another fun game (as if there weren't enough already)

^ One of the greatest teenage whistlers on earth(one a small competition in neighborhood)
< getting off computer
v wishes he/she were playing all the launch games on the wii right now
^ finally putted the signature I wanted
< Liked his sig
v maybe he doesnt like mine :)


I was talking about SSBB_Lover...
^ needs a sig
< has a sig and a life. And I do like ur sig Arcadium, I don't think it's too big and there shouldn't be a limit size as long as it isn't 1000x1000.
v can't beat me at tennis
^cant be beaten at tennis
< has a cool sig, what are u talking about? pictures arent everything
v is a hardcore sony fan
^ is virtually getting his lights punched out for calling me a sony fanboy
< is okay at tennis but is not the best...not yet;)
v likes the DS
^wrong about me knowing where the down arrow is (just press the letter "v")
<Is really smart and gets good grades in school
v Is the coolest person in the world and owns an amazing computer
^ Is gay for calling me gay
< is total opposite of gay
v is going to(if not already)be an a$$h0le