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Nov 21, 2007
Just cuz ive seen sooooooooo many posts recently about things like "what game should i get for christmas?" and "what are the best games atm?" i just thought id do a short summary of some of the best games ive played/seen. For a start i think anyone and everyone needs a copy of mario galaxy (its a must have) and twilight princess. If you're looking for a good game to play with friends both mario party 8 and mario and sonic at the olympics are very enjoyable. If your looking for good shooters then i recommend umbrella chronicles (even links crossbow training is good fun) and either of the medal of honours (heroes 2 not out in aus yet:( and vanguard is very fun split screen) and although it may have not got the best ratings, as i am a sonic fan i absolutely loved sonic and the secret rings (such an underrated game). I would also say, based on ratings alone Metroid Prime 3 but i havent yet played it. Anyway, thats my thoughts.......
Yep pretty much.

Heard NiGHTS was a real lunchbag let-down. Vanguard... nyeeeeh I'm not fond of it.