another fun game (as if there weren't enough already)

^ like good chandy every now and then
< when tryed to stuff with computers just screwed the compute up and had to get a new one (but i would try butting .gif behind it changes the way it is saved thats what i do but it doesnt work with some stuff
v thinks the middle post wasnt really about me and was to long
^has a crush on iwata?
<wants a wii so bad and all the games no mater how pricey they are ( i have a job now and am saving!
v used to be a sony/xbox fan... ACK
^ almost right
< was a Nintendo/sony fan, now just nintendo...though I don't discriminate against any of the consoles
v thinks i'm cool...maybe
^ has got to be the absolute smartest person earth and is cool:D
< thinks sasuke747 is really cool:)
v likes Naruto and thinks we need to stop complenting each other ^_^'
^needs to stop complementing everything
< has no idea what naruto is and hates anime yes i said it oohhh
v will probably have a go at me for my middle thing
^ likes pink puffballs
< is disgusted at Sam Harris
v thinks everyone should know wut Naruto is