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dark samus

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Aug 22, 2007
victoria, australia
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well when i found out nintendo ON was a sham i wondered, what will the next console be? i mean, i only found out about the wii like a month before it came out and i loved it. any pictures/videos of what you might think the next console will be?
Picking up on your thoughts about Nintendo ON, I was fooled by it quite a while back because of a trailer. The picture and the trailer are below:


The next console will be a "WII 2", everything it has now but more ofcourse :p.

I say thats how the new gameboys will go
:lol::lol::lol: It Looks Like A Toaster!!!:lol::lol::lol:
rad thay photo is photoshopped and on first look it may seems real but take a second look and its aboiusly fake. nice try.
No point arguing about it so early in the Wii's production years. The Wii has another good 4-5 years before Nintendo releases their next console. About the Nintendo ON™, I'm sure that it's just a prototype or concept and, like concept cars, it will have it's name changed and a new look.
too early to even be talking about a new console. what is it guys? sick of the wii already?:lol:
Its Just Not An Attractive Console. Hope It Never Comes Out! But Really Guys We Shouldnt Be Thinkin Bout When The Wii Will Go Outta Date. Lets Just Enjoy It ATM!:yesnod:
The helmet is like the virtual reality helmet. Who WOULDN'T want that? I hope it comes out in a couple of years.