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The Dominator :P
Jun 15, 2006
Right Behind You
Can anyone think of any gamer shirt ideas? Ive been looking for some that are so geeky/nerdy, after not finding any i decide ill try to make my own. Can anyone think of any gaming shirt ideas that dont scream "i have no life!" or dont repel girls? Kinda like shirts that merge the gap between geek and hollister/AE (if possible :p)
"I eat toast" i've alwasy wanted to see a shirt that says "I eat toast"
how about:

"I'm just a casual gamer" In block letters and under it a pic of a system or controller

(maybe a PS3, since real gamers will play the Wii)
what about
"my other consloe's a nes"
"Blow me" with an NES cartridge... Oh, wait, that's been done. PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair), no, that's a PC repair thing. How about "I have you on radar", but printed on the back? Yeah, I like that.
how about about if you put on " Can you hand me the wiimote? " in white letters and put a picture beneath it of the wiimote.