another fun game (as if there weren't enough already)

^ has a ds
< beat the new super mario for ds in about 2 days with 99 lives
> moves up and down
v loves kittens... with claws
^ is a girl
< is actually a boy, reason being a fan of vid games
V is a fan of vid games, (well duh)
^once again has a vague idea of sexuality. How would you expect anyone to know if ur on a intranet, unless if you are a pedophile that is.
< is cool
V is cool too
^says the absaloute truth
< needs comment for a sig picture
V also has a cool sig
^ Is not the coolest guy on the forum (i0n is:p)
< Has a matching sig and avatar and it's lookin' dam fine...
v has a fine sig/avatar but they don't match...
^ is not doing well at making me one of his friends right now...
< will be sasuke747's friend if he wasn't being a monkey...
v is sasuke747
^ likes me but is wrong about the last thing he said
< wants the PM system to get back up and running
v will say something rude about me:rolleyes:
^ likes naruto
< also likes naruto
> moves up and down
V likes my godly zelda sig/ tells me how to make my avatar a gif file.( im not asking im commanding)