bowser confronted his nemesis. “Bwa ha ha! Mario! Time to die!” The giant dinosaur-like creature got in his shell form, and used his whirling fortress technique to attack Mario. The hero jumped out of the way just in time. Mario had only just finished fighting Shadow Master Hand. He was over tired, and not prepared for another fight.

    “Mama Mia! It’s a Bowser!” When Bowser came out of his shell, Mario ran behind him and grabbed his tail, spinning him. Bowser was flung a safe distance away. He followed the beast, preparing to punch him. He swung his hand, only to have it caught by his enemy.

    “Bwa ha ha!” Bowser swung at Mario with his claw, and hit him in the face. Mario was knocked out of Bower’s grip, and fell to the ground. Bowser summoned fire from the depths of his stomach, engulfing Mario in flame. “Getting hot, Mar-ee-oh?” Mario’s hat was on fire, and so he threw it off of him quickly. The plumber was sweating bullets in the heat.

    “Oh, no, Bowser! I’m a doing just fine!” His Italian accent grew thicker as he became deeply afraid. “It’s time for you to be a defeated!” Mario was swung at again by Bowser, but this time he ducked. He put his fist right up to the behemoth’s belly before performing the super jump punch, knocking Bowser into the sky. Mario and Bowser fell, clawing at each other all the way down to the ground.

    Bowser thrust Mario off of him. “It’s the time I showed you one of my new tricks. Something I saved just for you! The Dark Aura!”

    “The what-a?”

    “It must have come to me from lingering around all this Subspace. Yes! That’s where it must have come from! I can fell it…some hidden power that decided to give itself to me! Death is coming, Mario. Are you ready for it?” Bowser’s body began to pour out black and purple smoke, just like the primids. So he’s right. His power did come from the Primids. Mario’s thoughts were interrupted by Bowser’s attacks.

    The man in red was able to jump just out of range of Bowser’s reach. Just a got to stay a far away from him. Mario shot fireballs out of the palms of his hands, but each time Bowser just diminished the fire with his own hot breath.

    “Try this on for size!” After using the cliché line, Bowser swung at Mario again, and he once again dodged the attack. What’s he a mean? The attack a was the same. But, unfortunately for Mario, he was wrong. Bowser had released Subspace from him as he swung, and it hit Mario smack upside the head. Mario was flat on his back, but only for a second. He got back up, and turned around, and ran. Ran. Away from Bowser. It was the first time Mario had ever done so in the entirety of his life.

    Mario was relieved when he found a shallow river- knowing it was Bowser’s weakness- and ran across it. But Bowser didn’t plan on letting his prey escape. “Behold- The true power of Subspace!” Bowser shot Subspace blasts at the river. He had put up a wall that had stopped the river from flowing beyond the point that it was at. He walked on the other side of the wall and stared at Mario. But he said nothing. A grin appeared on his face, and Mario shook with fear. There was no stopping Bowser. Bowser lifted his paw, and aimed it at Mario.

    “Don’t I get any last a-words?” Mario asked, trying to smile, but failing. His mind was going at a hundred miles an hour. Was there no way to get out of this?

    “You deserve none.” Bowser let the Subspace flow out of him, and swallow his enemy.
    However, as Mario disappeared from view, Bowser could have sworn he saw his nemesis smile…
    Bowser dismissed the thought and went to contact Nefirus.
    “EXCELLENT JOB, BOWSER,” came Nefirus’s monotonous voice, when Bowser had finally contacted his master and announced his victory. “I NEED YOU TO FIND MASTER HAND. SUBDUE HIM, AND BRING HIM TO ME. I MUST ABSORB HIS POWER; THEN NOT EVEN TABUU WILL POSE ANY THREAT TO ME. ON SECOND THOUGHT, GO AFTER THE FEST OF THE HEROES. YOU WILL BE MORE USEFUL THAT WAY.” Nefirus turned away and opened a subspace portal with a wave of his hand. “NOW, IF YOU'LL EXCUSE ME, I MUST GO. RIDLEY HAS FALLEN IN BATTLE, AND I MUST RETRIEVE HIS BODY.”

    Nefirus passed through the portal and found himself at the bottom of the ocean. Though any normal human would drown here, Nefirus was far beyond such mortal concerns. Before him he saw the lifeless body of Ridley, staring towards the surface of the water with dead, blank eyes. With a simple gesture, Nefirus lifted Ridley via telekinesis and opened another portal back to the SmashDome. Nefirus flew through it with Ridley's body. “DON'T LOOK SO SAD, RIDLEY. YOU SHALL SOON LIVE AGAIN.”

    ~The Island of the Ancients, in Master Hand’s Temple~

    Ratchet woke up. "Where... where am I?" He asked to no one in particular. He appeared to be in a small temple, but there was no one there. He spotted an audio recording device on the ground, so he picked it up and pressed play.

    "My name is Master Hand." The voice, though it was a recording, boomed across the room. "You have been called to our world, the Smash World, for a specific reason. We are under great threat by two beings known as Tabuu and Nefirus. You and your friend Clank are potentially valuable assets to our army." Upon hearing his name, Clank woke up.

    "Where are we?" He asked Ratchet.

    "I don't know," Ratchet answered. The recording, which had automatically paused when Clank woke up, started again. Clank decided to listen and ask Ratchet about the start of the recording later. "Please find a ship known as the Gummi Ship. It has some of your allies traveling within it, trying to reach me. Outside, you should find your old ship. The Gummi Ship should stand out; it is the only ship in the sky. Besides, it is brightly colored and does not look aerodynamic, which should tell you what it is when you see it. I have locked the coordinates of the Gummi Ship in your own ship. Bring them to the forest very close to here. And lastly, good luck.” With that, the recording faded out.

    "Where are we now?" Clank asked. "I understand our mission, but I don't know where we are."

    "We're in a place called SmashWorld. Remember when we were beamed to the Bogon Galaxy? It's something like that. We should go aid those warriors, right?"

    "Yes," Clank responded. He and Ratchet hopped in the ship. "I'll turn on the Robotic Operating System," Clank said. He sent a signal out to the ship, and it rose off the ground. Ratchet pulled the thrust drive, and they sped off toward the Gummi Ship.

    ~High above the Smash World, in Samus’ Ship~

    Samus looked and saw Ridley had poked a hole through her ship. I just got this repainted... But then she heard a noise above her and Marth mutter something. She engaged autopilot, and jumped on top of the ship quickly and grabbed Marth. But she couldn't move. She still wasn't strong enough. "Sora!" she tried to yell it, but the words didn't come out very loud. Maybe Nefirus should be stopped before I try to get revenge on Tabuu.

    Sora suddenly saw the hole, "Marth's still up there; Pit, you stay here.”

    Sora picked the tired out Marth and placed him next to Samus. Pit was looking out the window. "Um, Sora, we might have a problem!" Xemnas and his glowing red lazer-swords were lighting up the dark clouds.

    Marth stirred. He tried to get up, but his leg hurt him far too much. "Did I... beat Ridley?" he said to no one in particular.

    “I don’t know,” said Pit, trying to stay calm. “But we don’t have time for that. Xemnas is here!”

    “Who now?” Marth asked. He had never heard of a “Xemnas” before. Suddenly, he remembered where he heard the name.
    "You mean Sora's nemesis? The one who's working... with Nefirus?"

    “He's attacking the ship!” yelled Sora; “I'll go up!" He went up and saw a trophy of a white haired man with a long big sword behind his back. Xemnas was flying towards Sora. "You’re mine; I'll turn you into a Heartless!" Xemnas exclaimed. Sora knew that a heartless was someone that would follow Xemnas with no emotion; with no heart.

    Marth turned himself to find Samus lying next to him, unconcious. She's even weaker than I thought, she needs more time to recuperate. I hope she's all right. With his undamaged arm, Marth reached over and pulled off Samus's helmet so she could get some fresh air.
    "Samus, are you awake? Can you hear me?"

    Back on the top of the ship, Xemnas and Sora were fighting. "Xemnas, what have you done with Kairi and Riku? Tell me!" Sora’s normal upbeat attitude had vanished.
    "I’m not telling you, Sor-a!" Xemnas was obviously mocking him. Sora's rage increased within and he burst out to Xemnas with furious rage. Xemnas was being pummeled by the Keyblade, as he had been caught off guard by Sora’s swiftness.

    ~High above the Smash World, in Ratchet’s Ship~

    “Where is this ship going? It's moving so fast..." Ratchet veered a sharp right toward the ship.

    "At least we're catching up..." Clank pointed out. He was paying attention to the radar, while Ratchet was looking out the ship's front window for any sign of Samus' ship.

    "I believe we are approaching it quite quickly," Clank pointed out.

    "Yeah, I can see it out the window," Ratchet answered. He sounded annoyed. As they approached the ship, Ratchet decided that they were jumping out of their own and landing on Samus' ship.

    "I don't advise this, Ratchet..." Clank said, trying to sound calm, but evidently failing.

    "Too bad. We're doing it." Clank sighed, got on Ratchet's back, and braced himself.

    "Off we go!" Ratchet yelled. Clank pulled out his thruster pack, ready to use it. In a few seconds, Clank initiated it, floating himself and Ratchet to the ship gently. Ratchet noticed that the ship had a gaping hole in the back. He entered and greeted everyone. "Hello," he said, pausing, expecting to see them all shocked at his abrupt arrival. "I'm Ratchet, and this is Clank. Who are you?"

    "Whoever you are help us!" yelled Pit.

    Ratchet looked up, shocked that someone would order him around like that. He saw Xemnas, and recognized that he was evil. He took out his Lancer, a machine gun, and his favorite weapon, and pointed it at Xemnas. He took it out and pointed it at Xemnas. "Eat this!" He fired about a score of shots at the villain.

    Marth heard the commotion outside. There's a fight going on! He realized. He desperately wanted to join in and help, but his leg was throbbing. Unless he stayed off of it, it might suffer permenant damage. Even if his leg was fine, he had to stay with Samus, She was the most vulnerable of all of them in her present state. "Please, Samus... please wake up."

    Xemnas threw Sora back, and ran at him, swing his lazer swords as if Sora hadn’t hurt him at all. One of them hit, and Sora's right forearm throbbed with pain. "Xemnas!" Sora shouted.
    Pit flew towards Ratchet. "You okay?"

    “I’m fine? Why wouldn’t I be?” Ratchet asked with confusion, not used to people caring so much. “I don't know how much longer we can hold that guy off without this ship failing. It's already in a serious condition,” he continued, looking at the hole Ridley had made. “There are others down below, right? Tell them I'm going to bomb this ship and we're all going into mine. Like I said before, there's no hope of this ship surviving." Ratchet took out his Bouncer and got the trigger ready.

    "Wait, Ratchet!" Clank protested. "Don't fire..."

    As usual in a battle, Ratchet ignored Clank, and aimed for a spot to fire near Xemnas, and fired. The bouncer shot out a large bomb, which upon explosion, released a score of smaller bombs. When the explosions stopped, Xemnas was lying on the ground, wounded. But Ratchet looked at Pit, and saw he was also lying on the ground. Xemnas had made a direct hit on him.

    Samus briefly woke up at the sound of Marth’s words. Looking around, she thought: What the heck is going on? And who are all these people? "Everybody off my ship!" But it was obvious no one heard her. "Marth... what's going on?" She looked over at Marth. "Your face is red. Is something wrong?" Noticing that her helmet was off, she placed it back on her head.

    Marth breathed a sigh of relief. Samus was alright! "I think... I think I killed Ridley, but I broke my leg in the process. We're being attacked by more of Nefirus’s forces, but the others are holding them off." Marth touched Samuses' arm. "Are you feeling any better? Can you move?"

    “Let's get out of here!” Ratchet yelled. He jumped off the burning and dying ship, pressed a button on his wrist pad, and his own ship appeared under them. He landed safely inside it. He hoped his newly found allies would make it in safe as well.

    Sora followed, carrying Pit in. He quickly put his friend on the floor. The ship was about to take off."Pit, Pit, say something!" Sora checked the heart beat. There was nothing. "He's…dead!" he exclaimed. Sora was angry. He banged his fist on his seat repeatedly. Streams of tears ran through his eyes. "Nobody can die! Nobody…can…”

    Ratchet turned on the radio transmitter. "Samus... that's your name, right? You'll never survive on that ship. You can take over the controls on my ship if you need to, but that ship won't work anymore. It's burning, it could explode any second, and there are two evil masterminds on board. I'm giving you one more chance to get on my ship. If you don't... it was nice knowing you, even if I never saw you."

    Clank turned around and saw Sora leaning over one of his friend's bodies, which he assumed to be asleep. From Clank's view, it looked like Sora was crying. "What has happened, Sora?" The little robot asked.

    “Pit, he…he died! From Xemnas! I hope Xemnas dies! I hope he dies painfully!” Sora was beyond anger. It was a side of him no one had seen before. Not wanting anyone else to die, Sora rushed back onto Samus’s ship. “Come on, Samus! Here, let me carry you. You need to see a doctor right away!”

    “I'm perfectly...fine, Sora,” mumbled Samus, still in pain. I don't need...a doctor. I just need... to find... Ridley's body...Have to make sure...he's dead." But it was pretty clear to everyone watching her that she wasn't going anywhere. "Kill...Nefirus for me...would you?" Samus wasn't talking to any one in particular. In fact, she was mostly just mumbling to herself. She was becoming delusional again. Samus crashed onto the floor and fell asleep.

    “Samus!” Marth struggled up off the floor. His leg was burning horribly, but he didn't care. Samus had to get off the ship! He limped towards the exit.
    "I'm getting Samus out of there!"

    Xemnas was lying on the ground in pain. He saw Samus and knew that he could get one last kill before he died. He slowly stood up, and limped after her. He raised his laser-blades, and swung. But Sora had seen him coming, and he had rushed out to block the attack. They continued battling, each parrying the others blows, until eventually Sora was hit in the arm. He kept fighting, though he was in pain.

    Ratchet saw everything through the screen in front of him. “Marth, I'm bringing my ship near Samus' burning ship, but you're limping. I'm going in with you.” Ratchet steered his ship near Samus' burning ship, and opened the top hatch. He helped Marth get out of it, then jumped onto the other ship. He snuxk up behind Xemnas and struck him hard in the head with his wrench. That outta knock him out, Ratchet thought.

    But Xemnas was still conscious, though the blow had certainly made him vulnerable. Sora hit him hard with his keyblade, and Xemnas was knocked out, lying on the floor of the ship, again.

    Ratchet turned his attention to Marth. "Hurry! Go find Samus and bring her to my ship! There's no hope for this one! It will explode in five minutes at the very most! And if it doesn’t blow up, then it will simply fall down to the ground!”

    "Marth...save yourself...don't...die...trying to...save me...I'm not...worth it."

    "I won't stand by watching you die!!! I can't even bear the thought of you dying...Samus."
    Marth lifted Samus up, and his leg felt like it was about to burst. Marth stumbled, but didn't drop Samus and started making his way back towards Ratchet's ship.

    He can't bear the thought of me dying? This explains a lot. Samus couldn't help but chuckle to herself. She attempted to disguise her laughter with a cough. Samus realized that there was a sort of awkward silence in the air, and so she said "I can walk back my-" But as soon as she let go of Marth, she fell over again. Smooth, Samus. She was the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy, and she couldn't even stand up. She didn't know how to vent her embarrassment, so she just let Marth pick her up again.

    Seeing their desperate situation with both of them limping, Ratchet tossed them each a magnetic badge. "Put these on!" He said. "They're tractor beam transmitters. I can use this to pull you to my ship through the air magnetically. Hurry! We don't have much time!"

    Marth did as he was asked, and they pulled onto Ratchet’s ship. He staggered inside and laid Samus down. He fell to his knees; his leg was hurting so much.

    Meanwhile, Sora entered the ship and broke the silence. But with Pit’s dead body lying on the chair next to him, the atmosphere was still uncomfortable.

    Ratchet looked at Pit's dead body and frowned. He considered throwing it off the ship because it was a waste of space, but he rid his head of the evil thought.

    Ratchet began to steer toward the Island of the Ancients to meet up with Master Hand. "We need to meet up with him, I promised," Ratchet explained to Sora, who had just gotten off Samus' ship. The Keyblade Bearer had just suggested that they go to Destiny Islands, his homeland. But as Ratchet had said, he needed to meet with this Master Hand.

    ~Phaaze, Homeworld of Metroid Prime, A.K.A. Dark Samus~

    The metroids gathered before their leader, Metroid Prime. Dark Samus, as Metroid Prime was now called, looked up to see Space Pirate ships flying up above her. Phazon, she thought. It was the only thing she ever thought about. It was her life source. It was her power. Dark Samus transformed herself into pure energy with her last bit of power, and became invisible to all creatures’ eyes. She was headed for the Space Pirates. And the Space Pirates were headed for the Smash World.

    ~High above the Smash World, in Ratchet’s Ship~

    Samus was lying peacefully in Ratchet’s ship. Most of the pain had gone, or at least wherever the pain was she was numb. But her joy was short-lived. "Marth...behind...you…" Samus was looking at a being that looked quite like her, but with a slight dark-bluish hue. Dark Samus looked at the helpless two people, and attacked. It launched several missiles at them, and without bothering to see the results, the creature moved on. It was looking for the energy source of the ship. Dark Samus was looking for Phazon, but found none. Whatever was powering this ship would have to do.

    Samus had somehow managed to avoid a direct hit from the missiles, but she was caught in the blast. She was so weak she couldn't even turn her head to see if Marth had survived. All she could do was mumble "Ratchet...protect the ship's energy...that's...wha...it's...afer..." And then she fell asleep, again.

    Marth staggered as the full barrage of missiles hit his back. The reason Samus hadn't been hit was because Marth had thrown himself in the way to protect her. Marth fell to the ground, unconscious.

    Sora went to help Samus and Marth. Dark Samus wasn’t paying much attention to Sora, but finally turned around when he struck her in the back. Marth and Samus were unconscious, Pit was dead, and Ratchet was driving the plane; it was up to him.

    But Sora had been wrong: things were not up to him. Palutena, Pit’s former mistress and the goddess of his world, had arrived. She saw Pit’s body, and was astonished. But that had been the reason she had came: for his body. She revived Marth and Samus from there unconsciousness, and left with Pit’s body.

    Dark Samus watched her enemies rise. She was annoyed. She started to break through the floor of the ship, looking for energy. But before she did that, she changed her energy type, causing her to become invisible to all else on the ship.

    Where did the Metroid Prime go? Samus looked at the floor of the ship. An invisible force was demolishing it. She switched on her dark visor to see Dark Samus was the culprit. Samus fired a Sunbust attack: a technique that composed of a charged up light beam and a super missile. The creature was unable to keep its form, and so it became visible to the others.

    Sora saw Dark Samus reappear, and he shot blizzard, an ice attack, at Dark Samus. Dark Samus easily dodged the attack, but Sora didn’t notice. He was in a trance, oblivious to what was going on around him. As the other fighters came to destroy Dark Samus, Palutena’s voice whirled around Sora's head.

    "Sora, through you, the others will learn their mission."

    “So…Why me?”

    “Your keyblade can unlock keyholes.”

    “Yeah, but how will that help us?"

    “Xemnas has already assisted Nefirus in sealing Subspace itself, so that only beings of Subspace can enter it now. The keyholes of Subspace need to be unlocked so you can defeat Nefirus."

    "Where are they?" Sora asked.

    “There are five of them, each in its own location. One is in Destiny Islands, in the cave next to the waterfall. One is on the Bridge of Eldin. One is in Norfair. One is in the Subspace Bomb Factory, in the Island of the Ancients. And one is in the Starship Phoenix, Ratchet’s headquarters.

    “Good luck to you, Sora. You’ll need it.” Sora suddenly became aware of what was happening. The heroes had driven Dark Samus away. Hopefully she’s dead, thought Sora angrily.

    "Okay," said Ratchet to Clank, "We're about on the Island of the Ancients. I need to find Master Hand and talk to him about what the heck is going on." He flew the ship down toward the floating island.

    Ratchet looked out the side window and saw Samus' burning ship crash land into the ground far behind them. Grimly, he hoped Xemnas was still on board.

    A few moments later, he landed in a meadow in the forest. He and Clank got out, expecting all of the others to follow him. Immediately, he saw Master Hand, Black Knight and Link. They had moved toward the location when they saw Ratchet's ship overhead. Ganondorf had long since fled to Subspace.

    "Hello, Ratchet and Clank. It is time for me to grant you and your friends your first, and hopefully only, mission," Master Hand began. "My original plan to destroy Subspace was foiled when I was possessed by Tabuu a year ago. The time is dire now. Let me tell you of my plans." Master Hand paused, a moment to let his words thus far sink in.

    "Over one million years ago, when the Smash World was created, I hid four relics of power. They were given to me by other deities from other worlds. They secrete the power to destroy Subspace itself, if used together. The relics come from four worlds called Hyrule, Mushroom Kingdom, PokeWorld and Pop Star. They are the four largest worlds in our galaxy, Nintendo. With permission from the gods of these worlds, I took their most prized artifacts and hid them here. They are heavily guarded by monsters that I placed there, but I am sure that they have turned into Primids, Heartless and Nobodies by the likes of Nefirus and Tabuu.

    "The four relics are the Triforce, from Link’s world, the Ultimate Grand Star, from Mario’s world, the Master Ball, from the world of the Pokemon, and the Star Rod, from Kirby’s world, Pop Star. They are hidden in the four corners of Smash: The Mountains, the sky, the forest, and the desert. I will come with you to find them, for it is of great importance that we recover them and save our world- and ultimately the universe- from the horror that is Subspace." Master Hand stopped talking there, and let the knowledge sink in among the others.

    While everyone thought about what Master Hand had said, Sora told Link and the others what had happened on the ship with Palutena.

    “So why was Palutena there?” asked Link gleefully.

    "Um Link, we need to tell you something, was Pit a friend of yours?" asked Sora.

    "Yes, I know Pit very well! We were friends and allies a year ago! Do you know him?" Link was still cheerful; he didn’t understand that Sora was trying to be serious.

    "Um.... he was fighting with us.... but a guy called Xemnas killed him while we were fighting…" Sora began to cry again. Streams of tears flowed through his usually jolly cheeks. “But Pit told me something while we were fighting with Dark Samus."

    “Oh... wow, he died... I- I'm really sorry Sora...” Link looked down at the ground. “Do you have his body?” He asked. “We should really hold a funeral for such a brave warrior.”

    It was getting dark. Master Hand, not having heard the conversation between Link and Sora, announced that they should set up camp for the night. That meadow was one of the only really safe places the heroes could stay without the fear, risk, and threat of enemy attacks. "Does anybody have any camping equipment?" He asked, realizing that he didn't have anything with him.

    "Lucky for you, I do," answered Ratchet. He opened up the back of his ship and took out about ten sleeping bags. "Always be prepared," he chuckled. He laid them down throughout the meadow. Darkness was approaching quickly, and Ratchet realized that he was one sleeping bag short. "Um..." he started.

    "It is fine. I do not need a sleeping bag," Master Hand said, as if reading Ratchet's thoughts. Ratchet shrugged, and sat down for a moment to clear his thoughts. He probably should have known, anyways.

    Sora thought I'll tell them tommorow morning about the 5 keyholes. Sora saw the team together in a big circle with the campfire the size of sora's keyblade. He lied on his navy blue sleeping bag, looking at the night sky. Thoughts were running through Sora's head. “Is the universe going to be safe? What are they going to do with Riku and Kairi? Was Xemnas dead?”

    Suddenly Sora saw a shooting star in the dark night sky. It shone as bright as the moon. "I wish Pit was alive again.” He looked at the star pass by, and stared sadly at the night sky. He closed his eyes and went into a deep sleep.

    Marth stirred from his unconcious state and found himself looking up at the stars. He recognized where he was; the Island of the Ancients. The last thing Marth remembered was throwing himself in the way of Dark Samuses' missiles.

    Wait, Master Hand is here... I need to tell him what I heard whil I was in the SmashDome!
    He sat up, and winced. His back and leg were still tender from his previous battles. He saw Master Hand floating across from him behind a campfire.

    "Master Hand... It's good to see you again. I have important news I've been anxious to tell you. News about Nefirus..."

    Master Hand turned to Marth. "News, Marth? On Nefirus? Please, tell me. We must know about our enemy if we expect to defeat him. Did you see him? How was the ride back and where is Samus's ship?" This caught Ratchet's attention. He blushed and backed away nervously, deciding to let Marth tell Master Hand the fate of Samus's ship.

    “I... I think I killed Ridley. As for Samuses' ship... it was destroyed. I don't exactly know how, I wasn't able to participate in the events at that point.” Marth turned his head towards the stars and thought for a moment. “About Nefirus... yes, I saw him... I spent a week trapped in his hideout. While I was there, I heard him say something shocking to Xemnas over his communications screen." Marth turned back towards Master Hand and paused. “You'll think this is crazy, but trust me... this is real.”
    “Nefirus IS Tabuu. ...Well, not exactly. You weren’t awake to remember this, but during our final fight with Tabuu during the events of last year, his Off Waves from his wings turned us all into trophies. To stop this from happening again, Sonic blasted his wings off, weakening him. Those shards of Tabuu eventually formed into Nefirus." Marth paused once again.

    "He wants to absorb you and Tabuu to become complete once again and become even more powerful than he was as the original Tabuu. I didn't hear much of this, but a being known as "HyperTabuu" was mentioned. This could very well be his true form. We must prevent him from accomplishing this!"

    Master Hand stopped moving, shocked. "So there are two Tabuus, but they're enemies? Frankly, I think it should stay that way. It seems there is a ransom on me now... I must evade being destroyed, or absorbed by Nefirus or Tabuu at the very least. As for this ‘HyperTabuu’, I was aware of his existence. But not that they could get to this form by absorbing me. It simply hadn’t crossed my mind. But that’s enough of this talk for now. You should get some rest.”

    “As we all should.” Marth headed for his sleeping bag and lay down, trying to get some rest.

    Sora saw Kairi and Riku standing on the ground in font of him. "Kairi, Riku!" He was so exited to see his friends! Where had they been? How had they gotten here? Sora didn’t care. He went up them and gave them a big hug. But to his dismay, they dissolved, and the dark night got darker. Everything was fading, but it didn’t fade all the way. It slowly cleared up, and Sora looked on with horror. He could see his own body lying on the floor next to Black Knight.

    The Black Knight stood there, until he turned around and looked right back at Sora, and began to laugh. He was holding the golden keyblade up, and the words "For my friends!" glimmered in devil red. "No!” Sora yelled. But it was too late; the Black Knight was already standing beside Master Hand. He cut the deity with the red keyblade, and Master Hand fell; blood flowing from the white glove.

    Sora woke up, with sweat flowing down his body and wet back. A great shiver grew across his spine. He tried to fall asleep again, but he was too afraid. Too afraid of the knight.

    Marth was having trouble falling asleep as well, as the others began to quiet down. Scanning his eyes along the line of those sleeping, he remembered that Pit was gone. Dead. Trying to avoid thinking about it, his gaze fell on a sleeping Samus. Marth realized with a rush of embarrassment what he had said to her on her ship.

    “I can't even bear the thought of you dying, Samus…”I'm such an idiot! I shouldn't have said anything. Samus probably thinks I'm an fool. Even though Master Hand didn't appear to be moving, Marth had the uncomfortable feeling that he could read his thoughts. He buried his head under his sleeping bag and tried to hide his face in shame.

    Sora was still thinking about his dream. He wanted to trust the Back Knight, but he needed reassurance. “Marth, can I talk to you?”

    Marth turned to face Sora. “What is it, Sora? You can tell me anything.”

    "Um it's about.... Kairi… I miss her. You see, she's my girlfriend, and I'm scared that she might be dead. Please, Marth, tell me that's she's going to be okay?" Sora was thinking of Riku dying as well.

    Marth paused for a second. “I'm sorry Sora, but I can't tell you for certain that she's not dead. No one can be sure. But what I can tell you is, if she's even a bit like you, she'll be fine.”

    "Thanks Marth. That's what I needed; I had a nightmare you see. And um... Marth, I saw the expression on your face, and yes I think you're a good couple... good night, Marth." As Sora walked away, Marth blushed. He hadn’t thought anyone knew about him and Samus. He tried not to think about it as he fell asleep…


    With their goals now known, the heroes begin the quest for the Relics and the Keyholes! First stop: Destiny Islands once again! However, they've got company! Will the heroes be able to face off against a new, more powerful enemy than ever before-- King DeDeDe?!? Also, the Black Knight struggles to keep his double-agent role a secret! This is where things get interesting!

    Master Hand turned to everyone else. "Though Nefirus cannot get through the barrier I have set up, it would be unwise to remain here. We all must get in Ratchet's ship so we can escape to a safer place," he announced.

    Master Hand turned to Kairi, while observing Nefirus's attempts to get in through the force field he had created. "If Nefirus is out there," he began, "then there is little hope he is alive right now," he finished sadly. Then he turned to Ratchet. "Do you have anything that can get us out of here quickly?" He asked.

    Ratchet nodded. "I'll go get it," he said. He walked over to his ship and took out a chunk of machinery.

    Clank was unpleasantly surprised. "Oh no!" He exclaimed. "Not the Gravimetric Warp Drive?" He asked.

    Ratchet kept installing it in the ship.

    "The untested Gravimetric Warp Drive?"

    Ratchet merely nodded his head.

    "The one you built from Blargian scrap metal?"

    "You coming?" Ratchet asked.

    Clank shook his head, looking futile. "We are doomed," he said grimly.

    Ratchet turned to Master Hand. "Tell everyone to get in my ship. I'll get us far away," he said through gritted teeth.

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    OOC: Sorry there's been such a long break between Chapter 2 and 3, guys. I've been pretty busy (my midterms are coming up) and I haven't had time to post, like, anywhere. Hopefully that'll end soon. But, at any rate...

    Chapter 3: Dark Motives

    ~The Island of the Ancients, the Forest Haven~

    The sun rose as Sora was packing up his sleeping bag. When everyone had gathered around the remains of last night’s fire, he spoke. “Guys? I have something important to say,” Sora announced. “Yesterday on the ship, Palutena told me how to get into Subspace. We need to find 5 different keyholes to unseal so we can have a passage to Subspace.” Sora took in a breath, and then continued.

    “There is one in the Bridge of Eldin, another is in Destiny Islands in a cave by the waterfall, one is in um....Norfair, another is on Starship...” Sora paused for a moment, thinking.

    “Phoenix,” said Ratchet.

    “Yes. And another is in the Subspace Bomb Factory.” As he finished speaking, Sora felt a strange pain. It wasn’t a physical pain, but rather a spiritual one. “No…Kairi…” He could feel her pain.

    ~The Smash Dome, in the Prison~

    Nefirus scanned the ground. He had been flying for almost an hour now, but still no sign of either Master Hand or Tabuu. He landed on the ground.


    Nefirus opened a portal to Subspace to the Smash Dome, and went inside. Kairi and Riku were suspended on chains made of Subspace energy.
    “We don't know!” shouted Riku.

    Nefirus turned to the monstrous form.

    Omega Ridley bowed. “Yes, Master.” He reached out and grasped Kairi around the waist. Ridley smiled a sickly yellow smile, exposing his horrible metallic teeth.
    “If you don’t tell me where Sora is right now, Kairi will be squeezed until her inards pop out. If you want to continue to be silent, be my guest!”
    At this, Ridley began to squeeze Kairi, who screamed in pain.
    "D-don't... tell him Riku... AHHH!!!"

    “Okay!" he shouted. “He was going to go to the Island of the Ancients after he saved Samus.” Riku sighed, disappointed in himself for betraying Sora, but relieved that Kairi would now be safe. Ridley cocked his head and grinned. It looked like he was going to continue to torture Kairi, but Nefirus held out his hand.
    Omega Ridley sighed and released his grip on Kairi.

    “SEE, NOW WAS THAT SO HARD?” Nefirus reached his hand out and touched Riku's forehead, and then Kairi's, draining some of their power.


    “Yes, master. Will you be going to the Island of the Ancients?”

    “INDEED I WILL.” Nefirus opened a portal and flew out of Subspace.

    ~ Back at the Island of the Ancients~

    The sun was above them, and it was about 10:00. Most people were up. Ratchet rolled up his sleeping bag, and then looked south, thinking he saw something. He was right. It was a girl. She looked to be about fifteen or sixteen, so she was much taller than Ratchet, who wasn't even human. But he decided to keep his distance for now.

    Meanwhile, Master Hand saw that everyone was up, so he made an announcement: "It is time to seek out the first relic. We shall be searching for the Triforce, hidden in the cave. However, it has come to my knowledge that there are strange phenomenons called the 5 Keyholes of Subspace. I also know that Sora," Master Hand made a gesture to him, "knows where they are, and bears the item that can seal them, therefore opening up a way to Subspace and giving us enough power to be a threat to Nefirus.

    "We shall split up into two groups. I will call them the Relic Group and the Keyhole Group. I myself shall go along with the heroes who would like to recover the Ancient Relics. Keep in mind that going to find the Keyholes of Subspace is more of an offensive plan, while searching for the Relics is more of a defensive plan. Also, the 5 keyholes of Subspace will bring you very far and wide; perhaps even to different worlds, whereas the Ancient Relics are all hidden in the Smash World. Think about that, and then make your choice."

    After a few minutes, Ratchet was the first to volunteer. "I'm going with Sora to find the 5 Keyholes of Subspace," he announced.

    "I think I'll go try to find the Ancient Relics," Link said soon after. I sense Nefirus near here... They must make up their minds soon! Master Hand thought.

    Snake slowly crept towards the clearing ahead of him; he had been walking all night through a thick forested area. The sun was coming up now. He had been on this strange planet for one whole day now. The opening was cluddered with sleeping bags and many odd characters, most of which he had seen before, such as Link and Samus. Snake equipped a silencer on his pistol and pulled out a pair of binoculars, scanning the horizon.Looks safe. Snake moved into the opening and approched Master Hand.

    “Ah, Snake, you’re back! Good. We’ll need all the help we can get. That over there is Sora,” Master Hand continued, pointing to the boy with the orange spiky hair, “and that is Kairi. I believe you know everyone else…Oh wait! That’s Ratchet there.” The Lombax was standing not far away, but he hadn’t noticed the new guest at their camp.

    “Just who is this, Master Hand?”

    “I’m Snake. Now what’s going on? Why is everyone gathered here? Has Tabuu returned? Subspace has, I noticed. That’s why I came here to find you.”

    “Yes, Tabuu is back, and more powerful than ever. But he’s the least of our worries. A new foe, Nefirus, has appeared. We don’t know where he’s from or what he wants. Though Marth tells me he’s working with Xemnas, Sora’s archenemy. Some unsettling news indeed.”

    At the sound of his name, Sora came over. “Yeah, but he fell down with Samus’s ship. Even if he did survive the fall, he’d be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one to help him.”

    “Yes…” Master Hand was not so sure. He was more than aware of Xemnas’s ability to survive.

    ~The Smash Dome, in the Prison~

    Kairi and Riku were held up on Subspace made chains in a prison cell. The smell was rancid and cobwebs were spun on every nook and cranny of the ceiling. The grey stone made walls of the cell made Kairi and Riku even more depressed. Ridley had left some time ago, warning them not to try anything funny.

    “Kairi, we can’t wait for Sora to help us. We have to get out of here!”

    “It would be too dangerous! We have to be patient.”

    “No one will save us, Kairi. We have to save ourselves!”

    Kairi replied, "Sora will save us!" A black and purple portal was appearing in front of them.
    Master Xehenort appeared from the portal.

    Master Xehenort released them from the chains with his keyblade. "Who are you?" Riku asked.
    "I am Tidus, The King of Kingdom Hearts. Sora asked me if I can help." he replied, lying to Riku and Kairi.

    "Thanks alot Tidus" Kairi said.

    "I couldn't kill Sora, so I will kill his friends instead," he thought. The portal took them to the temple where Ratchet first landed in SmashWorld. Kairi and Riku looked around. With their backs turned he could wipe Riku out first. Riku was the strongest out of the two.
    He swung the keyblade at Riku's head; he was knocked out. And before Kairi even realized that much, Xehenort blasted a blue flame at Riku's heart and Riku lay there, heartbeat stopped cold.

    "NO!" Kairi shouted. She hit Xehenort in the face with her flowery pink keyblade and picked up Riku and dragged him along.

    "Riku wake up! Wake up Riku, WAKE UP!" Her tears fell on Riku's pale face.

    After much walking, Kairi had arrived at the camp, with Riku’s dead body. Kairi felt his pulse, no heartbeat. The tears flowed from her cheeks onto Riku's shoulder. Sora saw Kairi and rushed to her side, but then saw Riku's body. Sora wanted to stay strong, and he didn't want to make the situation worse. But he couldn't stop his temper. He banged his fist onto the grass. “Who killed him?” he whispered, his body shaking. Kairi didn't answer. She was too upset to say anything. “Was he a keyblader?” Sora asked .
    Kairi nodded. “Xehenort!”

    Marth saw what was going on with Kairi and Sora and ran over, but stopped. He didn't want to intrude. He turned to Master Hand, but he still wasn't sure which team he wanted to join, Relic or Keyblade. "Can I think about this for a bit?"


    Nefirus saw the heroes, but as he tried to enter the clearing, he was blocked by an invisible wall."THIS IS MASTER HANDS' DOING... I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!" Nefirus began to bang against the force field. To the heroes' horror, it began to crack over. Nefirus was just too powerful! They had to leave before he broke through. Marth saw Nefirus smashing the force field and turned to the others.
    "It’s Nefirus! We need to leave now!"

    Sora turned away from Riku and looked at Marth. "Marth, I want you to come with the keyhole group, I need your help and advice; you're a great friend to me."
    Sora looked back at Riku, and couldn’t stop staring at his dead friend. "Kairi could you come here for a second?" She walked towards Sora's sleeping bag.

    "Kairi....uh......Riku was a great friend and....he would want us to stop being upset about him. We've got each other and....I'm just glad you're here with me....now....Riku would want us to keep positive…"
    Kairi hugged Sora. She wanted to kiss him but his face was covered in dry blood.

    "Thanks Sora, we must be positive and....." Sora suddenly saw the burning trees.

    "Kairi it's Nefirus, run now!" Sora exclaimed.

    "No I'll pick you up!"
    She picked Sora up carefully but swiftly by the arm. She dragged him along the floor and placed Sora next to the ship.

    Kairi saw Riku lying on the rotten grey grass. She ran to Riku's body. "Kairi, don't! Stay away from Nefirus!" Yelled Sora. Sora wished he could face Nefirus and get revenge for Riku but he couldn't, he was too injured.

    Xehenort suddenly appeared in front of Kairi. "NO! Kairi" Sora didn't care about the pain that was running through his body. He ran towards Xehenort and slashed him. "Keep off of her!" A gold light glowed from the cut that was made from the Priless. He was angry.

    "You will not hurt Kairi!" Sora turned into a shining gold suit and his eyes turned gold. Five keyblades flew around Sora's head and the keyblades slammed down onto Xehenort. Xehenort fell onto the ground and groaned. Another slam of the five keyblades went down onto Xehenort and he suddenly stopped groaning.

    "This is for Riku!" Sora shouted. Five shots of Blizzard hit Xehenort. And Xehenort turned into ice.
    The keyblades once again slammed onto Xehenort and the ice turned into 5 pieces of ice like an ice sculpture being crushed onto the ground. The shining gold suit turned back into Sora's original clothes and the 4 extra keyblades vanished into blue light.

    Kairi had a look on her face that looked astonished but proud. But her face became a blur and the smile on her face turned into a scared expression. Sora fell to the ground because of the amount of pain on his body and the amount of power he unleashed onto the unexpecting Xehenort.

    "Sora!" Kairi screamed. She checked his pulse, it was normal.
    Kairi had a sigh of relief. "Come on, get in the ship!" she shouted.

    Master Hand turned to everyone else. "Though Nefirus cannot get through the barrier I have set up, it would be unwise to remain here. We all must get in Ratchet's ship so we can escape to a safer place," he announced.

    Master Hand turned to Kairi, while observing Nefirus's attempts to get in through the force field he had created. "If Nefirus is out there," he began, "then there is little hope he is alive right now," he finished sadly. Then he turned to Ratchet. "Do you have anything that can get us out of here quickly?" He asked.

    Ratchet nodded. "I'll go get it," he said. He walked over to his ship and took out a chunk of machinery.

    Clank was unpleasantly surprised. "Oh no!" He exclaimed. "Not the Gravimetric Warp Drive?" He asked.

    Ratchet kept installing it in the ship.

    "The untested Gravimetric Warp Drive?"

    Ratchet merely nodded his head.

    "The one you built from Blargian scrap metal?"

    "You coming?" Ratchet asked.

    Clank shook his head, looking futile. "We are doomed," he said grimly.

    Ratchet turned to Master Hand. "Tell everyone to get in my ship. I'll get us far away," he said through gritted teeth.

    Rya Hayabusa, the ninja, watched it all happen from a near-by tree.looks like they're about to leave As clank distracted ratchet he jumped down, rolled behind the ship and climbed aboard, carefull not to alert anyone. Rya found a nice hiding spot behind some cargo and waited for someone to come along.

    Snake saw the ninja sneaking around, from his blackhawk(helicopter). Hayabusa moved so fast he was simply a black blur, Snake barely saw him.

    Snake spent most of the morning cleaning his weapons alone, just how he liked it, as if no one knew he was there. He observed soras friend draging a dead body, and the group grieving over there loss. ha, he shouldn't get so attached Master Hand was right i didn't like that kid, he never even said thanks for me saving his butt

    “Oh well, time to go introduce myself,” he thought. Snake walked over to Ratchet’s ship and moved into the same opening Rya had used. He slowly crept down the corridor, and then Rya jumped out from behind a box, dagger drawn. Snake side steped behind the assailent and gave him a chop in the back. Rya stumbled but turned just in time to avoid a kick from the foxhound agent. Rya lunged with his dagger but Snake grabed his arm and threw Rya on the ground.

    Snake drew his knife and pressed it on Rya's neck drawing blood, "Who are you?" he wispered.

    “I am Rya Hayabusa. I have looked far and wide for a fighter who could match my skills, finally I have found him.”

    "Ha, I am far better then you," Snake snickered. Rya rolled over locking Snake in an armbar, "you are far too overconfident, I have stalked this group of yours since the attack begian, and believe you need my help. I am on your side," Rya said.

    "Well then get off of me!" Snake yelled as he kicked Rya in the face. The two combatents tumbled out of the ship and shoke hands.

    Once out side Snake and Rya approched Ratchet and asked: "Whats the plan?"

    Meanwhile King Dedede approched Nefirus; "Need any help?" he slammed his large hammer against the forcefield opening a small gap. Dedede called for 50 waddle dees commanded by 5 waddle doos. "Attack them!"

    "Yes sir!" the doos and dees leaped through the hole spears at the ready.
    The Dream Land King turned to Nefirus.
    "Pretty impressive right?"


    "Thanks, I need help...." Sora's vision was starting to fade away. He saw a faded version of Xehenort and the man that was saving him. "Thanky..." Sora shut his eyes and found it hard to breath.
    There was a wound on his heart; it was an ice blue cut.

    Kairi once again dragged along Sora across the rotten grass. She placed him in a seat of the ship.
    "Snake, I just want to say thanks for rescuing me, and I owe you a favour, thank you for saving my life. The reason why I haven't thanked you before is because of the shock of Riku's death. I am really sorry.” Sora held out his bruised and scared hand towards Snake. Kairi ran towards Riku's body.

    "Sure kid no problem, I am sorry for your loss, but there are casulities in all wars. I have decided to go with you to find the keyholes you need me. This is Rya," Snake said pointing to the figure croached beside him. "He will come too."

    "Oh no, king Dedede has breached the wall!" shouted Rya. "Sora you must get yourself together, your friend’s dead. We must get out of here!"

    Rya ran at the kings henchmen, while Snake got in the Blackhawk."Get in Sora, time to go." Rya reached the army first; he sliced a waddle dee in half and hit another with a ninja star. Rya pulled out his bow and shot two more before impaling a waddle dee on his sword. One waddle doo shot a bolt of lightning at him, but Rya rolled dodged it and threw a dagger in the eye of his attacker. Then Snake arrived in the attack helicopter, he fired 4 hellfire missiles at the attackers before opening up with his machine guns, tearing into the waddles. The waddle doos ordered a retreat and rya cut down any remaining hentchmen. The force field was almost down, Rya jumped aboard the helicopter and shouted to Ratchet, "Whatwere you planing to do? You’re out of time."

    "We've all gotta go, go to Destiny Islands; the keyhole team needs the gummi ship! It's back there!" Kairi was fighting alongside Snake and Ryu. She used water on a Waddle Dee and then she froze it to an icicle.

    Kairi heard Sora shout from the ship: "Come on let's go!"

    It was time to escape. She looked at the corpse of Riku. "Goodbye, Riku" she murmured and then she casted Fire on Riku's body making a sendoff to him. She turned her back against Riku and ran towards the ship. A tiny tear fell onto the dead grass.

    Nobody heard Sora and Kairi. They were still fighting "Let's go, we need to leave, Nefirus is about to break the barrier, Ratchet, get the ship ready!" Kairi shouted.

    "Grab Samus and Marth! We're not leaving them behind!" Ratchet called. He hopped in the ship, with Clank following reluctantly. He had his doubts about the Gravimetric Warp Drive.

    "Ready?" Ratchet asked to no one in particular once everyone was inside the ship. "3... 2.. 1... GO!!" The ship's fire flared bright green, and it flew away so fast it was gone in a fraction of a second. Ratchet turned the Gravimetric Warp Drive off. "Where are we now?"

    "I believe we are above the forest," Clank said, his eyes wide open so he could scan the area. "That's about three hundred miles away from the Isle of the Ancients, and, as Master Hand stated before, is the location of the Triforce."

    Link perked up. "We're here?" He asked.

    "Yes, I do believe we are," Clank answered.

    Master Hand went in the back of the ship. He found a vagabond. "Is your name Rya?" He asked, sensing who this new character was. He was sitting next to Snake, and they weren't arguing, which gave Master Hand the right to infer that Rya was a benevolent addition to the team.

    "Yes, I am Rya and thank you for the complement. Snake can be difficult to get along with... but I have tried to keep a level head."Ha, to bad he didn't see our little brawl earlier,” he thought.

    "Yeah he's quite the peacekeeper", said Snake before busting out in laughter. "We must split up and find the gummi ship" announced Snake in a serious tone.

    Dark Samus was aboard Ratchet's Ship, but no one noticed her. She was invisible to them, and since Samus was so tired, she hadn't bothered to check for her with her Dark Visor. Dark Samus took one look at the Gravimetric Warpdrive, and couldn't stop herself from taking it from the ship. Revealing herself, she began to drain its energy.

    Link got out of the ship and observed the area. There was nothing all that horrific, it was just a regular forest. He smiled as he saw the pedestal from which he had drawn the Master Sword from a year ago. He walked around for a while. The air was fresher and brisker in the forest than it was in the Isle of the Ancients. After that, he realized it was really boring there, so he waited for his team mates to emerge from the ship.

    Snake walked out of Ratchet’s ship a bit dazzed from the extremly high speeds. "Great another forest," he moaned.

    Rya approched Master Hand, "Whats the plan, we still need to get our groups together. Are Samus and Marth fit to fight or do we need to get started with out them. Whats the deal with black knight he hasn't said a word this whole time I don't trust him."

    ~The Island of the Ancients, the Forsest Haven~

    "Ah, they got away. I want in on this Nefirus. Master Hand is too strong for you, what are your plans?" King Dedede asked in an assertive, yet, respectful tone. "I can help you become complete, but I need a weapon, a weapon powerful enough to rule all of the Smash Dome, under your command, of course. So what do you say?" asked King Dedede offering a mitten clad hand.

    Once the Black Knight was a good distance away from the others, he pulled out the Fire Emblem, which was wrapped in cloth so it didn't affect him. "Perhaps this is a Dark Relic? Could Dark Relics exist?” He put it away again and went up to Master Hand. "So what exactly are the keyholes? Are they where the relics must be placed to activate them? Or are they like the relics of Subspace, which would have the reverse effect of the relics of the Smash World?"

    "Palutena said that there were 5 keyholes to open a door to Subspace and give us a way in. They are in 5 different locations. Destiny Islands, Norfair, Bridge of Eldin, the Subspace Bomb Factory and one in the Starship Pheonix, Ratchet's HQ. The only exact location I have in one of the worlds is in Destiny Islands, in the cave next to the waterfall."

    “Now... which group would you like to be in? Relic or Keyhole?" Master Hand turned to Marth and Samus as well. "What of you? What groups shall you join?"

    Sora hoped Marth and Samus were on his team. They were his best friends in this team other than Kairi. And he got crucial advice from Marth on how to handle situations. He looked towards Kairi and stared at her bright blue eyes.

    "Kairi can you use that Water spell on my face?" he asked. Kairi nodded and the blood washed away. Sora smiled which was becoming rarer to see now, beacuse of Riku being dead. He tried to forgetabout it, and looked at Kairi again.



    "I just wanted to say...." He wanted to kiss her and Kairi had the same idea in her mind, and suddenly she moved towards Sora's face and kissed him on the lips.

    "I love you Sora" she whispered in Sora's ear. Kairi and Sora looked at each others eyes. Sora couldn't say anything because his heart was beating too fast.

    ~The Island of the Ancients, the Forest Haven~

    Nefirus took King Dedede's Hand with his own. King DeDeDe didn't realize it, but Nefirus took a little of his power when he did so. "VERY WELL, I BELIEVE YOUR HELP COULD BE USEFUL. YOU ASKED FOR A WEAPON?"

    Nefirus opened his hand and a sphere of Subspace energy appeared. It began to form into a black mallet, almost twice the size of DeDeDe's old one. It pulsated with an aura similar to Nefiruses' own, but quite a bit weaker.

    Nefirus pointed towards the east.


    As Nefirus began to return to Subspace, he sent a telepathic message to Black Knight. "BLACK KNIGHT, REPORT!!! YOU HAVE TAKEN FAR TOO LONG ON YOUR MISSION TO RETRIEVE SAMUSES' ARM CANNON! WHAT IS THE HOLD UP?"

    ~Somewhere on the Island of the Ancients~

    "I guess I'll go in search of the keyholes, since I don't know a thing about the Relics," said Samus.

    "I will look for the Relics," said the Black Knight. "Master," thought the Black Knight. "Tabuu is in possession of the power cannon. I may need more help than the primids you gave me. Also, I'll have you know that Master Hand and company are looking for relics that have great power. They will greatly increase the heroe’s power. They are also looking for keyholes, which are ways into Subspace."
    The Black Knight needed to get out of this situation. "If Nefirus shows up and he thinks I've allied myself with these people..."

    Sora whispered into Kairi's ear: "I don't trust the Black Knight, I had a nightmare of him holding my keyblade. And I was lying next to him...dead" Kairi and Sora looked at Black Knight.

    "You must be tired Sora, go to sleep." Sora agreed. He closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep. Kairi stroked his brown spiky hair and Sora went to sleep.

    Sora found himself at Radiant Gardens, and memory Sora was in the middle of 1000 heartless. He started fighting them. The Kingdom Key slashed heartless after heartless after heartless. There were 100 heartless left and he was getting tired. Suddenly he saw a black figure creep behind the memory Sora. He swung his large blade towards Sora.

    The Sora that was watching the scene screamed "NOOO!!!!!.....Sora woke up.....GYAH!"

    "Sora what's up?" Kairi asked.

    "Another nightmare about Black Knight" Sora whispered

    Sora was shaken up. The thought of death was looming around his head. Kairi held his hand for comfort.

    Marth turned to Master Hand. "I'll go in search of the Keyholes, I'll help my friends Samus and Sora. Here's something so the two teams can keep in touch." Marth reached into his pocket and fished out 2 blue pendants with gold chains. He handed one to Master Hand and put the other around his neck.

    "These are Journey Pendants. If you want to talk to me or anyone else on the Keyhole team, just rub the pendant and you'll appear in ours. It works a bit like a two-way radio. Good luck."

    ~The Island of the Ancients, the Forest Haven~

    Dedede grabbed and the black hammer and felt the Subspace course through his vains, "Thank you master, I will not let you down." Dedede's coat and hat turned black and became covered in Subspace matter, King Dedede jumped on his warp star and took off towards Destiny Island.

    ~Somewhere on the Island of the Ancients~

    The Keyhole team entered the Gummi Ship, and took off, heading for Destiny Islands. After a few hours of sitting around, things were getting pretty dull.

    Marth realized that he hadn't introduced himself to Kairi. She hung around Sora so often; it never seemed like the right time. But he decided to do it anyways, even if it meant the possibility of interrupting a conversation. “You must be Kairi... Sora's told me about you. My name's Marth, it's nice to meet you.”

    "Hi" Kairi shook hands with Marth. The ship suddenly landed on Destiny Islands. It had been a few hours, but Sora wasn't fully healed. Sora got up from his seat.

    ~Destiny Island~

    "I'll check if it's safe" Sora announced.

    "No, you're still hurt!" Kairi exclaimed. Kairi jumped towards Sora. "Please do this for me. Just sit down, okay?" Kairi said. She kissed him on the cheek.

    Sora nodded. "OK" Kairi was the first one to go out and check. She looked around. The palm trees swayed lightly against the wind, reflections of the moon shone on the water and other than the wind whistling, it was silent.

    "It's okay, you can come out"

    Suddenly a Darkside Heartless about the same size as Ridley blocked Kairi's way. She got her pink flowery keyblade out and was ready to fight alongside her friends.

    Kairi jumped to the Darkside's Medusa like head and slashed the head with her keyblade. It backed off. Black fog appeared on the ground and hordes of Heartless appeared from the ground. They started to attack Kairi. She blocked the attacks from the claws of the heartless. The bright yellow eyes of the heartless lit up the black fog. The Darkside attacked Kairi and left a black mark on her fore-arm. She screamed in pain. Sora heard her cry out.

    Marth turned to Sora. "Something's happening to Kairi, come on!" Marth ran outside and found himself face-to-face with Darkside. It lowered its hands to the ground to create more of the black fog, but Marth leaped up and hacked at its hands. The Darkside retreated in pain, but Marth leapt up, ran up his arm, and delivered a blow to its head that was so powerful Darkside staggered.

    This might not be so hard, thought Marth slightly optimistically. But then he saw something that made him far more worried: A SECOND Darkside was growing from the ground to join the first! Except this one was different; it was purple instead of black and had the Subspace symbol on its chest instead of a keyhole. A Darkside Heartless and a Darkside PRIMID? This will be tough.

    Samus had regained some of her strength back, and managed to walk out of the ship, and shoot at the Darksides. While they were distracted, Marth went behind them, ran up the Heartless’s back, slashing it on his way up, followed by a blow to the head, and ended with him back hand-springing off of it. It didn’t take long for Kairi and Sora to defeat the Darkside Primid.

    Unfortunately, the attack wore Samus out, and she her remaining energy to walk the short distance back to the ship. But before she could make it inside, her eyes rolled in the back of her head, and she fell down on the ground.


    "How is he so powerful?" Thought Tabbu as he watched the creatures being summoned. Tabbu was still pretty injured from wasting so much energy in his short fight against Nefirus a few weeks ago. "I WON'T LET HIM TAKE OVER SUBSPACE!" He screamed "GANONDORF, COME HERE." A portal opened up behind Tabbu and Ganondorf came out of it.

    "You called?" Asked Ganondorf.

    "As much as it pains me to say this, it would seem as if the only way to stop Nefirus would be to team up with Master Hand and his allies. Ganondorf, I want you to keep an eye on Master hand and all of his accomplices. If you notice any of them are in trouble, and if you feel it neccessary, go help them. Do not let a single one of them die. We will need every last one of them to win this. And then, once Nefirus and his forces are out of the way... We will turn on them. We will finish what Nefirus has failed to do, and I will meet my goal of ruling both subspace and the Smash World. Now go, Ganondorf, do as I have ordered!"

    "Understood." At that, Ganondorf opened another portal and dissappered.

    ~Destiny Islands~

    Sora and Kairi ran towards the Priless and slashed the arms. The arms vanished into purple smoke and the Priless fell to the ground like a stone statue. Suddenly 1000 heartless and Priless surrounded the ship and their opponents. Sora casted Firaga on the surrounding heartless causing 50 heartless to be lifted in the air. Kairi casted Blizzard at them and it caused them to turn to black smoke.

    Sora and Kairi were working together, Sora casting Fire and Thunder, causing the Heartless to go up in the air, and Kairi using Blizzard to finish them off.

    King Dedede overlooked the battle. “They are stronger than I thought.” The king from Dream Land summoned a battalion of waddles and told them to surround the 4 fighters. These waddles weren't like the old ones. They were enhanced by the Subspace energy. They all had a dark tint to them. They were bigger, faster and stronger. King Dedede stealthly crept aboard the ship, at least, the best he could at his five-hundred pound frame. He moved towards the knocked out Samus, and carried her to his warp star. Jumping on he headed to Nefirus' lair.

    Sora was suffering the scars from Xehenort were still giving him intense pain.
    He fell to the golden brown sand and laid there next to Kairi surrounded by hundreds of heartless.
    "Snake, Samus, Marth, somebody help!"

    Kairi kept looking for help but nothing happened. She was fighting off the heartless."LEAVE US ALONE!" As she shouted, a dark pink light shone from Kairi's keyblade and suddenly Kairi's clothes turned into a beautiful pink dress with a rose petal crown on top of her head. She only had one keyblade in her right hand but her energy increased tremendously.

    She slotted the 300 heartless that surrounded them and looked at Sora. She picked him up and flew with him by arm and took him to Ratchet's ship and seated him in a steel silver seat and sealed the door with her keyblade.

    She said "Only my keyblade can open this door" She swiftly went back to the matter of defeating the heartless and sealing the keyhole.

    Marth was slashing his way through waves of Heartless when he saw Dedede escaping with Samus.
    "SAMUS! Sora, Kairi, hold them off, I'm going after Samus!" Marth jumped in the ship and stared at the rows of buttons and switches. How on earth was he going to figure out how to drive this thing? He took a random guess and pushed down a switch. The ship shot off into the sky at an amazing speed.
    "Ah!” He quickly caught up to Dedede, but was wrestling with the controls.

    "How does this thing turn?!" Marth flipped several switches, but still nothing. Slamming down on a blue button activated a beam that blasted King Dedede's Warp Star to smithereens.

    "Samus, hold on, I'm coming!"
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    OK cool chapter. You did miss a few things and Kairi was at two places at the same time, in one point.
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    Can you point some stuff out? I know there's some grammatical mistakes, where else?

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