First Ever Game?


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Sep 17, 2009
Michigan, USA
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Hey, For all of use who have had one of the old GameBoy consoles. I am just wondering what was your first game. Also why did you get that game, and did you like the game?

Mine was a Bugs Bunny game, however Pokemon Blue was the best game of all time for the GameBoy console.
Mr. Game and Watch: Zelda.

I had an older one, that was not even Mr Game and Watch... don't remember the name.
Theres a thread for this...

no that thread is for your first game ever. now while he titled it wrong, he's asking about first handheld.

mine was Pokemon Red/Blue. bought a new gameboy color and both games cause i thought the pokemon looked cool. i like blue better and played it morr often and then someone stole my Red.
zelda links awakening

mario and the 7 stars

super star soccer
Pokemon Crystal, I got it because some dude in the afterschool program I went to loved Pokemon and I thought it looked cool.