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listen guys, im very fearful for the member "lee.jarratt" around here....i dont know if any of you know but lee has been a regular here for quite sometime. although he can be a handful, he is a good member. you can see him around almost every day and he always tries to put his imput in any type of thread.

what alot of you dont know is that lee is a troubled child. lee needs help and he needs us as much as he doesnt want to admit it. lee needs us because we are his safe haven. unfortunitly members are finding him to be "annoying" or "troublesome" or any other nasty words that the wiichat forum prohibits listing here. lee is a good kid. he is just going what every kid goes peer pressure and acceptance. he is insecure about how he feels and he shouldnt be regardless of who puts him down on this site.

what im trying to tell alot of you is that lee needs us to be there for him. this is not a pitty thread and this is not a flame thread. this is the constant reassurance that all of us are looking out for one another. that no matter what this can be a forum for those who are in need of people to talk to. not everyone is a pedo or a rapist or theif. i want kids and even adults to realize is that we are all a community. we are all here to help, and we are all here to point out that we can make a difference as mineute as it may be.

so people lets start off by saying that we all need words of encouragement. we all need to feel better about ourselves and rise against the ignorant people who are scared of the unknown.

whats wierd and freaky to you is completely normal to another.....
lee is alright with me but this thread is ghey

needs more
pedo bear!!
why make this thread though? honestly posting that someone is emotionally disturbed or whatever on a public forum isnt nessacrly the nicest thing to do
Lee has always been cool with me. He's a sorted lad and he is one of the members I get along with 100% of the time. He's funny and knows he is liked.
A great asset to this forum
So he's desperate to fit in on an internet forum and is having troubles because of it ?? His attempts to fit in are becoming increasingly annoying to be quite frank and i'm not going to start licking his arse like some people do. I hate to be blunt but that's how i feel.
Wii_BrEnDo2007 said:
go annoy someone else or go get banned or someting like that

Why would i get banned ?? I'm not the one calling people "f*cked up" for having a different opinion to yours.

wii_cammy said:
Why dont you chach and chewwit just f*** off

What because we don't agree with you and don't "get on" with the same people you do ?

You'd make a good hitler.
wii_cammy said:
Why dont you chach and chewwit just f*** off

why dont you shut the hell up for once in your life for ****s sakes i have no problem with lee and he knows it i just dont see the point of a thread publiclly putting out his thoughts and feelings