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Mar 30, 2007
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Just thought I'd make an official thread for Metroid 3 cause there's been alot of people making threads just for one question or watever. So if anyone wants to talk about it or has questions about it just post it in here:yesnod:
Samus' last game?

Didn't feel like making a new thread for just this.

I know Metroid Prime 3 is the last of the Prime subseries, but IGN has a little hook that indicates it is something more. See it with the spoiler button:


It's inaccurate from the getgo--this is not Aran's 3rd mission, there were many before the Prime series (to wit, MPH). What about the other part? Does anyone know if that's an error as well? Does she die or retire? Obviously there have been other hunters present in both of the most recent Metroid games. Is Retro prepping a new lead character?

If I were that psyched about the game, I would have avoided this kind of info because I hate even small spoilers, but as it is now I'll end up picking it up for a bargain used ebay price, so I'm not that worried about preserving the surprise.
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Yeah this game looks great, no doubt.
Hopefully there are no more threads about release date and online, and all new info is posted here in this thread.
TortillaChip520 said:
so?? im glad it has no online play. in fact, i dont even want it to have multiplayer

the multiplayer wasnt good, but how can you not want multiplayer or online, wouldnt it make the game a little better? i mean it wouldnt affect single player in any way...i dont see why you can be glad it has no online play and not the slightest bit disappointed.
because the multi sux, the game is not meant for multiplayer. how fun can it be playing w/ 3 whole weapons? the point of the game is to play 100 hours to gain those three weapons!
TortillaChip520 said:
because the multi sux, the game is not meant for multiplayer. how fun can it be playing w/ 3 whole weapons? the point of the game is to play 100 hours to gain those three weapons!

yes true i agree with you there, but the game having online would make it better in my opinon. dont get me wrong im to bummed about it cause i know its gonna be an awesome game.
oh ok. make another thread... after like 4. sorry i made mine. Lets jsut sticky this one or something. Anyway...

Inside this SPOILER BUTTON is what I think of multiplayer as it stands in MP3. I suggest you read (because I want someone to agree or disagree and form an argument.

First of all.. it was said that why focus on online multiplayer when you can focus on great single player gameplay. Well you can have your cake and eat it too ya know. Gears of War was great single and online, same for Halo 2!

On top of that... The reason anyone should expect it to be carrying online multiplayer is because:

1: Nintendo said the first online game would be Pokemon Battle Revolution. Well that landmark has come and gone. Time for online to hit Wii. We would expect an August game to carry it.

2: Multiplayer in Metroid Prime 2.

3: Metroid Prime: Hunters had Online Multiplayer.

So the only question Retro is leaving us to ask is WHY? Why include it in previous games and then remove it when it has a full chance to shine?

Maybe they thought it was bad in other games. Well that's where improvement comes in!

And no.. you don't buy a game for Online Multiplayer alone. I mean you would be slightly dissapointed if there was no campaign. But Online is a great feature to gaming. What I thought when buying Halo 2 was: The gaming isn't over after I beat campaign. It goes much further than that.

After you beat Metroid Prime 3... It will be put away on your shelf and never be touched again (likely as not) except when your bored and your friend wants to play it.

Whereas if Metroid Prime 3 had Online Multiplayer the game would really be worth 60 to even 70 bucks! Because you know that when buying it... You would be buying 2 games. One single player, and one awesome multiplayer.

This is the first FPS to have excellent graphics, fluid/amazing game controls and abilities, to come out for the wii (pardon my terrible puntuation). It is an obvious dissapointment that it will only be enjoyable until the end of the game. Games like LoZ don't need online to be great. But a game like Metroid should be. Especially in this day and age. It is just rediculous that Retro would leave it out. They even went on ranting about "We would love to integrate WiiConnect24 into our game"

For what? to add more Single Player missions? IF you had online you could add more levels and all sorts of other great things. The Nintendo really needs to get up to par with other consoles right now. It has the ability for so much, but it's doing so little. Maybe they are trying to reach out to older people and make it an everybody system. But lets not forget our key audience nintendo! My grandma may want to try Wii Bowling.. But certainly not MP3! But all sorts of Teens will be. And what do the teens want? FPS and online multiplayer. Not saying thats all teens want to play. no, but that is one thing we do want.

Nintendo needs to get on the ball, Iwata should have been encouraging Retro to go online from the beginning!

The release date is August 27th... We can only hope the reason they keep moving it back is for some multiplayer.
TortillaChip520 said:
because the multi sux, the game is not meant for multiplayer. how fun can it be playing w/ 3 whole weapons? the point of the game is to play 100 hours to gain those three weapons!

It wouldn't effect campaign mode. It would at be a little good at least. maybe not to many weapons. But there are enough to add a strategic implement into it. It would definately be fun multplayer and It wouldn't harm the game at all
3in1 Prime box set

gamepro interview

If Nintendo came to you and said, "We really liked the Prime series, and we want to a boxed set of all three games, but we'd need you to adapt the first two games to the Wii-mote." How long would it take to adapt those old games to the Wii-mote?

Oh, you're talking about code that's six, seven years old, so I can't answer that without diving into it.

Though for the Tokyo Game Show, a couple years ago, we did take Metroid Prime 2 code and adapt it to the Wii controller, and that took a couple months. But to really do it right, and really incorporate all the features of MP1 and MP2, it would take a while. It's just hard to really answer that without diving into it.

It's a great idea, though.

That is a good idea.