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Nov 11, 2007
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I am making a conduit machimina (u tube tv show). I am looking for a couple of actors and a camera man. Make sure if u put ur feien code down though don't just do it just to be my friend. The name of the tv show is still to depend but it's about 3 average guys who get the conduit and there daily lives in thier "unusual gaming". Here is the kind of actors I need

The first average guy: normal a little funny
the secound average guy: stupid, wierd, always does the wrong thing
the thir average guy: cool, thinks he's better then everone else.

3 other guys that are part of the movie but are not the main cartacter

a camera man NOTE: here is what the camera man need

a camera
a email

if once the camera man films the video then he will email to me and I will edit it ( GOOD QUALITY!!!)

I will sent u the tryout times on the wii message board

so put ur wii an conduit friend code down

Wii:2203 4010 4880 5050
conduit: (down below)
i can play 1 of the actors any of the 3 i had da same idea about posting a Conduit show...
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Alright, anymore? I still need a camera man