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Aug 2, 2006
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Wow...I realize that this thread is over two and a half years old, but it died unintentionally and the discussions were just great. I have re-read all 22 pages thus far and agree with many of skorps observations. I'm older and wiser now and am able to address the topic in a more organized and comprehensible fashion. I realized that Squall7 is the man--incredibly open-minded and reasonable in his thoughts, as well as very logical. Squall, who is still around, has earned MUCH respect from me. Captainff (I have to check if he's still around) seems to be very open-minded and logical as well; both seem to be very kind fellows and very knowledgeable of their surroundings and are both willing to learn. Skorp had very little say overall but his input was very relevant and kind. Brawny was a very sharp and well-spoken speaker as well and made some rather good points. Finally, Ottoman came out overall too harshly at times, but his points were overall very relevant and were detailed with logic and reasoning. I enjoyed reading every last bit of this whole thread thanks to such people, including myself almost 3 years ago.

I would like to revive the discussion once more and see where we can go with the controversial topic of "Muslims" and how things have changed over the years. Anyone who is new to the thread but was attracted to it, please read at least the first 2 pages or so--it will be worth the read.
Not open for further replies.