are the graphics suppose to be good for wii?

yea as much as i loved the little lunchbox i remember playing that piece of crap "dead to rights" and on the xbox it look great but on the gamecube it lookeed blocky as hell, like an upgraded n64 game, but always remember (i made a thread on this, my first on actually)..its all about the developer, espacially now that the consoles are powerful, ea, ubisoft and nintendo make great looking games, such as capcom (resident evil, dead rising). but then u have eidos and 989 studios and the late acclaim which just SUCK
Eidos made the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion? I thought that was 2K? And 989 Studios became Verant, which became Sony Online Entertainment.
I guarantee the graphics on Wii can rival Xbox 360 graphics. Read The Q & A Satora Iwata gave his employees. They mentioned that graphics wasn't secondary in designing the Wii. The technology in the Wii was carefully selected.
After seeing this thread i'm considering not gettin the Wii, because I don't want to dish nearly 200GBP out on what's essentially a gamecube with a new controller.
i played call of duty for gamecube and forgot how good those graphics are, so if the wii is gonna be 2 or 3 times more powerful then the graphics are gonna be great too, i also remeber playing brothers in arms for xbox and it was hard to see enemys coz the graphics wasnt up to much, just like call of duty 2 for ps2, so wii is gonna be a great machine the graphics will be better than last gen,
the graphics are super if u think about it. who need as good graphic as the ps3 has? think about how much better graphic it is than nes. lol
. but everything better than n64 is super to me. why would i need more?
quote from my sony fanboy friends "wii gonna suck it has ps2 when ps3 has the blu ray" blah blah blah blah i think the wii gonna be great the graphics are perfect and not over complicated like the ps3
I don't know why everyone keeps comparing hardware with the xbox. The fact is - even if the Wii weren't to be as powerful as the Xbox in specs... it could still outperform it graphically depending on how the components within the system work together and are utilized. For example, if the architecture of the Wii graphics card is better-structured than the Xbox's, it doesn't matter how fast or how much memory each of them has (to an extent) because the Wii will be more efficient. The fact is that there are PLENTY more factors going into performance than speed and memory. Another example: (-hypothetical-) the Xbox360 or Xbox may need 4mb to create this one texture, we'll call it Texture Y. The Wii, however, even without as fast a processor or as much video ram may only need 2mb to create Texture Y due to the way it was designed (coding, implementation, compiling, etc...) so it doesn't need the extra cpu power or graphic memory.

Now it's obvious the Wii will never outdo the PS3 or Xbox3. It is so far differentiated from both of those that we know it will never truly be able to outperform them... but my point is...for the love of God.. stop comparing the Wii to last gen architecture like the Xbox. There is NO POINT.
Xaviermacx your are the man. Thank you for cleaning up all this mess about wii graphics. I totally agree with you on all points. It's great to have people like you to explain the technology that goes into a game console.
Thanks for the compliment. I was just getting so frusturated with peoples' lack of understanding on the subject I couldn't help but register and post.
Lol, the gamecube graphics weren't that bad. Resident Evil 4 was just beautiful.









The Wii will have great graphics, that is no lie. The Xbox 360 will have awesome graphics, that is no lie. The Ps3 will have godly graphics, that is no lie. But the whole reason you're here on this board, even if you had the slightest interest, was because of Nintendo's golden selection of charismic prowess when it comes to good games.

You wont be able to go anywhere else to duke it out with a friend in another state, Snake fighting Pit, on an Xbox 360 version of SSBB.

Point proven?