another fun game (as if there weren't enough already)

^i s not smart b/c he only posts in game threads which doesn't count as posts...
< does make lots of friends and I love Naruto how dare u.
v likes Naruto or else
^ has a vague idea of sexuality and abuses it
< just finished resident evil remake :)
v has freaked out by playing rese evil remake (or has never played it cause too scared or young)
^ very strange to say the least
< likes Zero-suit Samus, but is not crazy over her like some ppl here...
v likes Zero-suit Samus
^ Likes Pit more than other ppl do
<Zero Suit Samus will be the first new charcter I try.
vAfraid Waluigi will kick his ass
^ is a lier
< ecourage 5 people to get a wii so far
v has not encouraged anyone on getting a wii