Man Cuts Off Penis With Scissors After Break-Up


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May 30, 2006
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Killing him self would of been a better way to cope

A man took a pair of scissors and snipped off his own member after a falling out with his girlfriend. As he attempted to preserve it for posterity, doctors later managed to sew it back on.
After an argument with his girlfriend over her not moving in with him, he returned home and there cut off his manhood, apparently as he wished to be done with women entirely.
The man (37) was found bleeding on the floor, and was soon conveyed to hospital. Doctors, having discovered that, for some reason even he cannot explain, he had put his severed penis on ice, then managed to reattach the member.
It is not clear whether the self-castrator will regain full use of the unwanted appendage, or indeed whether he is happy about still having it.

Police explain the failed eunuch’s situation: “He told us that apparently he did not need his penis since his girlfriend didn’t want to move in with him – after two broken marriages, he said he wanted to have nothing in common with women.”
Regarding his mysterious refrigeration of his lost manhood, police have this to say: “This was one wise thing that he did, if we can at all speak about wisdom in a situation like that.”
Cant link to where its from
If he didn't want anything in common with women, why would he cut his penis off?..
I think I would have handled that a bit differently.
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If he didn't want anything in common with women, why would he cut his penis off?..
Cutting off your wang dose not make you a female
It makes you a dickless bloke
This is not self-castration, it's just butchering. Castration is cutting off his own testicles, with or without penis. Just cutting the penis doesn't do anything but leave you worse off.

Then again, the fact he did it proves he's stupid, so no wonder he wouldn't know what castration involves.
Just to clear up, the man isn't stupid. No matter how dumb a man is, he wont cut off his own penis. The guy isn't stupid, he's crazy. An absolute nutcase.
This proves "love" can make people stupid. Hence the reason some people become bisexual hermits, having relationships cut off after secks. (No pun intended)
Killing him self would of been a better way to cope

Cant link to where its from

ugh.o_0 i wish i never read this but since i read it might as well.
i would never do that no one could do that to me even if i was dead.No way am i ever going to do if getting hit there hurts like h e double hockey sticks then ugh cutting it off 0_0 ouch.
This proves "love" can make people stupid.

Yes indeed, love can make people complete morons.

But this must of been done out of just retardation or some other sort of mental unstability. I think this idiot's just a nutjob, love or not. If not, then... well, I think I've just read about the stupidest man on the planet.
Anyone else mad at him because he took an operating room that should have been given to someone more deserving of surgery?

I also think the same thing about the ambulances lined up around motorcycle jumps. I always wonder how many calls aren't getting answered because a dumbass is intentionally putting himself in danger.

Finally, once it healed over, how could he pee?
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Totally agree. I've not felt this unconfortable since I read about the penis fish in the amazon.
I herd of them
It was in the film with the Rock
Ok thats like saying "in that film with Hogan" but still

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