An Interesting Opinion About the War in Iraq


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Apr 4, 2007
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So last week I had a sub in science class and he did nothing except talk about old war times (it wasn't boring, he was the coolest sub I've ever had). So he was telling us how much he knew about war and he even had a movie based off of one of his missions, he was definetly legit.

Anyway, we got to talking about Iraq and he said that we (the US) know osama bin laden's exact location. So I'm like, "Wow I was wrong about this guy, he's crazy." Obviously he knew I would think that and he said "You heard me, we know right where he is and could have him captured today if we wanted." I was shocked. I asked him why we don't and he said because it would cause a national disaster. He went on to explain that if we suddenly ended the war that all of the people in the war, all of the people building things for the war would all go unemployed. It would be chaos. So he said that we're trying to slowly get more and more people out of the war, and then after there are only a few left we will end it.

I then asked him if the soldiers knew that, because people are still dieing over there and that I don't think thats a fair trade for some unemployment problems. He went on to tell me that if I were to go to Iraq right now I wouldn't be able to find a single soldier that would go home if they had the choice. They're over there because they want to be over there, and even if they were told that they were to die tomorrow they wouldn't leave.

I had gained a completely knew perspective after that period. I knew that the government wasn't always honest, but we here about attempts of finding Osama on a daily basis on the news. I've come to believe this guy, actually.

Do you believe it is true? What do you have to say?
Dude I started typing out a whole speel about how thats nuts - but I can't be bothered...

Trust me its a skewed view of what's going on in Iraq.
- We are not waging war to create a market in "supplying the war".
- I would say if you offered the chance to come home then 90% of the armed forces would be happy to.
- Iraq has nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden.

Looks like some whacko is trying to brainwash school kids for god knows what reason.
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Perhaps I should have used the phrase "War on Terrorism"?
lots of goverment officials around the globe are making money out of the war as they are major shareholders in the weapons manufacture industry
Interesting notion. Of course, I would say it's slightly more political then that. Bush wants to go down in history as a war president, as those are often the fondest and dearest to a nation (Lincoln, Truman, Washington, Churchill etc)...

Also, an interesting thing is: We know that famous middle-easterners can have many dopplegangers. Is it not possible that one or all of the videos of Bin Laden was actually a doppleganger working for another force?

And the "war on terror" won't simply stop if they found Bin Laden. They would go after any other nation after Afghanistan, especially ones like Iran and North Korea.

Also, let's not forget that the American arms industry was there and will be there long after the "war on terror" is finished.
el-zilcho said:
lots of goverment officials around the globe are making money out of the war as they are major shareholders in the weapons manufacture industry
Weapons get manufactured whether its wartime or not. Besides, there's always war somewhere in the world. If the war stopped today, they would still be supplying Isreal weapons to use against Lebanon.
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Osama is not part of this war, alive or dead, captured or free.