ive so overdone wii fit


Apr 6, 2009
Wii Online Code
yeah, i just got that wii fit yesterday.
and i have way overdone it i think... but i only made sure i spent 2 hours ''excersising time'' and that doesnt seem like to much.
But now, my arms are killing me. and it said to me ''your exercising too much in one short space of time, this can lead to injurys. please take a break and drink plenty of water'' and its been like that for hours now... :lol: :wtf:

wii fit is actually an awesome way to lose weight or just have fun;
2p jogging is so darn cool!

anyway... anyone else ever overdone wii fit
not much point in this thread, i know...
but oh well. :D
i got it for xmas. i maxed out all the scores by Jan 3rd. no pain.
except yoga... i don't play it..

my 1st xmas i wore my arm out bowling. :p
lol, i played about 30 minutes of wiifit before I got bored of it, so i never got sore. shame really after spending months trying to find it in stock!