my EX freind is officailly a nutter

in touch with the wii

prez , you suck :p
Aug 2, 2006
the moon
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yep my old best friend not now has done somthing brutal to my gamecube he took it out of my room he went out in the forest and drove over it 5 TIMES and recorded it and sent it to me (my demolished and muddy gc and dvd of it ) and not only that oh no no thats not all he pied on it as well ad he though it was funny this means WAR post your comments and revenge plans PS fyi hes a sony fan
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thx it doesnt work its all most flatten i live near him i could smash his ps2 but hed probaly smash me up more suggestions anyone?
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its true he takes things way too far
and i cant he could kill me i m think like somthing to do with this sony addict plays it practaclly 5 hours a day 10 at weekends nice idea about the s**t though
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yeah me too i do have seldge hammer i cud use that on his pericous ps2 shud i do anything else on it ?
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maybe but i dont like that kinda stuff it vilguer hey i just got his ps2 sledge hammer time anything else quickly plz