My wii wont read mario kart wii or call of duty madern warfare


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Oct 18, 2012
Iv had my wii for 2 years and havent had any trouble with it until now:confused5:. my wii reads all games excep mario kart and call of duty and wii sports. can anyone tell me whats wrong with my wii also when i put in the game it makes a wired noise and then the disk stops spinning. can anyone help me?
If the Wii can't read a disc, the drive will stop tryin' and thus the disc stops spinnin'.
I'm sure there's some stuff you could use that would clean the lens. Or maybe your Wii ended up like my old Wii back from '08. Then again, I modded mine to no end and I couldn't really do anything with it afterwards. Wouldn't read any disc, sometimes the files were corrupt, etc.

At any rate, if you're still having problems, I'd just ship it over to Nintendo and have 'em fix it. Or you could wait and get the Wii U.

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