Opera Official Announcment:


Mar 11, 2007
San Diego, CA
Wii Online Code
Final version of Wii Internet Channel to be released in April

Oslo, Norway - March 22, 2007

Opera and Nintendo today confirmed that the Opera-powered Internet Channel for Wii will be available in April 2007, rather than in late March as previously announced. The final release date in April remains to be determined.

Opera and Nintendo are continuing to finalize what promises to be the ultimate Web surfing experience on the Wii console. The two companies are working closely together to meet user requests for browser features and to enhance the overall Wii Web experience.
From the user Oceanic:


Since late December, Wii owners have been able to download a trial version of the Opera Internet browser. After receiving substantial and helpful feedback from consumers, friends and family members, Nintendo developers have made a number of improvements to the final version of the browser, including:

* improved zooming and scrolling
* an improved zoomed font
* shortened startup times
* quicker access to "favorites"
* an ability to hide the toolbar
* buttons that will instantly type common preset letters, such as "www" or ".com"

More details about these and other functions will be announced in the near future. To ensure that the browser incorporates all of these enhancements, the final version will be available for download in April, a few weeks later than previously announced. The browser will remain free for Wii owners to download through the end of June. After June, users who haven't already downloaded the Opera browser can go to the Wii Shop Channel to download it for 500 Wii Points.