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The Wii doubt and hate

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Chat' started by Lange, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Lange

    Lange WiiChat Member

    Oct 19, 2009
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    Wy USA
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    Hey all,
    I wanted to start a discussion on a important issue regarding the Wii. It seems as of late from my experiences on different forums and places many people are giving up on Wii. To me this is very strange as the Wii is a great console however we have always had the 360 and PS3 hardcore against us and just people who got the set mentalities that the Wii is "too casual" and doesn't have enough games to satisfy the hardcore and such.

    I have always argued against this, because I think Wii does just fine to satisfy hardcore gamers but many just don't think so. My arguements are the influx of Nintendo made games that are great, and also the great 3rd party titles out there. However some people seem to have started leaving because of reasons i've noticed. 1. The Conduit was supposed to be a nice hardcore shooter for the Wii and it was to much undeserved hate and critisicm, but many people got frustrated with the online issues and saw that you could get better shooter deals on a 360 and PS3. That is the truth if your purely into shooters Wii can only satisfy so much but with the cross platform shooter games and a few exclusives like MoH Heroes 2 and The Conduit despite a lot of people disregarding it its not like Wii doesn't try with shooters. Theres a good variety for the shooter fan on Wii and im not sure why people are just hanging up their Wiis due to shooters and such. I think they gave up too early since we got many good shooters coming, but people I guess didn't realize or see waiting was worth it. Diagnosing this deal though you do get better online deals and more variety with shooters on 360 and unless your the Wii fan who likes other games then your shooters and not just a pure shooter fan I can see why the system isn't for you. Still I think people are giving up to easy though.

    Shooters may not be the whole issue it seems though theres a decent deal of people who stuck with the Wii since launch and just left it for 360 or PS3 to get their fixes of other games. Which is a shame and it concerns me because Wii has so many great games and a lot of good features. However being a experienced Wii vet I know its flaws and have seen them first hand. Are they enough to drive people away? Maybe to a extent but its sorta shocking me how much its been as of late. Lets look into Wii's flaws compared to other consoles, that could be making people choose another side.

    1. Online gaming is subpar on Wii but decent. This is a big one. I think its been a frustration ever since we got our first online titles on Wii. Online on Wii is not as featured and good as 360 or PS3. Its mediocre to decent at best. Lack of communication online issues lack of Nintendo support to patch issues is the big ones. We see things like COD WAW glitches that Nintendo never let the developer fix and patch, then hacking frequently with many games probably more than other consoles, and then games like Brawl with internal coding issues that make the game hard to play online sometimes. There are frustrations no doubt and a big thing would be Nintendo cracking down on hackers online and letting developers fix issues. They might be softening their stance recently but is it too late?

    To continue with the online I mean it works good for Mario Kart and many games but the overall package could be better. Any Wii fan admits that. And to some fans it was enough to make them chance systems.

    2. Game variety/lack of hardcore games. This is one I brought up earlier. A decent amount of people think that theres too many casual and family games on Wii and not enough hardcore. Yes shovelware is a problem and 3rd party support is better than GC generation however it seems that 3rd party developers sometimes have trouble making quality Wii games. Now you can't put that on Nintendo and the mediocrity developers have put out their could of driven people back. Though do they really look at the positives?

    In conclusion maybe its only a minority of the group who is on the verge or already has gave up their Wii because of frustrations. While I think they might of been misguided about it you can can why to a degree but personally im unsure why and to the degree of why. Has anyone noticed the same things and how many fans do you think are apart of this group?

    Another big thing is these people probably could of been doubters from the beginning and only liked some games on Wii, and probably were 360 PS3 people from the beginning. However its hard to say.

    On a final note I have been a Nintendo fan ever since I was a little kid and have never owned another console besides Nintendo ones. I PC game for games that I can't get on Wii and that statisfies me but not everyone sees the same way lol. The Wii is such a great console and it bothers me that people are turning away for these reasons.

    Give me as much thoughts and insight as you can.
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  2. DBloke

    DBloke RIP and tea you say?
    Staff Member Moderator

    May 30, 2006
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    Super Mancyland
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    First off
    Welcome to this little big forum
    That hardcore gamer stuff is bollocks made up by idiots to account for there hatred of certain games that are fun but not to there tastes.
    Lets not forget that games are meant to be fun way of passing a few hours.

    In my opinion this hardcore gamer bullshite can smeg off.
    Id rather play something good.

    @ point one
    I cant be arsed with online gaming to many cheaters.

    @point two
    There's that "hardcore gamer" thing again

    Just enjoy what your playing and don't worry what others think. after all its your life not there's
    #2 DBloke, Oct 22, 2009
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  3. Skippy

    Skippy WiiChat Member

    Dec 28, 2006
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    edit - oops, that was supposed to be the "Report Post" message...

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