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Thas' soulcalibur legends review.

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Gaming' started by thas, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. thas

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    Sep 17, 2007
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    Now when you think soulcalibur, you think of the good old fighting style games. But soulcalibur legends is supposed to be a adventure game. personally it seems like namco changed the genre to make it seem like the aren't ripping us off. you can tell that most of the effort is actually towards the story.

    Not a very interesting menu, and there is a ton of characters missing from this game. this is a sloppy excuse for an adventure game and it should not even be called that. it is more of an action game.

    to the first glance it seems like last genration graphics, but there are some good designs in this game. mainly the characters and the enemies. the graphics aren't terrible, they are actually very sharp and smooth, you will have too look really close to see the pixels in this game. the frammrate is good and you wont incounter any technical issues in this game. the only problem with the graphics is that its really REALLY plain and simple.

    now for the most important part. i explain why this game is hardly a adventure and more of an action game. you pick the area in which you want to go to, you start by walking forward like in any adventure game and then some barriers come up, then you have beat up some enemies and walk another dozen steps and some more barriers come up. its kind f like moving from arena to arena in this game.

    there are combos in this game but for the majority of the game it is a waste of time to use combos. to defeat all those enemies they though at you will have to keep using the same combo again and agian, which eventaully forces the game to become repetitive. some might say that the boss battles are the highlight this game. I BEG to differ.okay maybe not. it is the highlight of the game but in now way is it fun. nothing very special about beating the bosses. there is soooo much talking and text in this game its almost as worse as super paper mario, but not as bad. lucky for us we can skip threw it because it doesnt help you in the actual gameplay. the puzzles in this game are laughably easy.

    well there are some characters from the former soulcalibur games. with the party mode and the versus, this can actually be enjoyabe.
    overall this is not a bad game, but lacks more depth than the other soulcalibur games. you have special conditions in this game as well but they are all stupid and too easy. it honestly feels like this game was made for a casual gamer that a child(6 and under).

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