Boyfriend trouble

How boring would it be to be in a relationship with somebody who agrees completely with you on everything? Differences in opinion give you things to talk about and help you to keep a separate identity from your partner.
But differences in opinion can turn into arguments. Arguments are a healthy part of any relationship. It's a disaster to bottle up your little grudges. They'll have to come out eventually and things will get broken.
So I'd suggest giving it a couple of days to cool down. Hopefully by then things should be back to normal. If not, then maybe you need to decide whether your differences are ones you can get over or ones you can't.
wow this is big. erm....i dont know what to say. i suppose i dont have much experience in this matter but i would say he is not worth it if he treats you like that i suppose.
I giggle every time I see something go wrong because of religion.

"Freethought holds that individuals should neither accept nor reject ideas proposed as truth without recourse to knowledge and reason. Thus, freethinkers strive to build their beliefs on the basis of facts, scientific inquiry, and logical principles, independent of the factual/logical fallacies and intellectually-limiting effects of authority, cognitive bias, conventional wisdom, popular culture, prejudice, sectarianism, tradition, urban legend and all other dogmatic or otherwise fallacious principles. When applied to religion, the philosophy of freethought holds that, given presently-known facts, established scientific theories, and logical principles, there is insufficient evidence to support the existence of supernatural phenomena."

Try it sometime (this is to everybody).
I got it, listen to some dashboard, it solves everything!

"Your hair is everywhere!
Screaming infedelities"

oh sorry, its the curly fries talking

anyways i find myself "spiritual" and don't go to church/temple/place of holy worship and/or holy bs

i pray to water towers, because someday they will dominate the world!
(free e-hug for who can name the book)

i think if you keep fighting your both incapable of having an interreligon relationship

do you live together? that might be a problem cause theres more, right next to each other

be strong

oh btw, i was thinking a jewish zelda would have 2 triforces facing diff ways like a star of david?

digg it?
Hey, sorry to hear what happened. Dont you know that religion and politics are the two things you never talk about unless your looking for a fight! Okay, right, not helping

Okay, Im catholic, would you mind repeating the question that you asked him? It might not have been THAT you asked, but WHAT you asked.
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csiguy4u said:
It's time to breakup. If you just look around you'll find a guy that will accept you for who you are and treat you like a queen.

That's just it, he does treat me like a queen ^.^ We ended up talking about it and after he stormed off, he came back about a half hour later appologizing and explaining his side. It turned out that it was a misunderstanding. I worded something offensively and when he asked if we could talk about it later, I kept pushing it (Cause I didn't hear him ask me to stop) So he thought I was trying to force my opinion on him when in reality, I wasn't meaning to at all. We're extremely close and I've never been treated as well as he treats me in my whole life.

I know it's tough sometimes in relationships - but I love him too much to just give up. We almost never fight or argue and we never call names or put eachother down in arguments. Our relationship is 99.6% happiness and only about .4% sadness....We have great odds :thumbsup:

I want to thank everyone though for listening to my rant. It's always nice to have somewhere you can go to just let it out.
See, the problem is you both strongly beleive in your religion. Catholism is kinda strict and normally are taught it their whole lives so saying that his religion might be "wrong" (I'm not saying your saying that, he just thinks your saying that), he thinks you are trying to lead him away. He is trying to get you interested because he really does like you, and he wants for you to beleive what he beleives because to him, he thinks he is helping you. Just talk to him about this...

I've had the same problem with my friend (girl but not girlfriend), she wasn't really wanting to accept what I had to say, but I respected that and gave her time. We go to different highschools now...
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Sorry that your boyfriend is a douche. You need to tell him if he can't respect your honest beliefs you should not have to respect his. If he can't do that dump him.
Religion gets in the way of everything :(

I guess there are people who truly believe that their religion is real. (ex. there is a heaven, there's a god, etc.) You can't disprove it nor prove it. For example, you can't prove that there's a God and you can't prove that there is one either. If there was one, he hasn't popped out and say hello yet. If there wasn't one, then religion is just there to give some meaning to life and try to answer the big question, "why are we here?". I believe in the latter but i'm open to others opinions. I personally just don't think about it since it gets in the way of life, i just don't believe in anything. I say believe in whatever you want, just live it whatever way you want to live it.