Is Wii Fit worth it


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Mar 27, 2008
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It looks pretty fun and the accessory is being used more and more often now. but its 90 bucks. I have the money but i could get two normal priced games for about the price of that. If you own wii fit tell me if you were disappointed or not.
i dont have it but their making interesting games for the use of the balance board now heres some games to look for:
Don King Boxing (2K Sports)- Out: March 2009.
Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip (Ubisoft) - Out now!
ign rates it 8.4
Skate It (Electronic Arts) - Out now!
ign rates it 8.5
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - Out n/a

these games might look interesting:
EA Sports Active (Electronic Arts) - Out: May 19th, 2009.
Marble Saga: Kororinpa (Hudson Soft) - Out: Q2, 2009

Other games that use the balance board:
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (Ubisoft) - Out now!
Tetris Party (Hudson Soft, WiiWare release) - Out now!
Wii Music (Nintendo) - Out now!

this site gives a lil info on it so check this site if u want more info on balance board games
It depends what you're expecting.

If you want a fairly engaging game that will serve as a good, interesting break from the average gamer games every once in a while, WiiFit is a pretty good title.
It looks pretty fun and the accessory is being used more and more often now. but its 90 bucks. I have the money but i could get two normal priced games for about the price of that. If you own wii fit tell me if you were disappointed or not.

its great for a workout on a rainy day. the miniature games are fun. The games coming out and out, like snowboarding have a lot of potential. I like it and its a good thing to have. Everyone who visits loves it. Its just not something i use everyday. if money is tight i would hold off but if you have the cash its worth it.
It looks pretty fun and the accessory is being used more and more often now. but its 90 bucks. I have the money but i could get two normal priced games for about the price of that. If you own wii fit tell me if you were disappointed or not.

It's certainly entertaining. If you expect to use it as a primary workout tool, then you'd be deluding yourself. The chief problem with using it in that way is that the game lets you select the activities you prefer, which means inevitably it falls victim to the natural human tendency to opt for your favorite activities while avoiding the ones you dislike.

But with that said, I enjoy the balance games, and even if you don't do the exercises/balance games, the "Body Test" can be a useful way to track your weight and BMI if you have the discipline to do it every day. (I am well aware that BMI is not as accurate as the Wii Fit would have you believe! But still, having it track your numbers for you is easier than doing it yourself, and in my experience the software does a good job of weighing you accurately. I stood on it in the nude, so as to avoid any errors due to clothing weight, after doing the same on an accurate digital scale and the numbers matched.) The problem is, just like with anything of this sort, be it exercise equipment, foreign-language software, etc., it's hard to discipline yourself to keep up with it.

At least if you do a crappy job at a game, it doesn't insult the Wii version of Pitfall, if you lose at the "Native Games," you hear a South American native chieftain say, "Like the leeches that live in our swamp, YOU SUCK!"
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I think Wii Fit is worth the 90 bucks. I particularly like yoga and the mini-games. The scale alone match my doctor's very expensive scale.

The balance board is also a fun peripherial for other games. Shaun White's Snowboarding Road Trip is a kick, and Skate It is fun once you get the hang of it, although it took me awhile on the board. Even We Ski has its moments. (I like games where the whole body gets into the action.)

As has been pointed out already, there are quite a few games coming up that are also going to use the balance board. It's probably going to become a necessary item to get the maximum enjoyment out of many games. When sales of Wii Fit start to decline (although there aren't any signs of that happening soon) I wouldn't be surprised to see the Balance Board become a stand-alone peripheral.
I really like it. But after buying the new Raving Rabbids game, I absolutely love it!!! It is even advertised as the only game you can play with your butt!! Classic!!!!
In my opinion, it's absolutely worth it. The games are fun and challenging and you stay active while playing. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine got it for Xmas as has lost close to 30 pounds. She works out on it 30 minutes every day.

I say it's a great but for $89.00.
Its a good game, I'd say its more like Wii Sports but with more involvement. You get more of a work out than you would other games.

I'd wait for it to price drop myself but if that all sounds good to you go for it, I have it and I'm not disappointed with it.
I got bored with the Wii Fit game after a while, but the board has a lot of potential! So, I'm glad I got it just for the balance board. I have since used it to play Tetris Party, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, and Shaun White Snowboarding.

Since you buy them both together it's probably worth it. The game Wii Fit is okay, has some interesting/fun parts and some parts that are thrown-together at best. The board, however, is pretty cool. I still think there could be a lot more great games for it in the future.
it depends on what your looking for. for exercise? i'd rather much go work out instead. just for fun or when you have parties then it's great.
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thanks everyone and i ordered it today so I hope im not disappointed (even though im almost sure that i wont be) :]
I bought the Wii, Guitar Hero world tour, and the Wii Fit for my gf/. I've played the Wii Fit once, I'm not really into it, but it was fun. My g/f loves it.

Were I live, you are lucky to even find a Wii. I was lucky to be at Costco when they showed at the front door. They were gone in like 10 min. The Wii fit was next to it too, and they were gone even faster.:yikes:
It is getting a lot easier to find them around here all of a sudden. Since Christmas, Walmart has consistently had at least 6 of them and Amazon is shipping the Wii Fit/balance board again.

EA and Gold's Gym are both coming out with fitness games this spring that will have balance board support. They both look great SO FAR but we'll see - I was pretty excited about the Jillian Michaels game and it scored about "negative infinity" with most people who played it. Hopefully somebody will get it right and bring us a fitness game that is both fun AND a good workout!

(as an aside, My Fitness Coach offers a very solid workout but does NOT use the balance board. It has more in common with an interactive workout DVD than a game and isn't that much "fun" per se, but does give you a variety of very good workouts).
just got done with a 2 hour workout on wiifit. Love it. Bought that new snowboard riot game too. I haven't gotten the hang of it though. I also have tetris party. DONT GET JILLIAN MICHEALS FITNES ULTIMATEUM!!!! YOU'LL BE SOOOOO PISSED!!!!
I'm gonna look into skateit next