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Jun 30, 2006
in some place i do not know of
Hi i0n,
You may have noticed that some WiiChat users have been chatting live on I was wondering if you could pernamently put this in the site above every page? You can embed Gabbly but I'm not sure how well it will work, so why not put in a Shoutbox type thing? If you're not sure what that is, itshere (thats the forum my mum goes on not me!;)) Any way I know all WiiChat users would like it (well, almost all of them) so please consider this!
Had a few PM's about adding a chatroom, i'll see what i can come up with today. Although that chat is quite good i dont like the idea of using an offsite chat client thats all.
ive noticed sometimes when i go to gabbly, my computer freezes when i close it ... i dont know why (im using my relatives old computer right now) so if you do decide to make it here on the site permanatley, could you maybe add a tab at the top? thats still easier than typing in the web adress
Well i dont see one anymore!

Aww, poor poor sonic7 got banned! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
lawlz...I was gonna say something like "you might want to watch out for it yourself".

Meh, Jill's owns all.
Speaking of pointless things
I have come across a web site thats a lot of fun so far Me , Lee and another wiichater have been pissing around on it
Its like a massive sketch pad (havent posted link because some stuff done is not for kids
Ill pm the link to any one intrested
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Feckin internet made mii post the same thing 4 times
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Prinny, (its been a while) having problems?