Things about girls I just don't understand

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Jun 26, 2006
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I've been thinking about this recently... And some things just don't make sense to me about girls, from both a logical and social perspective.

Anyways, the first thing I wanted to talk about was a friend of mine... We were having a gathering one night and we were sitting around watching movies, and at some point without any real call to do so she just shouts out "I've got bigger boobs than her" referring to a character from the film - Why did she say that?! Insecurity? Seeking validation? She is a little on the portly (which is a nice way of saying fat) side, so I dont know... But that leads me to my next topic:

When a girl insults another girl, why is the first thing they usually say to/call the other girl "fat"? "Those jeans make you look fat!" Stuff like that. When a guy insults someone he'll just be straight up - "you're just a tosser/wanker/f***head etc" but why do girls have to do those weird psychological attacks instead? Instead of just being upfront it seems like girls just want to make the opposing party less secure about themselves by illustrating that their choice in clothes/shoes/accessories makes them either look 'fat' or 'sooo 1994'.

If a guy says someone is fat, it's because they really are rather obese. Guys use the term 'fat' in a factual sense. A guy doesn't call another guy or a girl 'fat' because he doesn't like them, he says it (if he chooses to) because it's the truth. Girls on the other hand, will throw the term left right and centre even if it's the least plausible description of someone. Failing that, she'll resort to using terms like 'slut' or 'loser' or something like that instead.

What do you guys/girls think? Guys seem to be more straight-up, while girls seem to try to make the situation as nasty as possible and really drag out the whole insulting process... Share your opinions! It would be nice to hear a girl's perspective on this aswell, so to any Wiichat girls reading, feel free to post your thoughts on the subject :)


You guys have proivded some really interesting points of interest here, and I greatly appreciate all the response you've given :)

Something else occurred to me while I read through some posts in response to the idea of body image for girls... The idea of beauty... Well, what I mean by that is, girls seem to attack each other by attacking the other girls body image (for example, even if a girl isn't fat by any means, if she's called fat there's a high probability she'll believe she is fat, due to her self concious nature). In believing she's fat, she'll probably believe she isn't beautiful anymore... And that's something I find interesting.

The Idea of beauty seems to be vastly manipulated, and every girl seems to have a different idea what the definition of "beauty" is. If she's fat she thinks she isn't beautiful, why? Because guys won't find her attractive? Because she doesn't feel good about herself? Or could it be because she doesn't know who she really is?

I don't believe beauty is something that can be measured in physical terms, I believe it is an intangible energy that surrounds an individual, and what makes them unique as a human being which is the true beauty of a person, a person who is content with themself and their life, a person at harmony with the world and those around them, a person who respects their body and those around them. That I believe, is truely a beautiful person. It doesn't come from ladelling on layer upon layer of makeup, it doesn't come from hair colouring, or lip gloss.

I do believe, that girls become ugly with vanity and a self-righteous attitude of superiority; no matter how physically "pretty", toned or "glamourous" they may be. Someone cannot be considered beautiful if they treat others unfairly.

As I write this, a girl from University springs to mind... Some would consider extremely attractive, but I do not. She's tall, quite thin, blue eyed and very fashionable. I do not consider her beautiful though. She's vain, obsessive over her makeup (she once spent the whole half-hour bus ride to University putting on makeup), and above all, shallow. She's a product of the media, a one-dimensional character with no substance who thrives off a life of trendy conventions and tastes. I cannot find a person with so little integrity beautiful, no matter how physically "attractive" she may be.

I mean, I don't consider myself fashionable. I've got long black hair (it's growing longer, the back's down to my shoulders and the front fringe tips come down to my mouth) and I usually go to class wearing a pair of old, faded jeans, some band shirt (lately it's been either a Trivium or Mudvayne shirt) and an unzipped dark green military-style jacket over that and in my favourite Globe skate shoes.

But I'm not that superficial, I wouldn't dress 'nice' in designer clothes just to impress people. I'd dress a certain way because I felt like it, and I like how it looks on me, as opposed to doing it purely for other people. If I'm friends with someone (or for that matter dating someone) it's becuase they like me for who I really am inside, not just because of how I look (having said that I do have respect for myself, I wouldn't let myself go because that would equal disrespect to myself), and that's the same reason I would be friends with, or date someone; because I like, and resonate with the person they are inside, and not just because they dressed in certain clothes, or looked a certain way. They need to be beautiful, the kind of beautiful I describe above.

Sorry if this kind of went on a bit, I had a few things running through my head as I wrote this.
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Yeah, no idea on this one, definitely leaving this for the girls to answer. ;)

*anticipates arrival of Jill/Rach and other female members*

Lets leave this for Rachy/jilly/froggery/geney etc etc.

I want to see adams view:lol:
Well, I see it as a (not all) girl's worst nightmare is appearing to be overweight or a slut to the world. It's as though they are very self concious, and what to appear good as a way to impress others (because, tbh, no-one likes a fat slut on a first meeting!). So, as a way of saying 'I have bigger boobs than her,' is probably a way of this girl trying to attempt to impress you lads, due to her weight issue not being the easiest way to 'turn you on' as such. To most people, men and women, the way they are seen, physically as well as a person, is important to them. Therefore, a woman attacking a woman saying they're a 'fat slut,' is probably the best insult they can, as it'll lower their self esteem rapidly.
(I'm not attempting to attack all females with my comment :))
You will never understand, don't bother trying to figure it out.
She might "like" you, sense she's trying to say, she's better than her........dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn. lol
lol, why am I in here? :cornut:

What wiired said, but a little less harsh.

In my experience, guys just fight.....girls get at you on the inside.

edit: close, exactly..... You should've been " I'm not sure" "let me check"
I said might. Just the same meaning, kinda.
What I don't understand is why they are SO obsessed with their matching outfits and they're clothes.

Oh, and hi everyone! I'm pretty much new here. I've been confined to the Pokemon D/P sub-boards....
thats because theres
i saw this thread and i couldnt resist checkin it out :lol:

what wiired said makes a lotta sense and sounds about right, but this takes the cake:

dakuda said:
You will never understand, don't bother trying to figure it out.

that pretty much explains all you need to know :yesnod:
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