Convince Registerednerd to give animal crossing:ww another chance!!!


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May 23, 2006
i know this dude personaly and i know that he owned animal crossing: ww at one time and got rid of it casue he said it seemed dumb....i thought this very same thing for the longest time....i watched and read a bunch of reviews for this game and everyone says its a i went agianst my better judgment and registerednerd's advice and picked up a copy of this game....lemme tell ya its the best game i have played in those who agree please post some fun times you've had in this game and reasons that registerednerd should give it a second chance....ive tryed to convince him myself but i think it will take more than i can offer.

Edit: i know this is my first post and a lame one at that but be gental....i view this forum on a daily basis and have been a member for a while now.
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First: welcome to Wiichat! I hope you have a great time here!

Second: I'm not going to convince a member to do anything. It's their own choice. I myself have never played AC: WW due to a lack of funds. Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to games. So my advice to you is not to worry about it.
Lol, I know u said be gentle, and I really am trying not to be mean, but this is really stupid.
registerednerd said:
^^^lol, don't give him any ideas.
Hmm... you just gave me an idea...

Seriously though AC: WW is a very good game, it deserves another chance;) .