the wiichat outreach.....

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As for Chach banning I still don't think that was justified, as getting on your nerves isn't against the rules.
Leviathan said:
I refuse to believe that anyone on this forum is so callous that they would refuse to help a fellow human being when he needed support, regardless of their feelings to the individual.
I think I might be that guy. LOL
Haz said:
I miss ABC - it times like these I wish he was still posting on the forums!
Don't we all?
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this isnt just about chach and no getting on ones nerves is not an offense here at wiichat. it is still not tolerable and i believe i quoted my ban as "not a team member" which means that his negativity is looked down upon. hes been here for a few weeks maybe even a month or so and has always acted like that so why bother. i banned him so what. but this sint about him like i wrote above