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***Unofficial Online Dream List***

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii Online' started by chem1cal, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. chem1cal

    chem1cal WiiChat Member

    Dec 7, 2007
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    Hey all,

    Like most of you, I am an avid gamer who plays my Nintendo Wii with friends, family, and by myself when I need to kill time.

    Throughout my gaming "life" I've notiiced that there is usually a thread that contains a "dream" or "wish" list. So, here is what I'd like to see happen with the Nintendo Wii. This isn't a rant or anything, it's just ideas I'd like to see put to use by Nintendo.

    Better Communication
    One reason I ever started playing online games was to socialize with my fellow gamers. That's why I'd love to see Nintendo create a headset for the Nintendo Wii for users to use online.

    Now I know many parents feel that this would then expose their children to harsh obscenities, but there's ways around that. Parental controls and registration to use the headset are only a couple of ideas, and I know many people are tired of the lack of communication on the Nintendo.

    This was my top priority on my dream list since I love to communicate.

    Downloadable Content
    One of the major flaws of the online play for the Nintendo Wii is the lack of downloadable content. For example, X-Box 360 users (and I think PS2/PS3 users) can download new songs and packs for Guitar Hero III, but the Nintendo Wii users are left in the dust. We get nothing, nada.

    This could be due to the small hard drive the Nintendo Wii has. That is why my idea is for Nintendo to create a hard drive especially made for the Wii at an affordable price (maybe $40-$50?). The amount of space should probably be around 30gb, since that seems like enough to me.

    Increased Utilization of the Wiimote
    I think many people out there want to put their Wiimotes to heavier use. For example, possibly a medieval game where you use the Wiimote as a sword and the nunchuk as a shield. How about using your Wiimost as a lightsaber for a Star Wars game? Or a Samurai RPG game (online or offline, either would be cool [and Red Steel was a joke of a game]).

    Even an online fencing game would be cool. Those are just my ideas, I am sure other people (you, the readers) have plenty more.

    More Adult Games
    I know what many parents are thinking already - "No", but hear me out.

    With the ESRB company and other retailers (ex: Best Buy, Blockbuster, ect.) tightening up on selling on Mature games to underage kids, I think it is ok to have at least a few "more adult-like" games. If the companies aren't enough, you, the guardian, can always monitor what the child plays and buys.

    I am saying this because the Nintendo Wii is a unique system, there's no doubt about it. Having more "adult-like" games would only broaden the player-base, at least it would in my mind. Think about how fun games like Bioshock or Urban Chaos would be on the Nintendo Wii!

    Your input

    Your input is not only appreciated, but it's essential to the life of this thread.

    Stir up those minds and come out with ideas. If it weren't for ideas themselves, then we wouldn't even have consoles like the Nintendo Wii to begin with!

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