another fun game (as if there weren't enough already)


a.k.a Vega
Jul 16, 2006
Houston, Texas
ok in this game you have to post something about the person above you, something about yourself, and something you think the person that will post below you has/is. For example...

^ (i post something about guy above me here)
< (Post something about myself here)
v (post something about the next person here)

feel free to make the top and bottom answers humourous/crazy, but keep the one about you true. I'll start...

^ (no one above me...)
< ate a sandwich for lunch
v smells like poop
^likes zelda (tried to make love with her but then realized it was only a game .. so he sat in the corner and cried)
<has a really fat cat and one skinny one
V drinks martini's

DANG you beat me
^smells like skunk cabbage
the rest stays the same
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^ obviously likes martinis ... alot
< never "tried" to have the dirty with zelda ... i DID have the dirty with zelda ... and yes i still ended up crying in the corner.
v is going to continue this game
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^ lives at the place, apollo, spaceships say there is a problem to
<didn't try and make love to zelda
Vwants to make fun of me
^right about me making fun of him(he enjoys chronic diahorrea)
<has trouble spelling diahorrea
Vhas trouble spelling diahorrea
^Has Trouble Spelling anything
<I'm in a wheelchair but i can walk
vI'm sure this person Dreams of being the head of Nintendo someday.
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^ thinks waluigi is the shizzle
< i AM the head of nintendo, my name is shiga, .. shigu, .... shigereah mayonaise ... oh fvck it nvm. my name is zac
v this guy has explosive diahorrea
^ thinks its funny i have diahorrea
< have a leopard gecko, 10 snakes, 2 chinese golden tree frogs and an evil 1 eyed gerbil (among other pets)
v ate poo for breakfast
^ enjoys thinking that pink nail polish and wigs are the 'cool' thing
< just fully upgraded the handcannon in resi evil 4
v just cant get the handcannon on resi evil 4
^ luvs the handcannon in resi 4
< probably the only person on earth who hasn't played resi 4 or upgraded the handcannon on resi 4
v wishes he/she could be the "CHOSEN ONE" to save Hyrule
^ wants to be the chosen one
< is the chosen one to save hyrule (i just farted and gannon ran away)
v cant wait for wii
^ says true things
< getting my braces off f'ing stupid braces, YYYAAA!!!!
v not getting their f'ing braces off tomorrow