do you fuss with a bag?


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Dec 12, 2007
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when we mow the lawn we bag the clippings and dump it in a thick layer in the woods to keep the weeds down (which does look nice).
we use a push mower, riding mower and a weed eater. seems like we have to dump the bags every 4th row.

i'll prolly have to help mow this year since one of my brothers moved out.
i don't wish to fuss with bagging and dumping. :nonod:

how does your family mow their lawn? do they fuss with a bag?
I usually do it all. :/
With riding mower and weed eater, so no bags involved, but it's not that much work since the back yard is mainly pine needles and acorns. Don't mreally enjoy doing it, but I get paid, so :D.
I don't bother with a bag, but I take a leaf blower (or rake) and clear all of the cut grass.
I know this is about lawn mowers, but this honestly got my gutterbrain going on maximum squick. Who knew lawn-mowing could be so... yeah whatever. it's because I'm an American teen reading "do you fuss with a bag" on the internet. Go figure.


On an on topic note, my mum's friend uses a mower to mow the lawn and does a horrid job of it while taking forever.
you guys dont have catchers on the back of your lawn mowers???? strange :confused:

any clippings we have just gets put on the garden beds.
We um, let it grow to like, six feet. Really.
...Then it's dumped in the garden waste wheelie bin.
Our push mower has a catcher (huge plastic box, not a bag xD) but I don't really use the push mower.
Does no one use a sweeper anymore?


I went outside today, and surprisingly, it's only this long

Check out our weeds.

Americans are seriously too into their gardens. They're just a waste of space here, and occasionally (like every six years) we take a look at it. No hosing down your grass to keep it nice crap. Plus, it's probably 1/100th of a size of an American garden. Stuff you Australians, your whole country is your back yard.
:D We use mower with a catcher. We'll spread it on trees if we need to otherwise straight in the bins...We don't have the woods or a forest that close...there is one down the hill, but it seems to fare well without us doing anything.